Let’s talk about how music is actually magic ( and stuff and things)

I’ve been having a lot of feelings lately, and music has been helping me to live with ( as opposed to cope with) these feelings, and as a result I’ve been having as many thoughts as feelings. I won’t bore you with these ( well, maybe a few…sorry..), but don’t you think there’s something quite magical about music?  When you think about it, it’s pretty much a mind altering drug. It can make you cry, or move your limbs around in an ungraceful ( if you’re me) fashion, or inspire you, or excite you, or even make you feel like you’re in love. Listening to a piece of music can be quite the emotional workout, and at times I find I can’t bear to listen to any music for just that reason. How weird is it that innocent little sound waves can have such an effect on us physically? I dunno about you, but that amazes me.

Another thing that’s pretty cool about music is the way it unites people. Go to any concert, and when the music gets going, it feels as though the entire audience are your friends. I generally hate crowds, and definitely need a drink  in order to relax enough to not panic at a concert, but by the end of the first track, I feel connected and safe. Everyone is there for the same reason, and the collective love is palpable. And just how cool is it when you meet someone who has the same taste in music as you?  There’s something really lovely about getting excited about something with a complete stranger. Bullshit smalltalk falls away, and you connect. It’s nice.

Ok. So, this post does have a point, and I will get to it now. I’m going to list and link a few tunes. These will be tunes that represent pivotal moments for me, due to the artists performing them having a profound influence on me/ my life. I don’t expect anyone to sit through all of them ( and I can’t possibly post ALL of them anyway, or I’d be here all evening), but what I would like is if you ( if you’ve read this far) could list/ link in the comments some “life changers” of your own if you have any. I want to know about what really floors you musically, and with any luck it’ll be stuff I haven’t heard of which will also floor me. I’m generally up for being floored by amazing sounds.

Alrighty then. Here is my teeny selection:

1.  Manu Delago and Christoph Pepe Auer: “Abstract Damensattel”. Manu Delago is the reason I got into percussion a few years ago. This vid I’m sharing here isn’t one of the initial “OMG! I MUST LEARN HOW TO DO THAT” inducing tracks that I heard from him, but it does remind me of when I got to see these two guys play live, and that memory makes me happy, because they were brilliant. Manu is very adorable and funny, and when I saw him, things like this happened, and my massive crush on him had greatly intensified by the end of the show.

Anyway, I hope someone out there enjoys this track, and gets a giggle from Manu’s ridiculous wig ( and the hilariously still audience! I’m not sure how people can remain so composed; when I saw them I was involuntarily chair-dancing like an unhinged bobblehead).

2.  Björk: “Isobel”.  There are too many amazing Björk tracks to list here, and “Isobel” is by no means my favourite. But when I first heard this song as an angsty teenling, I was enchanted. I’d been mostly listening to guitary stuff at that stage, but Björk opened my punky little eyes, ears, and mind to a whole new world.

This clip is beautiful, but always makes me a little sad. The relevance of the solo woman keeping safe in her own little world is much more acute now than it ever has been. The prospect of growing old alone can be depressing and frightening, but the prospect of falling in love can be equally so. To place your heart in someone else’s hands seems a reckless act. Is it a brave or stupid thing to do? Probably both. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that maybe ‘crazy-single-mother-in-her-late-30’s’ isn’t anybody’s type‘, anyway. But given that there are certifiable twats out there with all the charisma of a mouldy toilet bowl who still managed to find partners who think the sun shines out of their arse, who fucking knows what’s going on with the “L” word. I’m getting too tired for this shit. Maybe it could be liberating to be a Crazy Cat Lady. I don’t know.

