Musings of a Serial Dabbler


mini half-head is tired and full of regret


such useful: every home needs a shrunken half-head

If you’re confused as to what you’re looking at, that’s entirely understandable.  Be confused no more as I explain presently:

A few years ago, I thought that I wanted to make lovely, strange, stop-motion animations, using resin and silicone puppets and detailed sets a la Tim Burton. So I began researching how to make silicone molds and casts so that I could begin making my characters and creatures. It got off to a good start; it was challenging but fun, and I had a bazillion plans bouncing around my head like ping pong balls. Alas, the materials were SO expensive, and the “trial and error” thing too weighted on the “error’ side of things for me to be able to afford to keep going without compromising my ability to pay rent and eat. I had to postpone my animator plan…..and unfortunately ( but not surprisingly, considering my history) never went back to it.

The half face that you see above is a silicone cast of a pointless little sculpture I made using modelling clay. It was my first experiment with trying to get some sort of fleshy colour, but I didn’t mix the pigments very well, (as you can see by the little white “scars” he has there) and the mouth colour is very messy. But I wasn’t too displeased with it as a first attempt, and it was a fun learning experience.

So, ok.  But why am I showing you this? Initially, because I noticed this half-faced fella in my craft room the other day ( I could never bring myself to throw him out), and finally got an idea of how to use him in a creative project. I won’t ramble on about said idea. I’ll get to the second reason instead:

I’m a Serial Dabbler. I don’t “specialise” in anything. I’m interested in many things ( too many things, it could be said), and, as a result have dipped my toes into many subjects. This results in a person who can do many things passably, but not one single thing brilliantly. This has been, and at times, still is, a source of extreme frustration to me. I’d LOVE to have a solid direction in life; something to concentrate ALL my creativity and energy into. But realistically, I’m never going to just suddenly stop being fascinated with all the things I’m fascinated with. That’s not gonna happen. Furthermore, if I’m honest, I really have zero desire to limit myself to one mode of self expression. There’s no way that would suffice. But this leaves me in an uncomfortable no-man’s-land, in which I feel as though I’m going nowhere fast.

I’m well aware that I’m not the only one with this dilemma. There are many of us “Serial Dabblers” ( or “Scanners”; “Experimenters”; “People Who Can’t Make Up Their Damn Minds”- whatever you want to call it) out there. We probably all face similar frustrations and confusion. I haven’t found an effective way to deal with this dilemma, so I don’t have any suggestions to offer those who also fall into this Serial Dabbler category. And, whilst what works for one person won’t always work for others, if you’re one of the fortunate people who have figured out a way of managing a herd of crazed interests, please feel free to comment regarding what’s  worked for you. I’m open to handy hints!

In the meantime, I figure all I can do is try to accept that this just happens to be the way my brain operates. And really, is it all bad? It sure makes life interesting. You learn a lot. It expands your mind; gives you an insight into- and an appreciation of-  things that were once a mystery. Sometimes you’ll meet someone in X occupation, and be able to have a great discussion about it with them because you researched that very subject years ago ( just before you realised you needed to research Y, instead ). That’s kinda nice. Or, maybe, while out window shopping, you’ll see a jacket you like but can’t afford, but because you dabbled in fashion design years ago, you’re able to go home and make a similar jacket for yourself, for a quarter of the price. Or just be able to fix something yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. Maybe the insomnia inspired trawlings of “Instructables” or “Make” Magazine will lead to new knowledge regarding a project you were stuck on, ( which you will still not complete, because now you’ve discovered what you really need to do is build a guitar, make some shoes, create a cake that  looks like James Baxter from “Adventure Time”, and learn electronics). Or maybe, instead of finishing your own project, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learnt along the way to help someone else finish theirs instead. Maybe you’ll end up finishing all your projects….just.. after about 20 years or so.

