A quick black-out poem I did last night whilst unable to sleep ( again).  The source text was taken from a book about omens and superstitions.


6 thoughts on “Hex

      • 🙂

        I was thinking about this the other day too – black/white out …. but couldn’t find anything to strike my mojo 🙂

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      • Aww, well i hope that will happen soon! I can highly recommend cutting up some magazine article ( or a photocopy of a page from a book) and randomly rearranging the words . I’ve been doing a bit of that again, and it’s kinda getting the imagination going again, i think.

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      • maybe later 😉 LOL – well, we find the little snippets here and there and run with it …. it’s good to just let the mind wander and not worry about “end results” …. glad that it’s helping you 🙂

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      • Hopefully the inspiration will return to you soon. I agree; it’s nice sometimes just to experiment without any expectations. I find that this is when the good things happen! More often than when i actively try!

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