3.  Soundgarden: “Jesus Christ Pose”.  This is something that I’ve also loved since highschool. The first time I saw the filmclip to this on ‘Rage’, the ‘HOLY FUCK’ factor of the whole thing was overwhelming. Not just because I was a hormonal teenage girl and Chris Cornell was hot, but because of the energy of it. A lot of grungey stuff going around at the time was your typical half arsed 3 chord dealy with sloppy guitars and half asleep sounding vocals that sounded like something a bunch of your drunk friends at a party could’ve recorded. I still loved all that stuff regardless, but Soundgarden sounded like they could actually play quite well, and this particular track excited me with its screamy-but-somehow-still-in-tune vocals, fierce guitars, and manic drums. I spent my remaining teen years ( and most of my 20’s) trying to become a Guitar God, and I feel that this track was one of the inspirations for that.

4. Wintergatan: “Paradis”.  Yes, it’s no secret; I’ve become quite the Wintergatan/ Martin Molin fangirl. This track is my favourite Wintergatan thing I’ve heard so far. It’s utterly magical. At no point during the 14 minutes (!) do I get remotely bored. The music flows seamlessly from one change to another, but without being predictable in any way. (The sexy guitars at the end were NOT something I was expecting upon my first listen! ).

For my upcoming berfdee, I will be treating myself to some physical CD’s of theirs from their website ( if they are still available! I hope!). Mp3’s are available for download, but I like having a physical copy of the stuff I really love. I tend to forget to back up files on my ‘puter, or, I back them up and lose the thing I backed them up on.

Anyhoo, this is included in my list not just because it’s amazing, but because although he’ll never know it, M.M. is directly responsible for me feeling the spark of musical inspiration again after a period of total apathy towards my musical instruments. I’ve been playing guitar again, drumming again, and, thanks to his very easy-to-follow tutorial on how to play the Marble Machine Piano Version, I can almost play that through without mistakes now ( which is saying something, because I really suck at keys). This mightn’t mean much to anybody else, but I’ve been feeling pretty lost lately, and this sort of thing is a great ( and necessary) distraction from my sadness.

Now, over to you! ( If you want )


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  1. It probably says all that need be said about music that I went through your picks and ended up on YouTube for an age listening to recommended songs. And then I found my way to Simpsons clips, somehow… but that’s not relevant 😉 I don’t know what I’d do without my music. It is such magic. As for my recommendations: well, you probably know the people I’d put forward, anyway!

    Manu Delago is rather charming, isn’t he? I love Paradis in particular, though – Wintergatan strikes again, eh. You say about songs being like a drug – what a trip that is from beginning to end! Awesome, and great that he’s having such a positive impact!

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    • I’m glad you liked them. Yay! And hey, nothing wrong with a Simpsons diversion 😉

      I’m guessing you may have chosen some Kate? 😉 I actually watched a great Kate Bush doco the other night when i couldn’t sleep. She’s just so amazing isn’t she?! I can’t believe she wrote most of the stuff she’s famous for when she was about 16( and some a few years before!)! Genius, pure and simple. And she’s so bloody lovely! So humble and unassuming. I like that in a genius!

      Manu is a fairly gorgeous human, yes! Did you see his piece for “2 acoustic toothbrushes”? The guy has a lovely sense of humour.

      Right?! Paradis IS a total trip. It makes me feel as though i’m leaving Earth and travelling to another planet/ galaxy/ universe or something. Serious space vibes! But not in a cheesy sci-fi way. Martin is an absolute genius. And again, such a lovely, unpretentious one. He’s so precious ^_^ Where are all the adorable eccentric ( and single!) geniuses hiding in my local area??!! Sigh. Anyway, yeah, it’s so heartening to see how much mutual support and friendliness there is between him and his listeners. It gives me hope to know that very young people might look to him as an inspiration rather than to some attitude wielding idiot who thinks himself god’s gift to humanity. I love that NICE is becoming the new COOL. We sorely need more of that type of thing…now more than ever!

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      • No, I suppose not. It was classic Simpsons, too, so even better!

        Definitely Kate would be in there! Such energy and humanity from her voice, I can’t imagine not being moved by her work. One thing I’ve been getting into lately is the vinyl sound. I recently found a clip of Superstar by the Carpenters on vinyl. I’ve never really been around it, and had actually thought it a bit of a hipster thing, but no, it really sounds so much better! A real, clear sound. If I had money to throw around in such a way, I’d go to town on that stuff.