If there’s something I’ve noticed in life, it’s that some things that make  very little sense at one time, somehow manage to make perfect sense later down the track. Maybe the whole “I can’t pick one thing to focus on” dealy will be one of those things. Or maybe it won’t. I don’t know. Maybe instead of seeing incomplete paths as Dead Ends, I’ll be able to see them as scenic stopovers on my journey to who-knows-where as we hurtle through space in pointless circles on our little Earth ship. And when I zoom out and look at things that way, it probably doesn’t matter as much as I think it does.


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  1. Maybe instead of seeing incomplete paths as Dead Ends, I’ll be able to see them as scenic stopovers on my journey to who-knows-where as we hurtle through space in pointless circles on our little Earth ship. And when I zoom out and look at things that way, it probably doesn’t matter as much as I think it does.

    That sums it up!

    I’m a Serial Scrabbler too …. always have been – and I completely understand the deep rooted desire to “settle” down to one thing – I’ve done that, too – but then had to stop …. either way, I’ll take curious, inquisitive, and learning new things over brain-dead and mindfucked, or mind fucked any time.

    I’m beginning to appreciate this unique quality of myself more and more – and when someone yells at me “you have commitment issues” – I tell them to take a flying hike. If it works for me, then I don’t care.

    So – hey, let’s enjoy the journey and just learn, play and go about it! In the end, I think it’s the little moments, the small things, that are going to be the ones that add up –

    As for your half face? LOL – totally odd and odd ball, almost creepy – but for a first effort??? Totally mind blowing.

    You rock!


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    • Hey! Is that you from ye olde alley o’ black cats? Yay! Glad you’re still around 🙂 (“The Dandelion Contessa” is an awesome name, btw. Love it.)

      It’s so comforting to know there are people who understand this! I can’t say i don’t have frequent freakouts about my lack of singlemindedness, but that whole ‘zoom out and see the big picture’ thing really does help get things in perspective. I’m prety sure that i won’t be lying there on my deathbed thinking “oh, i wish i had’ve only done one thing in life”.

      I reckon it’s more social pressure than anything, eh. If people weren’t expected to be so linear, maybe it wouldn’t be a problem. ( oh shit yeah- that old “you have commitment issues” accusation. Ugh. What an oversimplification. I’ve managed to commit to raising a human being ffs! Interests and life direction are a little more complicated, especially given that we’re constantly changing, growing, and evolving as people. I guess some people don’t change that much, and find it difficult to relate. Some will live in the same town their whole lives; marry someone they’ve known since kindergarten, and work the same job their dad had, and his dad’s dad had etc etc. They don’t understand the concept of curiosity at all. Each to their own, thanks! ). I also think if more people minded their own beeswax and tended to their own gardens before pointing out my “weeds” i’d be happier. ( And isn’t it funny and ironic? They’re more than able to be curious as fuck about people’s private lives, and often, to even engage in malicious gossip, but when it comes to being curious about anything that might lead to personal growth, or something positive like that, they recoil. Good for you for telling such people where to go!)

      I think ( well, i KNOW) that some of it is just my ego, too. I really do like the idea of being “A Success”. I guess i’d finally feel accepted somewhere, y’know? And it’s not even that i’d wish to be famous and rich…just *acknowledged*, instead of invisible. It’s probably stupid, and maybe if there was more moral support in my life; a handful of trusted friends; family who i could actually talk to, then it wouldn’t be as much of an issue. But the older i get, the more and more i’m realising that the only person that’s ever gonna be there with me through thick and thin is myself. So i’d best try to be a bit nicer to that self! It’s hard though sometimes to get through it all alone.

      Yes, i’m going to try to do just that. And you’re right; it IS those little things that you remember.

      Haha, it is totally creepy 😀 You should see it side-on. Kinda looks like a toilet. Just lovely! ( I thought about exploiting that and actually making him look like a toilet, with a lid and everything. I’d call; it “shithead”. But i can’t bring myself to do it! I feel he’s a decent dude. I need to give him a name.) Cheers for such a lovely compliment; i watched a bazillion vids on how to sculpt “realistic” faces from clay, so hopefully some of it sunk in!

