Mysterious Page of Mystery

Hello and welcome to this page, the nature of which is so mysterious that you’ll never know exactly why it’s here or what it’s about.

Let me get more mysterious:  Below is a link. A link to what? You don’t know yet. It’s so mysterious, and so am I.  (Can you feel it?)*

I’m not going to tell you where the link takes you. But I will tell you that every week I shall change the destination ( Don’t worry; it will never be anything disturbing/ violent/ supernudey  sexo  x-rated etc. etc.) . Think of me as your Magic Faraway Tree.**

So… you dare click this week’s :


Well. I bet you weren’t expecting that!  If you liked it, then don’t forget to join me again next week for MORE mystery!  ( If you didn’t like it, then also join me next week, because the next one might be better)

P.S. If you guess where the link goes before clicking on the link, then you get a prize! The prize will be a mystery, but I will hint that the prize is getting to view the awesome thing that I linked- and which you correctly guessed the content of- and the satisfaction of knowing you were right. In the game of life (and especially the part of the game of life that is this page on my awesome blog)  we’re all winners.

P.P.S. Feel free to leave a suggestion ( not a rude one) regarding mysterious links. Of course, if I follow up your suggestion, it will no longer be very mysterious for you, so ensure that you are cryptic in your suggestion. This will provide continuity regarding the theme of this page, as this way, you’ll never know whether I’ve interpreted your suggestion correctly. It will also provide some mystery for me, myself, and I, who are always the ones doling out all the mystery, and could, therefore, do with some in reserve, just in case we run out.

*I can.

** Strictly no jokes about Dick and Fanny, please. Such jokes would be too obvious. Make more mysterious jokes, like: “Why did the cat go to the bar?”. Thankyou.