        I just saw the toothbrushes video! Brilliant. He is adorable.

        Yeah, I got that elevated, temporal/intergalactic feel, too! A really beautiful piece. Well, I know where one of them geniuses is hiding 😉 but indeed, it’s lovely to see anywhere in the world, and great that you’re sharing the joy with us. We do need it!

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      • They’re so good, eh. I haven’t watched The Simpsons for quite some time, but i did love them so. I really loved Futurama, too. Very clever writing.

        Yeah, vinyl records are nice 🙂 I think they have a kinda warm sound…or maybe i’m imagining it, and it’s just that they remind me of being a kid and listening to my parent’s records. What i like, too, is all the cover art from back in the day. The size of the vinyl lent itself beautifully to gorgeous cover art!

        He’s great, isn’t he? Very silly and cute. That’s always a nice thing for a super talented person to be .There’s a great one here too, if you ever get the time to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xx3WDpZUKw It’s musically clever, but also hilarious visually.

        I’m thinking maybe Martin is part of an advanced species from another galaxy? 😉 How else could he write such beautiful tunes??

        Haha, where? I wish! Are you talking about my cat? Because sometimes i think perhaps he’s the genius of the house! Or, at least, some sort of mystical mind reader. He *knows things*, i swear. But then again, i’d say most cats do 😉

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      • They certainly are! There used to be such real emotion in The Simpsons, too. It’s quite a powerful contrast when you’ve been watching the newer ones.

        Yes, warmth is a good way of describing it. There’s an imperfection about it which gives it a warm quality. My digital tracks sound rather sterile after listening to those.

        I love that! Very funny, and totally crazy adorable. He wears a tux, diving suit etc. quite well…..

        Ha 😛 Well, you’re probably not wrong about cats. The way they look at you, I’m certain they know more than we think!

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      • I haven’t actually watched most of the new stuff tbh. Just one of the side effects of having no TV for a few years, i guess, but it would be interesting to compare. It was always a really clever show. Lots of insightful social commentary delivered with a thick coating of humour!

        Yeah, it’s a bit more “live” sounding, isn’t it? When it comes to the old stuff, i guess it has a lot to do with the recording process, too. A lot of technological advances have taken place since the old days! I wonder if you get that same vibe from contemporary recordings that are put on vinyl? I can’t say i’ve listened to many of those, as i don’t have a record player. I used to, when i was younger, though. I remember having “Head like a hole” by Nine Inch Nails ( haha), but i can’t recall whether i found it to have a warmer sound than its CD counterpart! I think i’d planned on collecting vinyl- i had a few DJ friends who had huge vinyl collections and wanted in. But i think it was just too expensive, so ended up abandoning the idea.

        It’s great, huh? I cracked up the first time i saw it. It still makes me laugh. Manu is handsome in everything. You forgot to mention the snowman outfit! Quite an edgy look 😉

        They really do. It’s disconcerting sometimes- especially when they just stare at you intently…it’s like they can see into your soul! But it’s also very sweet when they do the cat “i love you” thing, where they close their eyes at you really slowly then open them again. You can do that to them, too, and they’ll do it back to you 🙂 Lovely little mysterious flufflywuffly ones ^_^

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      • Me too, actually. When I think of ‘new’ Simpsons, I realise that those episodes are now years old! (It’s funny you mention Nine Inch Nails, ’cause I remember I first heard of them through Homer!)

        Yeah – it was like Karen was in the room, even when played through a computer. It blew me away! I’m guessing there is something still special about it, as vinyl continues to be released and sales are going up (or at least were, relatively recently). I’m doubtful we’ll be seeing such a sustained resurgence for the cassette, but who knows? It might happen – there’s something nice about the whole ‘mix-tape’ thing, and just having something more personal than download.

        Yes, I do that eye thing! I read about it being an excellent way of bonding with your cat. Whatever they might or might not know, they are hilarious!

