Hazel the Bunny Pasteleriser*



I found a cute little framed print at my local op-shop ( aka ‘thrift store’ for any U.S readers), and decided to amp it up for an appearance on my walls. I got the idea to do so from this amazing article ( or, the brilliantly clever and funny artists featured there, rather).

It’s probably obvious which parts are my additions, but in the bizarre event that it’s not, I added the eye lasers and the pastel hues on the bunny babbits. I’ve no idea what the original work is, or who it’s by ( sorry!), but I immediately felt that the little girl’s name was Hazel. She looks like a Hazel. A Hazel that won’t stand for colourless rabbits. Good for you, Hazel. You do your thing, girl.

I envisage more projects like this in the near future. I think it will make me feel less sad. I actually picked up a few little piccies this afternoon which I have plans for, so hopefully I’ll be able to share those soon. They’re just prints, but I’m hoping to stumble upon some actual paintings soon, so that I can sink my teeth back into the painting action, just like olde thymes! (There was one HUUUUGE painting I saw this arvo which I covet, and which was ridonkulously cheap, but which I wasn’t able to carry this afternoon, what with all my groceries. Hopefully it will still be there next week! Crossyfingies! )



* a person with the compulsion AND skill to transform the coats of colourless rabbits into pastel hues using laser beams which emanate from said person’s** eyes. It’s a pretty niche thing.

** Bunny Pastelerisers are also known asHue-man-ipulators of the Boing”*** in some circles.

*** They are also known as “Thumpergazzumpers”  in yet other circles****


***** something something





T.I.P.P.P. (Things I Phind Phunny on Phriday)

Laughter. Is it better than sex?

I’ve always hated that question.

You can have a good laugh, and bad sex. Or a fake laugh, and real sex. Or a fake sex life that makes your friends laugh. Or a real laugh that makes your fake friends horny. Or electric sex. Or sexy electricity. Or drunken sex. Or sexy, funny, alcohol that’s powered by electricity. Or excessive amounts of chocolate, because they say chocolate’s a substitute for such things. Or a chocolate rabbit which, upon removal of its foil wrapper, has an amusingly phallic shape, which makes you laugh, because you’re drunk, but also leaves you oddly disturbed; causing you to ponder the Freudian meaning behind your laughter. Suddenly the lights go out. Somebody’s high-powered sex toy has shorted out the whole neighbourhood. Would would Jung make of this synchronicity?

I sort of forget where I was going with this, but surely these relatable situations serve to demonstrate that some questions just don’t have objective or definite answers.

One question I can with all confidence ask AND answer, however, is: Are funny things funny? The answer is, of course, YES.

So, in lieu of my own creative blog ideas, let me today begin a perhaps-regular-but-possibly-not-regular friday theme, in which I just talk about something somebody else did which makes me laugh and brings me joy.

Today, the laughter and joy inducing thing that I am reminded of is ‘The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)’. It aired in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, starring, as the name may suggest, the wonderful, exceptionally attractive, Shaun Micallef.

(Incidentally, Shaun Micallef has done- and still does- a bunch of great things, which I feel I should talk about…but I can’t as I need to stick with dis ting oim wroitin, roight? Roight.)

My favourite parts of this p(r)ogram(me) as a teenling were the brilliant physical comedy sketches in which Shaun’s characters seemed to be governed by bizarre, irregular laws of gravity. These still make me do one of those accidental snorty things that happen sometimes when you laugh really hard.

See below for an example of the thing I mentioned above this sentence. ( the comedy- not the snort. P.s. unfortunately, the title is a bit of a spoiler, so don’t read it) :

Or, if regular gravity and cats are more your thing, this clip from an earlier show  ( not the one I’ve been talking about, but a different one featuring Mr Micallef)  may appeal:

Note: I do feel a bit naughty linking a EweChewb video of this here, but my justification is that almost  EVERY comedy DVD I’ve bought over the last few years is actually due to me stumbling upon clips of it on The Internet first.  I neither watch nor own a TV ( those two facts being somewhat related), and rely entirely upon word-of-mouth and the interwebs to direct me to new laughs. But  lack of idiotbox or not, I am surely not the only one who utilises the internettles in such a way. Surely the worst thing that could happen here is that my linkage results in one or two new Micallef fans.  Either that, or your computer explodes and kills you the moment you click on the link, making me indirectly responsible for your death. Either way, it’s just nice to think that I may have made some sort of difference.