I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it



Maybe it’s under a hidden dimension or something…

*biro, food dye, paint pen, chalk, and digital colour/ element manipulation*

I can’t figure out if I like this or whether it just looks like cheesy cliched hipster art. Maybe a bit of both. The person is supposed to look as though she’s knocking on the “door” of another universe. Not sure how successful that was….in the reference photo I used, the lady is emptying a packet of seeds, so I just omitted that, and hoped for the best. The more I look at it, the more I think it looks like two people trying unsuccessfully to have a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’. Oh well. I guess I wouldn’t really be staying true to style if something wasn’t a bit off kilter! lt felt good to actually focus on a drawing for more than 2 minutes, however (focus was aided by a lovely tune or two) . And, technical flaws notwithstanding, I got across what I wanted to get across, and I kinda feel like drawing a bit more now, so all in all: YAY.



9 thoughts on “I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it

  1. You say I have been busy – now it is you who is on a bit of a roll, are you not? So much good stuff! I saw the ‘knocking’/communication immediately – and I love the background! – though, now you mention, it rock paper scissors does sound quite fun. Perhaps they have successfully connected and are enjoying a game? 😛 Who knows, perhaps one day we shall play against another universe.

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    • haha, not really though; it’s just all the videos i’ve posted lately that have padded out my blog in lieu of sketchy action! But i seem to be feeling the spark of productivity now, so that’s good 🙂

      Cool- that’s a relief, thankyou! The more i look at it the more i pick out all the faults…best to stop looking at it, perhaps 😉

      Haha, maybe? I wonder how they’ll tell who won, what with their faces all eyeless and stuff. maybe they’re so evolved that they simply intuitively sense what their opponent is doing? Not much of a stretch- i mean, they seem to have mastered how to casually sit around in space without spacesuits or anything. And there’s the green skin thing. They have capabilities beyond our grasp! Intergalactic rock/paper/scissors! Maybe it will have to be renamed in that event. Maybe to meteor/paper/scissors. Or asteroid/ sci-fi novel/ raygun. Or something. 😉

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      • All good! And oh yes, I do that too – I always notice stuff after I’ve published the piece. But rarely is it anything major. Probably best to stop looking!

        Haha – well, see, what food for thought this art has provided! I LOVE the idea of Asteroid/Sci-fi novel/raygun!

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      • It’s annoying when that happens, innit. I’m always noticing awful oversights in my drawings ( and writings), which i’m constantly going back to fix! But after a while, you do just have to know when to let it go, so as to avoid becoming a ball of anxiety.

        Yeah, i think i’ll offer that renaming idea to my kid next time she wants to play R/P/S 🙂

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