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      • Ha! I don’t remember Homer mentioning NIN. Maybe he was a Trent Reznor fan? I sure used to be, back as a teen/young adult. Hehe. Not really my cup o’tea these days….although i’m sure there’d still be a few tracks i could get into now, tbh, (maybe some stuff from The Downward Spiral) 😉

        Nice. Yeah, well it seems pretty trendy now, what with the whole retro hipstery thang going on. It’s a nice thing, i think 🙂 I finally ordered the actual CD of Wintergatan’s album the other night ( so ridiculously cheap, with postage all the way from Sweden to Oz included in price…i felt guilty! Will have to buy some more things!) , and i saw that they have it available on vinyl too! That’d be cool.

        Aww, yes, i LOVED making – and receiving- mixtapes! I have fond memories of listening to the radio, eagerly awaiting the song i wanted to sneakily tape 😉 ( until i could afford to buy the actual tapes, of course!) They’d always cut crucial bits off the end, or talk over the beginning, and it’d be scratchy as hell, but it was still fun. But tapes could be mega annoying when they did the unravelly thing. Or when they like, stretched somehow, and it’d warp the sound…..and you couldn’t just skip to the song you wanted. I much preferred CD’s, i think! But having said that, there definitely was something nice about swapping music with people via the mixtape. I’ve done that with discs, too, but it’s not quite the same, is it?

        Aren’t they the cuterest? Our cat will sit there and do that to me, then to my daughter, and we have this lovely group catversation<3 They're special little creatures. ^_^

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      • Ha, I seem to recall he was in some record store, looking for comparative ‘oldies’, and didn’t know who they were. Sonic Youth may have been in there too, actually! I remember thinking them interesting names for bands, and that they’d surely just made them up 😛 Then I heard them for real!

        Ooh, that’s great! I bet you can’t wait! Now, that Paradis track I can imagine sounding really special on vinyl.

        My siblings used to do this! In fact I’m pretty sure there are still tapes in my old bedroom of chart countdowns from the early/mid nineties! And I can remember getting yelled at for playing with all the tape as it unravelled. 😉 It was a nightmare with VHS when that happened, though – especially if it was one of my favourite videos!

        Ha, with Apollo dominating the catversation I suspect 😉 My Oscar had to stay for a couple of nights at the vets recently, and when I went to collect him they said, “he’s very vocal, isn’t he?” How I laughed. He is indeed! So funny.

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      • Ohh, yes, that must’ve been that one when they went to Lollapalooza and Homer was having a cannon shot at him as a kinda side act? I think Smashing Pumpkins were on it, and i used to quite like some of their stuff as a teenling, too 😉

        Yeah, i’m looking forward to its arrival 🙂 The closer to my birthday that happens, the less depressed about getting older i might be!

        Ha! Damn, i wish i had’ve held onto my old tapes- they’d probably be collectors items by now! ( maybe? haha). I’ve moved too many times and culled too much of my stuff in the process….le sigh. Oh well. Yep- i remember the VHS unravellage too! So crap when it happenned! Having a giggle at the thought of a tiny Jacob gleefully playing with a tangle of tape, though ! 😀

        Aww, Oscar sounds adorable. My Apollo is a very vocal cat, too! He’s always “talking” to us. Some breeds are more talkative than others, or so i’ve read. They can be funny when their meows are are so expressive.

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      • Yes, that’s the one! It’s fun. And poor Peter Frampton and his pig 😛 “First Homer Simpson wrecks my pig, Cypress Hill steals my orchestra, now Sonic Youth’s in my cooler! Get outta there you kids!”

        Ooh, maybe it’ll turn up on your birthday? That’d be a treat, for sure!

        Haha! Well, it was fun! It was like streamers from a party popper… only shiny, and brown…

        Oh yeah! Oscar’s meows can sound quite impatient sometimes, which of course just makes me laugh, and tease him even more. They’re so trying to talk!

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      • Yep yep, that’s definitely the one! it’s all coming back to me. Phunny stuph.