      Aww thankyou! So do you! ^_^

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      • Yup – it’s me 🙂

        Thanks – I like the name Dandelion Contessa too – came to me in a flash of inspiration …. and since I’m banging on about dandelions most of the time, I thought, why not?

        I can relate to so much of what you’ve said in your comment, except for the bit about having a child.

        It can be tough to walk through the world when you feel alot different than most people, and yeah, all the projected garbage that gets hurled AT you, is less than lovely. It does add to the desire to either want to a) go postal (not recommended of course, other than in some weird fantasy mind trip) b) retreat even further because it’s too exhausting and a complete waste of energy trying to allow for a broader perspective in someone else’s narrow mindedness c) just scream like a lunatic so that people really have something to gossip about.
        But as you say, to each their own – and I think what’s really important is just knowing and understanding that there ARE others out here who do get it, and know what you mean and feel – so you’re not alone and are in fact, in great company 😉

        And yup, it would be wonderful to have a “real time” as in day to day, walk out the door and I see you kind of interaction with people who do get it – but I’m guessing that will eventually come about, for you – and I hope, for me too – but yeah, at the end of the day, we’re pretty much responsible for and with ourselves, so that’s something to get used to too. It’s not always fun, but slowly, it does get a bit more comfy 🙂

        Yeah, you totally should name your dude – he’s really great – seriously, and I’d go way beyond “decent” for a first attempt – seriously!

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      • It was that mention of dandelions in the title that initially made me suspect that it *might* be you, but i wasn’t sure. I can get things pretty wrong sometimes! ( well, often..) Lemme know if you get a new blogski going 🙂

        Yeah, definitely, knowing that there ARE others out there who share similar experiences does help to ease the frustration. I think it’s the one reason why i haven’t deleted this blog yet; bloggyland is a source of evidence of such people existing! It’s a stark contrast to my everyday world, which, whilst physically beautiful ( up in the mountains; lakes, trees, walks through the forest..) is too populated with super conventional types. They’re lovely and friendly, but not too imaginative. I can’t communicate my ideas to them. The local “Arts Society” is almost exclusively landscape artists, and the writing workshops are purely focused on writing memoirs…..sigh. I’m SO BORED of being that person nobody can relate to. I have ideas, but nowhere to implement them. I so badly wanna start a surrealist writing group, for example, but i feel there’d only be one member: me. Guess i should try it first though 😉 Maybe i’ll be surprised?

        Anyway, yes, it does at least seem get slightly more comfortable as the years go on. I’ve always loved my space and solitude. I guess it’d just be nice to have a meaningful and interesting face to face conversation once in a while. Maybe it’ll happen someday. I’m trying to have some hope.

        I’ve been trying to think of a good name for him! Nothing seems to fit. For some reason “Dexter” keeps popping into my mind, but that name has too many negative connotations to me. Maybe i should patiently wait for him to reveal his name to me in his own time 😉

        Naww, thanks so much! I wish the materials weren’t so pricey; it was so much fun learning about those mediums.Anyhoo.The fact that he’s just a half head seems apt considering this post is about not being able to stick with things!

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      • LOL@the half a head and not sticking with things – but in a good way.

        I can totally understand how you feel – it would be good to have face-to-face in real time with, at the very least, people close enough to the same frequency /and or wavelength …. so I guess, as you’ve said, at least there is the blogosphere, where at some point, like minded individuals can trip upon each other … 🙂

        Surrealist writing group? That sounds totally cool – and yeah, you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised by what the response might be.

        I’m not blogging at the moment, too wiped out by too much garbage to even really care, and I keep my in-house fighting between the damn this is cool and exciting to what’s the point? to myself, so it makes for odd company, and the truth is, I’m kind of bored with all of this, and myself …. so it sucks 😦 But at least I have the blog reading to keep me engaged for now, so that’s a good thing.

        LOL@getting things wrong – because I have that problem too, sometimes 😉 s’okay, we’re all human, and sometimes there’s just too much information stored on the hard drives 😉

        hope you have a wonderful rest of the week 🙂

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      • Yeah, i’m very grateful for the internet in that way! 🙂
        Thankyou, I would like to try it! I know there’s gotta be some imaginations out there….the mountains are full of creative people, but they don’t like to come out of their hiding places!

