T.I.P.P.P. ( Things I Phind Phunny on Phriday) #2

Yay! I’m doing something twice! Surely this counts as me being consistent? Maybe there is hope for me.

I’d like to share two completely unrelated yet equally funny-bone tickling things this evening. The first thing is a hilarious response to the feelgood ( yet kinda overdone)  “most satisfying video” trend. Behold The Most Unsatisfying Video In the World Ever Made:

I watched this with my 9 yr old this evening, and we were both in tears of laughter and frustration.

The second thing is something I’ve posted numerous times over various online incarnations. Because it just never gets old. It is the Guitar Lesson from ‘Snuff Box’. Whilst personally, I’ll always be more of a ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’ kinda gal, Snuff Box had plenty of golden moments, and this one never fails to crack me up:


I can’t get enough of the ridonkulous editing that these guys love to employ as a comedic device ( see Darkplace and ‘AD/BC: A Rock Opera’ 😉 )

Hope you got a giggle!

Much love xx


2 thoughts on “T.I.P.P.P. ( Things I Phind Phunny on Phriday) #2

    • Hehe, card shuffling has always been a difficulty for me, too. It was painful to watch the cards being placed back in the deck the wrong way around, though. I’d never do that!
      For some reason i lost it at the tomato. I’m not sure why i found it so funny, but i did. I don’t think i realised how much i love sight gags until i watched this. I’m thinking over all the shows and skits that make me laugh, and a big chunk of them are not language based. I guess that’s why anything involving, say, Richard Ayoade is generally so good; he’s capable of being physically funny as well as witty as fuck. Double the funny! Rowan Atkinson falls into this camp too.


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