        It’d be nice!

        Yes, i remember thinking that they werea bit streamer like 🙂 There are actually artists who’ve made some pretty cool artwork using it, which you’ve probably seen already, but which is a great idea, i think.

        Yep, they really do communicate! Oscar sounds a fair bit like Apollo, there! He sometimes makes this really indignant sound when i look at him- it’s as if he’s saying “wtf are you looking at? What’s your problem?? Never seen a cat just sitting around looking cute before??”.

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      • There was a chap at uni that did some typography with tape – if I recall, it was for a Delia Derbyshire tribute of some kind. But I’ve just had a look at some of the stuff on Google! Pretty amazing portraiture.

        Ha, Oscar does that, too! But the impatient ones usually come when he’s actively fishing for attention/my lap and I (either legitimately because I’m busy, or purposely ’cause I’m teasing) ignore him. He’ll even stand propped on the arm of my swivel chair in an attempt to get more in my face. MEOWW! How dare I ignore the owner of the house.


  2. I recently, well within the last 3 months, watched a very interesting scientific documentary, that unfortunately, you can’t watch online because it’s Canadian content, and basically, science is now discovering that “music” – as in beats, rhythms, melodies, etc. pre-dates language and that, in essence, it is our “true connector” rather than words AND it has profound effects on our state of mind, emotions, well being, or not, etc. etc. It even affects us before we even start relating to people as such, when newly born etc. Completely fascinating program – so your post is interesting in confirming how music can be so powerful and absorbing, with us being the sponges …. at least, to my ears 😉

    Interesting sound/music selections, but I can’t say that I have time right now to wander off and listen, but I’m sure I would be wowed or moved in some way, My VERY FIRST memory is of music – hearing music (I was no more than 2) and by the time I was 3 I had demanded and insisted on my very own radio.

    As for musical selections and ideas? Music is so subjective and personal – and honestly, in my case, I have to be “careful” now, what I listen to, because sometimes, unexpectedly, it really acts as a trigger for me – so much of my “past absolute faves” are now, “off-limits” – at least until I can “hear” with a “clearer ear and head” ….. but the one other thing I can add is that as we age, well, at least this has been my experience, I’ve come to appreciate just how much more my “ear” has changed, and how I now listen and hear, and appreciate a much broader diversity of sounds, music and instrumentation etc. Kind of funny, this, but interesting, to me ….. so right now, sorry, but now sound/musical ideas to share …. perhaps another day.

    And by all means, use whatever means can help you manage moods, emotions and days better … as opposed to JUST coping …. I know what you mean, walked through that hell myself, a few years back, when I finally clued in that music and some of my attachments were actually triggers etc.

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    • Oooh! This excites me. I wish i could watch this!!! I remember doing an art project in my shortlived Uni days that was inspired by the fact that hearing is the first sense to develop in the womb. It got me to thinking that the first thing we must be conscious of then, must be the sounds of our mother’s pulse. A rhythm! And if this is the case, it’s little wonder that music is such a primal thing. Do you remember the name of the doco? Maybe it’s available *somewhere*…even on dvd somewhere or something? It sounds fascinating 😀

      Music is great for kids! They respond so naturally to it.
      I understand. Music has the ability to instantly transport us back to *the time and place*, and can, as such, trigger unwelcome memories and feelings. I couldn’t listen to anything too guitary for a while after i broke up with an abusive boyfriend when i was younger. We’d played and performed together a lot, so even just playing guitar reminded me too much of him for ages after. I’m ok with it now, thank gawd, but yeah, music is a really powerful emotion enhancing thing! Like i mentioned up there, there are days when i just can’t listen to any music, because the feels are too strong, and it’s overwhelming. I do hope there are some comforting tunes out there that you can still find solace in….but yes, i know, that clear head and heart are sometimes necessary to be able to fully enjoy such things. I do hope that clarity finds you sooner than later ❤

      Yeah, it's definitely nice to listen to a diverse range. As a young teen i was too "cool" to admit to liking certain stuff 😉 These days, of course, i don't care! I listen to so much daggy stuff.