        That’s fair enough. I understand that feeling. We sound quite similar there! It’s nice to have a break to clear one’s head a bit, i think. Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries for a while. As Petra pointed out ( oops- but in a different post, i just realised), that *blank* feeling is probably just part of the creative process.It’s the batteries telling us that they’re running low! It makes me feel a tad better about it all if that’s the case. I do hope you’re feeling a bit re-energised again soon, though. Sending healy sparkly mountain vibes your way! ^_^

        Too true! I feel my “hard drive” deletes things of its own accord, sometimes!

        Thanks heaps; and you too! 🙂

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      • 🙂

        I had a friend once, who said, creating, and specifically, we were talking about writing, but it could apply to any creative endeavour, or life really, but – when you’re an artist, you’re constantly absorbing and then dipping into your well, to create, collage, assimilate, construct – and we keep dipping and drawing from the well – and unless we find the balance between resting and replenishing the well, with new experiences, encounters etc. etc. then, continuously drawing, without rest and the well will run dry.

        That’s when I think we “blank” out – for all kinds of reasons.
        At least, in my way of thinking, partly …. sometimes in my own case, it’s also “overload” – and then, I just can’t sort through anything – and I get hopelessly lost.

        Thanks for the good healy sparkly mountain vibes – I too live in the mountains and it’s spring here, slow to arrive, but if I could shake off the brackish winter coat, I might feel a bit better.

        So have a wonderful close enough to the weekend 🙂

        And I hope you feel good too 🙂

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      • It makes sense! We’re humans, not machines after all. We need some balance. Hard to achieve sometimes, of course, though!

        Yep, i can relate to the “overload” thing, too. Things can get overwhelming, and then it feels like the system kinda “shorts out”. I hope you’re feeling much better ASAP.

        Mountains are a pretty nice place to be when you need some rechargin’! And spring on the way is always a lovely thing 🙂 It’s rather wintery here all of a sudden; it was only 10 degrees celcius in my house thismorning -which is nothing for a Canadian, but rather freezy in Aussie terms! I spoke to someone who works not far from here, and he said it was 2 degrees outside when he got to work in the morning. It’s still autumn here ( feels like it’s only just started) , so i’m feeling nervous about winter. It can actually snow in this area. But that colder mountain air is something i find energising and refreshing after breathing in city smog for 5 years! I know what i’d prefer. There’s something magical about mountain air 🙂

        Thankyou, i will! And right backatcha! 🙂

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      • brrr ….10C is still on the cool and shivery side, in my books! But it can be refreshing after a very long and hot summer …. still, abrupt changes aren’t necessarily as easy on the system. Hopefully you’ll transition into a lovely extended and pleasant autumn.

        I can’t stand the city anymore – just the thought makes me feel nauseated. But, when I was younger, it was more than what I loved.

        I’m sure this “blech” phase will pass 😉

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      • Yeah, it’s a shock to the system, but still preferable to temperatures in the late 30’s and early 40;s! Ooh, i hope so. I feel a bit ripped off so far, as Autumn is my fave season, but i feel like it lasted 4 days. Oh well. Still nice.

        Me neither! It’s kinda frustrating, as on one hand, you have all this culture; the museums; the art; music. But i can’t handle the smog, crowds, and chaos any more. I never had any athsma problems in my life until i moved to Melbourne. 8 years was enough. It’s a lovely, interesting place, and i think the most friendly and laid back city in Aus, but the air and noise is bad for my health and wellbeing. I need a certain amount of solitude and privacy in order to stay sane(ish).

        Well hopefully sooner rather than later. Sending a big hug through the ether ❤ Hopefully spring will spring properly, and put some *spring* back in your step 😉

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  2. That’s SO good, though! I can’t get over how real those lips look. It’s a shame he never got his features, but in his way he’s more curious without them. So cool!

