Little dents in the ground have collected rain and become portals to other places. Better places. Distant places. I peer in at them with fascination and that familiar longing.

I wave to the tiny people I see, but I know they don’t see me. They’re the same as the big ones up here.

Unobserved, I watch; breathe. I want secret things and I know secret things. I hold the secrets of nothing and nowhere;  mapping the periphery of everything and everywhere.

quotesie quote quote; photesie phote phote


Or  something.

Anyway, here are some waterlilies I was ogling – and photographing- on my extended break from The Internet. Maybe somebody out there will like it. I just have a love affair with light and dark and the interplay between the two. I love how variations in lighting can drastically alter the appearance of an otherwise unchanging object or scene. It’s like magic.

Darkness gives context to light. In all ways. It’s probably a predictable thing for me to say,  but it’s true.

Which leads me to my second offering re: the ‘3 days, 3 quotes’ challenge:

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.” Carl Jung

Anyway,  I was supposed to tag some people to participate in this quote thing! I completely forgot that part last time. So what I’m going to do is invite anyone who happens to read/see this to participate if they wish. No pressure.  I think you’re supposed to do it in 3 days- one after the other. I haven’t, and I’d apologise for that (and for merging it with my drawings and photos)  but,  I’m pretty sure nobody is gnashing their teeth in extreme angst over it 😉

Hexagon Garden


(First Infrared pho toes- using a filter. Hard not to get grainy results. Apparently can get better results from a modified camera. Must look into that at a later present time ( as well as , y’know, maybe focusing BEFORE placing the filter on? Embarrassingly stupid and obvious oversight is embarrassingly stupid and obvious. My brain works in mysterious ways..) . But whatever. This is still fun, and the pics – although utter shite as photography- are still interesting as images, so i’m not too discouraged. Colours modified, obviously)

And now for something completely different:

One misty morn i did find an alien egge upon mine doorsteppe. I did picke up ye olde ( yunge?) alien egge and declare ” O emme gee!” For i knew not what it were. For mine own jolly delites i did beat it harshly to see if ‘twould asplode into smithereenthsths. Alas, ‘tdid not. Instead this unhouly egge begun a songe in his own unhouly tongue. My very real and not imagined friende from yonder future was presente this morn, and captured images and sound on his devil’s device  ( Reely- t’was not just me filleming my own self).  Alas, ’tis a boringe compendium of movinge imagesth, but if ye behold simultaneously thine view on screen above of pastoral landscape, P’raps the alien crie could be interpreted by thine earsocketeth.

mountainostalgia #43579


Whenever i’m low, it helps to remember certain places.

When i was little, there was a mountain quite close that fascinated me. I wondered what amazing sites might be seen from the top of the mountain. Maybe on the other side there would be some sort of strangely coloured landscape, or the ocean, or an unexpected city. I always imagined too, that there must be at least one person living out there amongst the trees of that mountain. Maybe even an entire family. Secret people that nobody else knew about. I’d look for them through my parent’s binoculars sometimes. But i never found them. They’d know all about what’s on the other side.