      I'm definitely grateful that music seems to be having a positive effect on me at the moment! As for yourself, i hope that you find some clarity in the silence. Silence is definitely necessary sometimes. Sending a hug!

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      • the show is called “The Nature of Things” hosted by David Suzuki, and is produced and broadcast by CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]. I’ll give you the specific link to the episode in question: and you can poke around and read about it. Earlier this year, I searched out clips and the show because I was going to post it on BCA, but discovered that the actual content isn’t available outside of Canada – so unless you have a “backdoor” entry, then? Anyhow, you can at least read quite a bit of it – it’s really fascinating; but then the show, in itself is truly amazing on the whole. So here’s the link to it: the episode is called “The Science of Song”

        Music- sound, the womb, all of it – heartbeat, external motions and movement, which “gets translated” into vibrations – it all starts off, practically right at that “big bang” moment 😉

        I’m nodding my head in understanding – re your feelings and how you get it – especially since you play an instrument – I always wanted to play guitar – never learned though, did the “force fed” piano lessons, which initially I didn’t mind, but when I wanted to give it? Royal battle. Anyhow ….. actually, I’m pretty good with the music/trigger thing – I know when my moods are shifting in a direction better left alone, so can usually not allow myself the “wallowing” or two-step into that “place” – and there are even whole swathes of songs and artists that I can now listen to, that about 4 years ago were “bad news” – but I hear them and the music differently, and I have to admit, that mostly, I’m just “indifferent” to it – and I’m good with it. Or I’ve come to hear the music for the music – and I hear/read the lyrics in a completely different way – more of a “poetic” hearing – so it’s okay. And as you’ve noted, there is such a wealth of music out there – such a richness of all kinds of sounds to listen and discover, so it makes for endless possibilities. And yes, silence is “good” too – except when doing that “crazy in the head thing” – then it can be just as awful as any trigger.

        LOL! Well, you KNOW, cool is “cool” when we’re younger, so yeah, like now, we say “unhuh” and can laugh at ourselves 😉

        I’m glad that music is helping you right now – it can definitely soothe the savage breast and beast – and offer so much that can nourish, inspire or simply brighten a moment!

        Have a wonderful week 🙂

        And let me know if you manage to get to the program, etc. It’s less than an hour long, so reading about it is probably less than that too – when you have time, and if are so inclined.

        And thanks for your good thoughts and wishes – right back at you….. 🙂 💜

        oh, and if you feel so inclined? you can find me here:

        but no pressures, worries or anything 🙂

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      • Oh cool, thanks so much for the link! David Suzuki is rad. I’m definitely going to be looking at that and reading/ watching whatever i can find. Cheers 🙂

        Ooh, i’m quite envious of the piano lessons, although i’m aware that being made to do that as a kid may not have been that much fun! I’m trying to learn bits and pieces atm, but i don’t have a proper piano, just a keyboard, which is quite different, so i’m missing out on how to use the pedals; the correct pressure to put on the keys, etc. But, all in all, i’m having fun practicing what i can 🙂 There are luckily a heap of tutorials around that teach everything from basic guitar chords to really advanced stuff, so if you could ever get onto a guitar, i can highly recommend it! I was taught the basics at about 7, but never got super enthusiastic about until my teens. Unfortunately i haven’t played consistently in the last 11ish years or so, and that means i’ve lost my guitar mojo a fair bit :/ It’s kinda sad, but i’m having fun with percussion these days, and aim to be the Australian lady version of Manu Delago someday 😉 ( haha, as if! but y’know, as if i’m not gonna try)

        Well i’m relieved to hear that there is some tunage out there that still rocks your world in GOOD way 🙂
        Yeah, it’s knowing what to avoid and when, innit. Wishing you a nice balance of comforting tunes and comforting NOT-crazy-in-the-head silence!

        Thankyou! I am really relieved to be feeling the music again, because it was such a big part of my life for so long, and i’ve felt a bit like i’m missing some sort of emotional “limb” without it. It’s a comfort to actually WANT to pick up instruments again.