    You put up with me pretty brilliantly, to begin with 😉 but I can see where you’re coming from. I used to dabble a fair bit, but now to be honest I don’t know what on earth I’m doing. But I think you nailed it in your last paragraph. 🙂 I admire/envy people who can turn their hand to so many different things, especially when they come out with stuff like this on their first go!

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    • Aww, fanx, you! Yeah, i initially wanted to create the whole face/head, but realised i didn’t have enough silicone to make such a thing, unless i made it much smaller, which i wasn’t keen on doing, because i wanted to get as much detail as possible in, and i figured a bigger scale would allow this more easily. The result is..weird, but hopefully interesting because of it!

      Well i do that because i enjoy these interactions- nothing to “put up with” at all!

      I’m realising how differently our perceptions of ourselves are to those of outside observers right now, as to me, you appear quite focused and consistent! You draw consistently, and even the themes of the illustrations are consistent ( with a nice amount of variety at the same time, though) ! But i do understand all too well that it has to FEEL that way to you.

      Yeah, that “zoom out” thing is a little mental exercise i do sometimes ( quite often, lately), which helps me to keep things in perspective ( for 5 minutes, anyway 😉 ).

      Well fanx 🙂 I have done a few things where i’m actually pleased with the results, and think “maybe i can DO this?!”…like, maybe i have some potential in such-and-such a subject. It’s a nice feeling when it happens, but at the same time it makes me more frustrated with myself for never having fulfilled any of that potential, y’know? Then, inevitably something else comes along, and that’s that. It’s like once the mystery has been taken out of a subject, my brain’s like: “ok, cool. What’s next?”. The longest thing i stuck with was guitar. That was a good 13 years or so. I’m kinda ok with that chapter being over, because it was an actual substantial one. But since i became a mum, i haven’t been able to settle on any one thing. I guess i don’t have those big chunks of time to myself now in which to really FOCUS. So that’s probably part of it. No less frustrating to know this, of course, but at least it makes a bit of sense.

      Anyhoos, i KNOW there are plenty of fellow restlessbrains about. It’s a comfort 🙂

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      • It’s a great curio as is!

        Well, I’m glad it comes across that way, I guess! It’s certainly a comfort and fun, but there are times when, despite that, it can feel more of duty. It does rather negate the positive effects, at least on a short-term basis. But I often feel better about it when I’m rested and revisit.

        Thirteen years is a good run with anything 🙂 My father has been ‘playing’ guitar for about twenty-five years and still can’t play Whole Lotta Love; you have to admire the perseverance! I think one of my biggest problems is – and it comes back to what we’ve spoken about elsewhere – that I expect brilliance (or at least my perception of brilliance) immediately, then become dejected when that, obviously, almost never happens. Fear of failure. I struggle with the whole patience/practise element, unless I’m really into it.

        Ah, yes, motherhood is likely a big reason (and one I can’t point to! 😛 ) Still though, I hope you can find your way back to this model-making one day, though, ’cause I’m still captivated by that sculpt!

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      • Well, cheers 🙂
        It *can* feel like a duty sometimes…that pressure to keep coming up with the goods. Like anything, i suppose. When i was making and selling fashiony things i began resenting it a bit. In that way, turning a passion- or planning to turn a passion- into a business or livelihood can be a double edged sword…on one hand, you get to do what you love for a living, but on the other hand, you then HAVE to, regardless of whether or not you’re *feeling it*. Can kinda take the joy out of the process…. but you’re right; if you take some time out and get a bit of a rest, you can come back to everything with a fresh perspective and clear head.

        yeah, it was a huge part of my life for a while. I never *really* enjoyed the performing aspect…but it’s kinda ok if you’re not *The Star*, and can fade into the background a bit!
        Hehe. Sounds like my old man too! He just plays his same set of old folksy strummy things over and over again….i guess it makes him happy! Maybe your dad feels the magic will be killed if he ever properly cracks that tune? 😉 But seriously, yes 25 years is dedication!

