Hazel the Bunny Pasteleriser*



I found a cute little framed print at my local op-shop ( aka ‘thrift store’ for any U.S readers), and decided to amp it up for an appearance on my walls. I got the idea to do so from this amazing article ( or, the brilliantly clever and funny artists featured there, rather).

It’s probably obvious which parts are my additions, but in the bizarre event that it’s not, I added the eye lasers and the pastel hues on the bunny babbits. I’ve no idea what the original work is, or who it’s by ( sorry!), but I immediately felt that the little girl’s name was Hazel. She looks like a Hazel. A Hazel that won’t stand for colourless rabbits. Good for you, Hazel. You do your thing, girl.

I envisage more projects like this in the near future. I think it will make me feel less sad. I actually picked up a few little piccies this afternoon which I have plans for, so hopefully I’ll be able to share those soon. They’re just prints, but I’m hoping to stumble upon some actual paintings soon, so that I can sink my teeth back into the painting action, just like olde thymes! (There was one HUUUUGE painting I saw this arvo which I covet, and which was ridonkulously cheap, but which I wasn’t able to carry this afternoon, what with all my groceries. Hopefully it will still be there next week! Crossyfingies! )



* a person with the compulsion AND skill to transform the coats of colourless rabbits into pastel hues using laser beams which emanate from said person’s** eyes. It’s a pretty niche thing.

** Bunny Pastelerisers are also known asHue-man-ipulators of the Boing”*** in some circles.

*** They are also known as “Thumpergazzumpers”  in yet other circles****


***** something something






5 thoughts on “Hazel the Bunny Pasteleriser*

  1. A very interesting rework of the adorable ‘Feeding the Rabbits’ by Frederick Morgan! Off the top of me head, I totally didn’t Google it or anything… 😉

    This is such fun, though! Are those infrared beams from her eyes, that work rather like a TV remote control? I can see where inspiration for this has come from! 😉 The Interceptress? Though, I must admit I prefer Hazel. And thumpergazzumper.

    Thanks for twistedsifter, too – what a cracking site!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aha! Cheers, Jacobski! It is a kinda cute image, and part of me felt a little guilty for defacing it like that….but not a big enough part, unfortunately, so Hazel of the laser-eyes it is 😉
      Haha, y’know, it’s silly of me, but that didn’t even come into my head at all! I guess it must have been a subconscious influence, though..how could it not?! Maybe the bunnies are all off to get themselves some black trenchcoats and practice their screeches!

      It’s a fun little site, eh? Rebecca suggested it once, and it was a good suggestion! Lots of interesting stuff there 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I’m sure Morgan would appreciate the rework!

        Haha, but of course, it is such a powerful influence, how could it not creep in on the sly? 😉 I’ve no doubt it informs every area of my day-to-day life. Which might explain quite a bit, really. But anyway, I LOVE the idea of a bunny trenchcoat.

        Yeah! I had a good time on there, looking at some really old photographs redone as colour, and a ginormous lion carved from wood. That was incredible!


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