2 very positive, decidedly bullshit-free videos which demonstrate the importance of connection and creativity.

When it comes to videos and articles on the subject of positivity, I feel that things can get very wishy-washy very quickly. All too often, it can end up on the New Age side of things, with some smug, self-styled wannabe guru spewing out lazy, dismissive, pseudo advice, which has neither substance nor practical Real Life applicability. Alternatively, you can find yourself confronted with yet another well meaning but painfully oversimplistic, cliched “look in the mirror and say ‘I love you!'” type peptalk that makes you want to throw  things  or up or both. Either way, such “advice” can leave you feeling pretty far from positive. And that’s a bit shit.

These two videos that I’m posting below are absolutely NOT like that at all, which is why I’m suggesting them to anybody with a spare half-hour or so who might be feeling the need for something that warms the heart instead of the gallbladder. These vids are not only refreshingly free of bullshit, they also feature really inspiring, unpretentious human beings who genuinely love what they do.

The first video is a Ted Talk by Barbara Sher. I watched this a week or so ago, and it really inspired me. Barbara Sher is a delight, and if I saw her in the street I’d probably run up and hug her (after asking permission and apologising for my forwardness, of course!). Her talk gave me a laugh, food for thought, and hope (especially regarding human kindness and generosity). All things I’m most definitely up for any time.

We need more of this stuff.  We need to hear more stories about people helping one another. It happens! Good things happen all the time, but we rarely get to hear about them. Yes, bad things happen too, but if that’s ALL we ever hear about, ( I’m looking at YOU, mainstream media..) then we forget about the human potential for kindness, compassion, and empathy. As a result, instead of looking out for one another, we close off and embrace the old “dog-eat-dog” competition mentality, which is, in my opinion, destructive, unproductive, and severely outdated.

The second video is something I watched just this evening. It’s by the infinitely loveable Martin Molin, who I’ve mentioned on here before. I’m not just posting it because Martin radiates goodness so intensely that I get the same feeling watching him that I would if  I got to cuddle baby sea otters all day, then went home afterwards only to discover that my cat could suddenly play scrabble. I’m also posting it for the fact that the Wintergatan fan community seem like a big bunch of sweethearts who get really excited about creativity and problem solving, then network to find solutions in a harmonious, non-competitive way.  There are several WW videos I’ve seen now which demonstrate this networking, and it’s really lovely to see such cooperation and shared excitement. It’s also just really nice to hear MM’s views on creativity, connection, and mainstream media, which resonate so strongly with my own sentiments- and clearly, the sentiments of many others out there.

Although Barbara’s video demonstrates connection in a different way to Martin’s, both share the same idea of banding together to create solutions in a creative, positive, unselfish way, and also suggest what might be achieved if such practices are applied on a larger scale.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough now.  The videos get their points across much better than I can! If you do get a little bit of time, give them a looky. If they gave me some hopeful feels, maybe they will do so for you too.

Lotsa love xx


8 thoughts on “2 very positive, decidedly bullshit-free videos which demonstrate the importance of connection and creativity.

    • Aww, well that’s nice to hear 🙂
      Yeah, although on the surface i can understand the appeal of things with a magical edge, too often that stuff is based on a denial of physical reality, and a denial of any emotion that isn’t blissful. That sort of mentality is unhealthy, because it’s neither realistic nor sustainable, and i find those who immerse themselves in it are insufferably devoid of empathy as a result; labelling anyone with the audacity to freely express a full spectrum of human emotion as a “negative thinker”, or “ego based” ( irony!).In the pursuit of bliss at the expense of authenticity they become like the human version of an easter egg: all shiny and bright on the outside, but hollow inside. Sparkle and sugar without the substance. It’s sad, but i’ve met many people like this :/

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  1. Oh my gosh, she’s incredible, isn’t she!? What a captivating talk, and it makes SO MUCH SENSE. And the second video is wonderful too – like news itself, I think we often look upon the internet itself with an angle of misery, but this is a great example of what it can do. Radiating goodness indeed – what an uplifting post. Thank you!!

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    • Yeah, Barbara is a cool lady! Her talk is really inspiring. Made me wanna start up one of those groups myself! It does indeed make SO much sense. I mean, we’ve probably all experienced that sort of thing on a micro level; you know, like when a friend mentions that there’s something they need, and you’re like “oh, actually, i’ve got one of those at home that i never use, i’ll bring it for you”. That sorta thing. Because it’s so true what she says; we’re all the centre of huge amounts of info that we seldom think about until someone else mentions or asks about something that reminds us. It certainly makes you consider just what might be achieved if we all worked together more often!

      Martin just seems like such a sweet human being. It’s always lovely to see the amount of respect he shows his fans and admirers; there’s no Rock Star bullshit happening AT ALL. Everyone’s on the same level. Very refreshing! And you’re right; we often view The Internet in a bit of a negative light, but it can facilitate connection so well. That’s always gotta be a good thing! It’s a good reminder for me too, because i do whine a lot about not having found people in this town yet that i can have interesting conversations with about subjects that excite me, but i have great discussions online all the time! Behind the typing on the screen are REAL people. People we can collaborate with and create with. There’s a lot of potential for all sorts of great things to happen there.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the vids, anyway. I found them really inspiring and uplifting when i saw them, so figured i should share the love around. It’s nice to feel a bit of hope. Cool things can happen!

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      • Yeah, it was just so refreshing and heartening to hear somebody give a reasoned, realistic insight on the subject with no trotting out the usual infuriating platitiudes.

        Definitely. We all have so much potential.

        Yes, from what I’ve seen, Martin seems lovely. And a really exciting creator. It’s great to see so many alike banding around him.

        I felt really uplifted and hopeful too after catching these 🙂 big thanks again for sharing!

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      • Absolutely. I loved the practicality and the distinct lack of cliches. What strikes me too is the realisation of the inherent good in people. Overall, i think we WANT to be nice; want to be friendly and helpful and do good things. But the way it’s been so long in mainstream culture has forced everyone to be super competitive; to look out for ourselves rather than each other. I mean, everything’s a damn competition. Even a lot of “entertainment” on TV- is competition based. A small amount of *friendly* competition might be fun now and again, but i think it’s overkill now. It’s destructive and detrimental to the future of our planet and human beings as a race to keep battling against each other. Both these vids showed just how eager people are to help one another when they get the chance. It’s really nice, and gives me hope 🙂

        He definitely seems like a gentle soul. I have heart eyes every time I watch his vids ^_^ I love how much mutual love and support there is between him and the fans. so refreshing. Yeah, total creative genius. It’s inspiring- and motivating; makes me wanna lift my creativity game!

        Aww, no worries, I’m so glad it had that effect on somebody 🙂

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      • Yes, some of those instances she mentioned seemed incredible. It says much that they were such a surprise to me, but as you say, it does offer hope. It certainly does us good to help each other out when we can. It’s the nicest feeling, and sure beats hurting people for any reason you can think of.

        Yeah, he is energetic like that, isn’t he! Perhaps he’d be ideal Clapperboard Person material – though, I’m sure he has better things to be doing with his time, like playing with those marbles!

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      • Yeah, it definitely is an eye opener, and makes you think just how much more pleasant life can be if we all make that effort to simply connect more often.

        Haha, totally! I think just witnessing all the extraordinary things he creates acts as a clapper board for me! And his enthusiasm is incredibly motivating ( on my good days, anyway. Sometimes it makes me sad, because i compare myself and feel like i’m crap at everything!). But it does make me want to fulfull my creative potential.

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