        Yay! I will follow for sure; cheers for linking me up!

        No worries at all, and thankyou for the reflected well wishes 🙂 You have a wonderful week too! ^_^

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      • Hey there 🙂

        Actually, I can’t play the guitar … or would be able to – I have arthritis in my hands, probably two competing types, and I have a neck injury that means some of my fingers are mostly in a perpetual state of “electric buzzing numb” – so picking at strings, and trying to wrap my hands around frets? Ugh …. not cool …. although many years ago I had a friend start teaching me some basics, and I had trouble then, so now? considering the state of my hands? A total no go. 😦
        Ah well, I’ll live.

        As for piano? I didn’t mind really, but then, when practice time began to stretch into 3+hours a day? I thought, nope – and meanwhile, my dumbass brother, who was the one who wanted to learn, and had already “given up” after a few years? Well, I was the collateral damage in the fall out – although honestly, I do regret not pursuing it – it’s just that with impossibly demanding parents? It was so not a positive thing. Anyhow …..

        Well, even if you’ve lost some of the “music mojo” …. as you know, it’s just deciding to focus and practice …. so, whatever works for you know? That’s all that counts … and it’s okay to just experiment and play and wander until you find the right fit for the moment 🙂

        Yeah, David Suzuki is TOTALLY awesome 😀

        Glad that you found the space …. at the moment, I’m having a computer meltdown and may have to wipe my hard drive – so here I am furiously backing up files, so I may end up being totally “lost” for awhile …. so if you don’t see me for a bit, it’s because I’m staring at ‘the blue screen of death’ 😉

        anyhow, have a great rest of the week ….

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      • Aww, damn! Sorry to hear that. Can’t be fun :/ I’ve actually met quite a few piano playing people- or ex piano playing people- who have arthritic hands! Who knew piano could be so hardcore? And combined with the neck stuff you’re having to deal with, i can see why musical instruments aren’t really an option.

        Yeah, i always see parents pushing the piano ( or violin) lessons onto their younglings, and, even though some of the kids do grow up to pursue it further, a lot don’t enjoy it; resent the hell out of it; and never go back to it once they grow up. It’s sad, because i think kids’ natural curiosities should be nurtured instead of the ones their parents want them to have. I dunno. They probably mean well? I guess i don’t know any of these parents well enough to judge. My dad made both my sis and i learn as kidlies, but i’m the only one who pursued it. I didn’t enjoy the initial learning that much, but i was glad for it when i became a a teen and could pretend to be a rock star 😉

        Yeah, i’m gonna just practice and experiment at my own pace. It’s a healing thing for me 🙂

        O noes! Computer problems are shite! I hope it all gets sorted! My printer has just shat itself, actually ( just after i bought 2 new ink cartridges! Them shits are expensive! ). Fun fun. Sigh. Fingers crossed for you that you don’t lose anything, anyhoo.

        Fanx, you- you have a goodun too ^_^


  3. Thank you for the introduction to Manu Delgado. I can’t imagine life without some music in it. As you say it is magical. That moment when a song, melody, chorus, riff gets deep inside your body and moves you to tears of joy or happiness is very special and hard to describe. Was listening to Soundgarden just last week, so that’s great to see JCP in your picks 🙂 What a cool band to catch up with again. Recently I discovered (about 7 years too late) Them Crooked Vultures, a supergroup comprising of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and JP Jones of Led Zep. Every track on their self-titled debut takes me away each time I listen. I’ve also been enjoying TV series and paying attention to how they use band and score music to drive their stories. If it’s a well known song sometimes it can take on a new feeling or sense because of the images attached. I’ve always been drawn to She’s a Rainbow by the Stones, and when I heard it in an episode of Legion it not only confirmed how good the song was, but also picked up the crazy vibe of the show, when previously I kind of thought of the song as something perhaps more personal to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy to have introduced you to the brilliance of Manu Delago! He’s pretty wonderful. He seems to be doing a lot of interesting collaborations, too.

