But then I might…


Another quick insomnia fuelled not-looking-at-page drawing. Can you guess who it is? (  and no, it’s not me, even though we appear to be hair twins. The title is a small clue. As is the fact that his name is in the tags ).

I feel the need to again add the disclaimer that only the initial biro sketch is done without looking at the page. When it comes time to add colour, I’m eyeballing like nobody’s business.

*biro, watercolour pencils, watercolour paper*


14 thoughts on “But then I might…

  1. Haha, I made the mistake of looking at the tags before the guessing game – whoopsadoodle! But I’m ever amazed by ‘blind’ drawings, as my attempts look totally incoherent and just scribble. There is so much character and expression in that face, even if you look beyond the colour. (Loving the hair too!)

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    • Haha, yeah i’m pretty awesome at keeping the suspense going like that 😉

      I bet you’d do great at one! I like them because the whole point is that they don’t have to really look like anything. They’re just a nice game of chance. They’re keeping me going while my actual creative ideas are still on holiday. Would love to do a regular “Don’t look” drawing thang, and get other bloggers involved. I’d love to see other people’s experiments. But there’s not enough interest in my blog at present for that sort of thing to be worth putting out there. Maybe someday, though. I think it’d be fun. It’s a nice “no pressure” kinda activity, too, so even people who were not particularly confident in their artistic abilities would be able to participate.

      Thankyou! Although it’d be hard not get *some* character into something when you’re staring at a face as character filled as Syd’s!

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