        Oh, i understand that. I too am easily discouraged….being REALLY into the thing you’re learning is the key, i think. People talk about talent sometimes as though it’s this entity unto itself, and which only visits a blessed few, but it’s just not true. Anyone can be “talented” at anything if they’re: A) fascinated enough in the subject, and B) patient and focused enough to invest a huge amount of time and energy into learning and practicing. If those 2 elements come together, then becoming good at the chosen subject is only a matter of time! If anything, the *being interested* part is most crucial, as it’s a bazillion times easier to invest time and effort into something you find super fascinating! It’s always funny when you meet people who aren’t artistic, and they say “oh, i wish i could draw, but i just don’t have the talent..”. If they REALLY wanted to draw, they would. The fact that they don’t demonstrates that they’re probably just not interested enough in it. Like, i’m no good at maths ( apart from geometry, but that’s only because of the pretty shapes 😛 ), but it also doesn’t interest me a hell of a lot, so i’ll never be willing to invest too much time into getting better at it…which means i’ll probably always be crap at it!
        I’m even tempted to think that “talent” is a myth altogether. We should probably remind ourselves of this, too, every time we tell ourselves we wouldn’t be any good at such-n-such 😉

        Well, it doesn’t seem to hinder some people. We all have our reasons, i suppose. I think it’s ok to like variety. No excuse needed 🙂
        Thankyou! Maybe someday i will….

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      • Oh yeah, turning hobbies into professions definitely tests your passion. It becomes an entirely different beast when you have to do it all hours, and for other people. Even the progression from college to uni warped my relationship with graphics a little bit.

        Ha – maybe you can be in Weirdly Warped Triangle! 😉 I was up front, it appeared, so it’d be me taking all the flak 😉

        That might be it! 😛 In light of this and our recent research, perhaps you could try some Led Zep/Pink Floyd on your keyboard? 😉

        Spot on; it takes interest to feed ability, and vice versa, to an extent. When they come together – magic! I always think it’s a bit of a shame when people do say that about drawing, though, ’cause they really CAN draw! But yes, I expect those people are in the same boat as me in that they’ve briefly tried, expecting a masterpiece, and sadly not connected with the process or the expression/release aspect.

        Here’s hoping!

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      • yeah, it can be a good way to kill he interest in something…unless you’re one of those people who never feels pressure…(if there IS such a person!)I think a business brain and an artistic brain don’t go together too well. Generally one or the other is slightly compromised, i suspect…

        Sounds cool! I can be the shady guitarist. So shady that she hides behind the drummer!

        Ha! I didn’t think of that! I so should try it. I haven’t practiced today, which is naughty. But we were out late, as i had to buy le kidly some new winter clothes. And myself a game of boggle 😀 I’m looking forward to having a game against myself tomorrow night! ( like, i’m not even joking. I’m genuinely excited)

        Yes, i think sometimes if people can perservere, they’ll discover that they DO have the ability. I’m being a hypocrite, as i give up very easily sometimes. But patience is important! ( *note to self*), as is setting realistic expectations in regard to progress ( again, *note to self*). I wonder if the real “talent” at play in “talented” people *is* that patience and perserverance…? Who knows. But it’s kinda nice to feel that we might have more potential than we realise 🙂

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      • I’d agree. Admiration and the usual envy for those who can apparently juggle both!

        You should try, and give us a performance! 😉 I’m quite jealous, really; I wish I had a keyboard. I have a program on here that basically lets you use the computer keyboard, but it’s hardly the same. Further, I like the idea of the keyboard specifically ’cause it’d involve getting away away from the accursed computer!

        Boggle!!! ❤ Oh my, I got a little overexcited there. Such love for Boggle. I haven't played it in donkey's years – I used to love it, and Upwords! On wordy games, if you ever fancy playing/winning Lexulous – basically Scrabble, as far as I can see – perhaps we could have a game!

        Maybe there's a way we could play Boggle online? 😉 I used to have the app on my iPod; it ate so much of my should-be-studying time!

