Eyesnacks (artish things)

drawn, painted, sketched, scrawled, and splattered snippets of views from an express train down one of many memory lanes; not necessarily in chronological order.

feathers & facials/ cats & hyperspacials:

(click for informingtons/closeups)

origami pets / pet attempts at graffiti:



not-looking-at-page drawings / melting gardens /  secret codes:


miscellaneous snippets of crystals / things that aren’t crystals/ traditional imaginational dress codes :



11 thoughts on “Eyesnacks (artish things)

  1. Blimey came looking for a photo of you (which is gorgeous btw) and found all these pictures I’ve not seen before. You really are very talented, not just skillful, but with an original eye and the desire to explore new territory. Please don’t ever give up, just keep creating and battering at the world until it pays attention.

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    • Naww, besterest, most positive and encouraging comment ever! Thankyou so much! It means a lot to hear that sort of thing- especially from creative , intelligent people, because creativity is pretty much my way of dealing with life.
      I do like that idea of “battering at the world until it pays attention”. That’s really what’s required, isn’t it? I’ve had a tendency to sit back in the shadows throughout my life due to fear…but at the same time, wishing the things i create weren’t so invisible. Quite silly. I’m inspired to get a bit more proactive. In fact, i think that’s my New year’s Resolution . Y’know, for when it’s the New year. 🙂
      Hehe, re: the photato, you’re too kind. But it looks enough NOT like me for me to be comfortable putting it on The Internet. I did have a more natural looking one there at first, but i just got too self conscious and worried that i’d be recognised by someone, so took it off! A certain anonymity is freeing. I always liked that Oscar Wilde quote: ” Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth”. How true!

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