Ordinary George ( fictional surrealist writing magazine)

Ordinary George is a surrealist magazine about everything in the universe. Instead of multiple editions, there is only one edition, which comes out one page at a time, over the course of my lifetime.


  • Madam Mantilla Lala– a woman who dresses in icecream. Enjoys fairyfloss as hair. Birds. Stilton is smelly, and jealous of her shoes.
  • Agent 888– a delightful scent. A bit like orange blossom.
  • Cube– a sentient marshmallow, with hard angles. Generally irritated, because he can’t wear dark sunglasses due to his head not meeting the requirements. He’s thought about just sticky-taping them on, in lieu of the nose and ears upon which to balance eyewear, but he can’t decide which side of him should be his face. Mirrors are no help, because he has no eyes. He’d ask for assistance, but he has no mouth. He doesn’t do much because he doesn’t exist.

Letters of approval or complaint can be sent via snail mail to our triad of terrificitude* collectively, at Bowtie 8, level Something Something, HERE, or emailed to our office via microscopic internal homing pigeon.

* Indicating terrificness. eg: “I was amazed by the sheer terrificitude of the terrific drumming on that track”.

Click on the circular previews below to access the slow-release effects of the magazine.

NOTE: be sure to view full size to conserve the batteries in your Scanning Electron Microscope.

Ordinary George #1: