Feelgood Friday

More ( quite short, this time) videos that make me happy in my face ( even my cranky nostrils and restless eyebrows).

Exhibit A: A Sea Otter pup playing in the water and being cute and fluffy as fuck. LOOK at his little arms. They’re so SHORT and PUFFY.  And the WHISKERS. Listen to how SQUEAKY he is. I dare you not to explode from exposure to such infuriating levels of cuteness. I’m still picking little bits of me out of the carpet from the first time I watched this video.

Exhibit B: Something I’m certain I posted several times when I was still using Facehook. I’ve tried watching it with and without wine, and have discovered that no matter what my sobriety level, I can’t watch it without my eyes leaking. And it’s just a VIDEO. If I saw that *In Real Life* I’d be a mess. It’s too beautiful. You’ve probably already seen this vid, but I think it’s just magical, and therefore worth watching more than once. The music these ladies have used for the soundtrack is just perfect, too ( ” Murmuration” by Nomad Soul. It’s really gorgeous; you should check it out in full ) . Anyway, nature is amazing, and we should remember that from time to time.

Merry fuzzy friday to ya xx


6 thoughts on “Feelgood Friday

    • I know!!! Imagine looking after adorable baby animals as a job! I admittedly watched a few of those baby otter vids. I had to stop eventually though, because the sheer intensity of cuteness hurts!

      Oh my- what an adorable little seal!!! The cute little noises it makes! It’s so round and sleepy and has such huge dark eyes. AAAAAGGGGHHH! I can’t handle it. Seals really are the puppy dogs of the sea.

      Yeah, i’ve watched that murmuration vid (“murmuration” is such a gorgeous word, too) many times, and it never gets old. The first time i saw it i couldn’t believe my eyes; it’s as if someone had made some sort of animation and played it on the sky. I’m always quite moved by it. And when the girls look at each other and start laughing is when the tears kick in. That wordless recognition that they just shared a really amazing experience. I know i’m such a sop, but it gets me every time! The music alone makes me quite emo, so put the two things together and there’s no way i can retain my composure!

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      • Ha, I’d probably end up wanting to take them all home! Aww. I know, YouTube can be a bit of a problem in that regard!

        He is a blob of cute! Seals are beautiful. When I was young my grandfather took my sister and I out on a boat to see the seals. Ever since, I’ve wanted one SO badly! This one, which I found after that clip, made me laugh quite a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L7VJl76i9U They are so funny. I’ve met many people who talk less sense! 😉

        Yes – it’s such an incredible natural spectacle it’d be hard not to be moved by it. Just awesome!

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      • Me too! Little fluffywuffy babies ❤

        Aww, that sounds amazing! What a lovely memory 🙂
        Haha! He's totally saying: "Bleb! Blemphsh! AAAAAAAAAGGH! Bloob-yuuurrrgh!", which i'm gathering means "the water is too cold. I'm going to have a sleep instead. And maybe occasionally immerse just my face in the water. And then rest again.". So damn cute!

        It's like the northern lights, but in B&W bird form. So cool. I'd love to see such a thing! Hopefully i will someday 🙂

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      • It was lovely! I’m quite lucky in that there are countless seals on the coast here. Always overexcited to see them!

        Hahaha – the “AAaaaAAGH!” makes me laugh every time! And then he just decides to doze off. Hilarious.

        Hopefully! That’s a great way of describing it. (Would quite like to see those at some point, too! What an experience!)

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      • Aww, how cool! That must be amazing. I’ve never seen one in a natural setting. Hopefully some day i will!

        Yeah, it was pretty hilarious! And adorable. It just sounded so human at times!

        Oooh, me too. I imagine it’d be pretty special. So many things yet to see!

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