        I think there's a lot of truth in that – patience, along with – grr – that bloody confidence thing. Those people probably don't even have to be the most skilled if they can exude such convincing power!

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      • Totally. I’m about as business minded as an apple tree… oh well!

        Haha, i’m too crap yet! I’m slowly improving though, i think. It’s feeling less awkward than it did last week 🙂
        Oh, this one of mine is very old! I’ve barely used it, but never could bring myself to throw it away! I’m really glad i kept it, now. Maybe you could find an affordable 2ndhand one? I’d love a beautiful piano…but alas, such things are out of my price range! Someday, though 😉 Totally check out some 2ndhand gear, though! You never know what you might find 🙂

        Yeah, after i’d bought my daughter her clothes, i walked past a toy shop, and couldn’t resist going in…i’m a bit naughty for splurging like that, but it’s worth it! Wordy games are the best! I LOVE scrabble, but my kid is only JUST starting to like it, and when she does play she mostly uses 4 letter words…because, y’know, she’s a kid. I do miss having an adult scrabble companion! But boggle is something i can play solo 😉

        Cool! Yeah, for sure- let’s do a weekend online scrabble battle sometime! You’ll probably kick my arse, but it’d still be fun to play 😀

        Patience is a big thing! And yes, our nemesis: confidence. Thing is, in my hyper times, i feel supremely confident, but then lack the focus and patience. Then when i’m feeling patient and focused, the confidence is lacking. I’m not sure how people get them all to line up! I guess such things must just be part of their personality…

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      • Haha. Well, I bet the apple tree would always come up with a fruitful business plan 😉

        Great stuff. And that’s a good idea re the second handedness! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

        Ah, many people have made that mistake before – thinking I’m going to be any good at Scrabble, I mean! I loved it as a kid but was so, SO poor, and still am as my dabbles in Lexulous have confirmed. But we’ll definitely have to have a go, though. Anytime!

        Oh no, that’s just cruel! It would seem so; some people are just naturally bubbly and more comfortable than ourselves. But I have to hope that we can change that, without selling our souls!

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      • haha, 10 points to you for that quip 😉
        Yeah, you can get some bargains 2ndhand. You should go search around!
        Yay! Scrabble is funzies. We’ll play sometime, i guarantee it! I had friends who would do “made up word scrabble”, which sounds confusing. But the rule was that they could only get away with the word if they were able to explain it to everyone’s satisfaction/ amusement.

        Aww, I think there’s hope;) There’s probably always going to be a certain amount of luck involved re: natural qualities and those which we need to hone. We just need to not give up! ( easier said than done, i know. I’m pep-talking myself as much as you here!)

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      • Haha, sorry. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Don’t know how that’s in any way relevant, I just said it ’cause of apple trees. 😉

        Ooh, I’ve heard of that game somewhere before – it sounds quite fun, and probably more challenging than the vanilla game! 😛

        Hear hear – and pay attention to that Barbara woman. 😛 We shan’t give up!

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      • Haha. I can’t think of any apple related puns to add. I know i will as soon as i’ve logged out, though.

        I think it’d be fun to compile a dictionary of made up scrabble words. You could add to ot every time you played 🙂 I’d so do that.

        Yes, we should definitely remember her message! People do tend to harp on about *attitude* all the damn time, and, whilst i’m sure it makes a difference, i sure as hell have met plenty of very negative people who still succees in what they do, and as many positive people who haven’t had any luck. I really love her refreshingly realistic approach to things!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I could help, but I wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart 😉

        Oh, absolutely – it’s a relief to hear that we can still be grumps and make it. 😉 I can’t think of anything more painful than all that “I can do it!” smiley sunshine stuff she mentioned.

        Liked by 1 person

      • D’oh! How the bloody hell did i miss that one! 10 more points to you, sir. You definitely won the apple quip round. I’ll have to lift my game from now on!

        I reckon! Forced positivity is crap. It’s healthy and natural to not be farting glitter and spewing rainbows 24/7. Gotta be real!

        Liked by 1 person

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