Growth (W.O.W.7)




(click on the empty space  space to understand)


14 thoughts on “Growth (W.O.W.7)

  1. Oi! LOL – did you forget to ping or live link??? LOL – it’s okay if you did, good thing I follow you 😉

    And if you didn’t feel like sharing on the prompt, that’s okay too – really.

    But this is great – love how you’ve placed this and the drawing and everything – it really is cool 🙂 And I like the “oddness” of the juxtaposition and how “weird” phrases come together and undone when we play with the Whiteout. I just wish I was a “creatively talented” in seeing some of the things everyone playing does …. but it’s all good – inspiring – each as unique as everyone involved – so totally cool!

    And I agree with Inkbiotic about the whole phrase thing and her thoughts on how words are always there – as Picasso said, great artists steal. And nothing new under the sun or moon is really “out there” …. so it’s about putting and pulling it all together with our own spice – so – yay – play on 🙂

    Thanks for playing the WOW again 🙂

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    • Aww, damn- did my linkage not work? I’ll try it again. Sorry! I’ll do both pingage and comment with link next time to be on the safe side!

      Naww, cheers 🙂 Oh, you ARE creatively talented! We all just see things through our own unique lenses. Doubtless there are things you see which others don’t. That’s why creativity is great; we can serve others a little slice of our personal language cake, and the ones that say “yum!” are the ones we know we can invite around to tea again! ( or something) 😉

      No worries- will do! Hopefully will have better luck with zee linkage next time!

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      • don’t worry too much about the linking …. sometimes the WP gremlins get weird …. so it’s all good …..

        and you’re right, I like you’re analogy about cake and slices etc. I guess it’s like many things, at least for me – I see what others can do and think – “why not me?” – and get stuck in mourning my “insufficiencies” – when really, I’m just not seeing that my creativity is mine and has its own right and value, at least in my part of the journey. Such as it is, such as it is …. but the best part really, is just enjoying what happens when people play along and share 🙂

        See ya on the flip side 😉

        And thanks for your encouragement 🙂

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      • yeah, i’ve noticed wordypress can get a tad glitchy at times :/ Maybe next time i’ll just make sure to comment on the W.O.W. prompt post so ya know it’s there.

        I reckon that must be a pretty common thing among we sensitive arty types unfortunately :/ I struggle with that sorta thing a lot. But you’re right; we all have our own ways of expressing what we need to express, and at the end of the day, nobody can be better at expressing yourself than…yourself!
        No worries; anytime 🙂

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      • P.s., have you deleted your site??? Nooooo!!! I’ve been away from bloggyland for a while, and i’m trying to catch up with everyone…but when i click on the link to your blog via yr avatar, wordpress tells me it’s no longer there??? Pwease come back!


    • there is indeed if you follow the link in the post 😉 but if you’re not in the mood for link chasing, a blackout poem is where you take a block of text ( could be anything you find: a newspaper article, a photocopy of a page from a book, a recipe, etc etc) then isolate the few words you want to use ( ie. the “poem” hidden amongst the other wordlings) by blacking out the unneeded words with a black marker.
      The Whiteout Wednesday challenge is exactly the same dealy, but your source text has already been chosen ( on wordwitch88’s blog) , and you copy n paste it into yr drafts, then use the text colour feature to ‘white-out’ the words you don’t need. Then you can always delete those unneeded words and reformat the poem for readability if necessary ( but NOT rearrange; that would defeat the purpose).
      Hope that made sense!

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