      Yeah, music is pretty special. I love how there is something out there for everyone; every mood and situation.

      Yay for Soundgarden times! To be honest, i haven’t had a good listen to the albums for a while ( for no particular reason), but JCP is just such a classic. It always hypes me up. It just never gets old!

      Ooh, i’ll have to give Them Crooked Vultures a listen! Ashamed to say i’ve never done so. JP Jones was always such an underrated musician!

      Aww yiss, i’ve always loved soundtracks/ film scores. Even incidental music! I love how effectively it can convey a mood. And you’re right; if it’s something you’ve heard before, it can definitely begin to take on new meaning when you hear it within the context of images. Even just if you’ve been listening to a song for ages, and then you see the filmclip to it, and it completely changes your view of it. I’ve been revisiting “settle down” by Kimbra this last week, and it struck me that i’d never actually watched the clip, so i did, and after that i realised how i’d never really thought about the meaning of the song- i’d always just liked it because it was a killer tune. But suddenly it became quite thought provoking after seeing it with that imagery.

      “She’s a rainbow” is an excellent song! It’s nice and kinda validating to hear a song you like on a show ( especially a cool show). It’s kinda like ” Yeah! I knew i had excellent taste!” That’s my reaction when it happens, anyway 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I checked out Kimbra Settle Down and you’re right it’s a tune – with a cracking video to it. Great creepy doll collection and I wasn’t expecting them to get torched haha. I bookmarked her along with Manu to check out when I get some rest time.
        I always liked the NIN song Hurt, and when Johnny Cash did it I saw it in a new light and had some tears really. Then recently when they used it for the trailer of Logan it again took on a new significance.
        Yep, that’s my reaction too… ” Yeah! I knew i had excellent taste!” when a song I love gets validated somewhere 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, nice. Glad ya liked it- it is a great tune, and the filmclip really speaks to me. In a cynical way, but honestly, i think most of us are just big kids kinda playing at being adults.
        Yeah, imma get acquainted with Them Crooked Vultures ASAP too!

        Oh i used to love that NIN track! And yeah, the Johnny Cash version totally destroyed me when i first heard it. I’m not sure i could actually listen to it these days. Too depressing :/ It’s a powerful one.

        I’m kinda bummed atm, as we were just talking about how cool Soundgarden were, and now Chris is gone :*( I had no idea until literally about 30 minutes ago. I hate thinking that he was feeling that low. Why is this the fate of so many super talented, super humble people??? It’s too sad 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jolting is the word. So totally unexpected. I wish people would start to take depression seriously. It breaks my heart that so many awesome, creative, gentle souls out there get depressed/ die before there time, while all the assholes of the world live long, comfortable lives, screwing people over ’til their last breath. I see it again and again, and it’s so unjust, and it makes me SO so sad 😦

        Liked by 1 person

    • No pressure! Seriously, there’s 30 or more minutes worth of music there, so i don’t expect anyone to sit through it all. It won’t all be to everyone’s liking…but hopefully something might resonate with someone somewhere! I’m really more interested in hearing about what rocks everyone else’s musical worlds, as i know there’s a whole bunch of amazing stuff out there that i haven’t heard yet 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Good stuff, love reading personal connections with music, will check these out as mostly unfamiliar. I reckon music is magical because it plays with time and who doesn’t want to stop time sometimes … or send it into reverse? Fat chance, I know, but music can take me back to when I was younger …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hopefully there’ll be something you like there! You’ll probably hear a bit about Soundgarden/ Chris Cornell in the coming days, as he has just passed away 😦 it was just the other day, and i literally just found out, and it’s all very sad- espesh as i was just raving about Soundgarden. Sigh.

      Yeah, music is a bit of a time machine like that, isn’t it? Time really does seem to stand still when you’re immersed in an amazing tune. And there aren’t many things that can completely consume my attention the way a good piece of music can. It really IS quite supernatural!

      Liked by 1 person

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