A Wintergatan Wednesday….On Sunday

I’m a little bit in love with Martin Molin. As most of you would of course already know, Martin Molin is the GENIUS musician/ builder of extraordinary contraptions who designed and built that now-quite-famous Marble Machine;  an incredible giant-music-box type machine that makes music when you feed marbles into it ( there is a bit more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea) .

Because I’m TV free and have also largely removed myself from the world of social media, I’m ashamed to say that I only found out about the gorgeous Martin and his brilliance a few months back, thanks to my daughter’s awesome music teacher.

( If social media alerted me to more inspiring things like this, rather than petty arguments, general nastiness, endless selfies, and blow by blow accounts of people’s lunch/ train delay dramas,  I’d consider going back…)

Anyway, whilst scouring YouTube for Syd Barrett stuff, I accidentally discovered a video (below) that Martin posted a few days ago to mark the one year anniversary of the original Marble Machine video ( below below).  It features some covers  fans have done of the original track- complete with Martin’s genuinely grateful,  genuinely enthusiastic, feckin’ adorable, head-bobbing, smiling, reactions to them. It’s lovely, and just what I needed this otherwise glummish evening. So I’m posting both vids below now,  for those who want to be reminded of the magnificent Marble Machine, and also for fellow slowlings like me who don’t live in the actual world ( any of you out there?) but do appreciate the lovely things (and people) that can come out of it nonetheless.

Merry Sunday, and much love and inspiration to anybody who sees this.  I’m going away for a bit now.

Smoochies xx


21 thoughts on “A Wintergatan Wednesday….On Sunday

  1. Yes, the guy and his creations are amazing! I think I found out about this originally on TwistedSifter’s WP blog, worth a follow (if you don’t already) for some of the fun and cool stuff he/she selects from the wide world of internet for our amusement. 🙂

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  2. Waking me up on a Sunday Afternoon. Reminiscent of a kalliope – though someone has to play it with steam.

    I don’t do faceplant…um facebook either. While I am watching less I still have an idiot box…

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    • No worries, i hope you enjoyed it. It puts me in a good mood 🙂
      Yeah, facebook was something i did for a few years, but i got really sick of it. I felt lighter once i stopped using it. Can’t say i’ve missed it at all!

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  3. What fun! You’ve certainly made this Sunday a bit merrier. I had never heard of or seen this, but then I am one of those fellow slowlings (woo, hands up in the air, etc.). A wonderful contraption, it’s like something Willy Wonka would dream up – and the results are just as tasty!

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    • Inorite?! I was so amazed when i first saw it. I’m SO envious of people who have the sort of brain that can come up with such things. I don’t even know where you’d BEGIN building such a thing…let alone designing it.Imagine having one of those in your house??
      And yes, it’s a great little tune. I really liked the cover done by the orchestra of kids..it was beautiful…made me teary! ( but i am an overemotional sop).
      Glad to have introduced you to this anyway, fellow slowling 😉

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      • Oh, me too – just where do these ideas come from? Awesome. The orchestra was sweet indeed – as a retro game nerd, I thought the 8-bit and Commodore64 ones were pretty glorious – perhaps not quite so moving, though!

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      • Hehe, they were inventive and cool though! Lots of fun. And not knowing ANYTHING about electronics, i’m in awe of people who can create stuff like that.
        It’s just such a feelgood vid altogether 🙂

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  4. OMfreakingGod ….. HOW COOL IS THIS???????

    Mind-blowing …. really ….. like seriously, as you’ve said: to have this kind of brain and talent etc.? Sheesh! I’m thinking our generation (how presumptive of me to guess you’re somewhere in the GenX, Y or perhaps Z zone) were the ones that formed the transitional ranks between the “old tired true (hahaaha)” and opened and began forging the paths to allow for the next waves of mad geniuses to kick off!

    *sigh* …. at least we get to see some of the coolest things – glad I tripped by and that you posted this 🙂

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    • Aww, yay! I’m so happy to have spread the happy around and introduced a few more people to this wonderful thing- and wonderful person who made it.
      Yep, i *think* i’d be a gen X? I’m 38, so maybe a grand elder gen Y? Or a baby gen X? This Martin dude i assumed was about 20 ( he sure looks it) but apparently he’s like, 34! I’m not sure if that makes me even more envious of him ( otherwordly talent plus no aging , goddamnit!), or just relieved that i can crush on his brilliant brain without feeling like a creep now!
      Anyway,i’m so glad people like this exist. They bring a much needed sparkle to the world 🙂

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      • LOL@ your whole comment! (but in delight) …. so you’re like a really late Xer but beginning Yer .. depends on where you are and what pole position you take …. 1960-1980 is the most accepted X …. then 81-2000 is Y … then the Millennials. Technicalities … so you’re kind of on the cusp too …. Love that – Grand Elder Y? has a wonderful ring – the transitional phase over ….

        Yeah, he looks young, but I guessed early 30s … so I wasn’t far off. But damn! Like where was I when “exceptional” was being handed out???? *sigh* …. oh well, I’ll just muddle along in my own cobwebbed corner of the world and play in mud puddles with sticks and stones and call it “high art.”

        At least they offer an injection of really cool stuff … and so thanks again – as you noted before – so much crap in social media, so to come across something this cool, is awesome!

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      • Yep, i’m inclined to think of myself as late gen Xer….i think i identify with that more. Plus i’m too shit with technology to do the Y thing justice 😉
        I actually nicked that phrase “Grand Elder Y” from someone i saw on some interview somewhere 😉 It’s a goodun, eh.
        Good guess! Aww, i know, people like that make you feel that way, huh. But i do think you’re underrating your creativity there. I’m sure we all have some sort of exceptional qualities somewhere 🙂 But yes…i’d sure like to be able to make stuff like that..it doesn’t seem seem fair! O.o
        Definitely! In the end, i’m so grateful for the existence of people like this 🙂

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      • we all have our special gifts, ’tis true, as you’ve said …. and it’s okay, I couldn’t handle being viral or anything …. so mud puddles are cool enough for me 😉

        definitely sparks the imagination and offers something better than all the dark and dirty and crappy stuff!

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  5. Marvellous, isn’t it, better than steampunk being made out of wood! Agree totally with your verdict on social media – it’s a restless nightmare, no wonder everyone’s going loopy …

    ( If social media alerted me to more inspiring things like this, rather than petty arguments, general nastiness, endless selfies, and blow by blow accounts of people’s lunch/ train delay dramas,  I’d consider going back…)

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    • Yeah, it’s beautifully raw looking. I can’t help but wonder how cool it’d look in bright colours, though. It’d look pretty Willy Wonka-ish…. I want one! ( either a machine, or a Martin to be besties with ) But apparently it’s all dismantled now, as he wanted to smooth out some design flaws/ perfect it further. Damnit i’m so bloody jealous of his talent and focus. But at the same time, very inspired and grateful that such people exist.

      Yep, social media seems to bring out the worst of human nature. And it’s a really effective way to waste a shitload of time, too :/

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      • Yeah, suppose the answer is we should all concentrate on doing a few things really well rather than trying to be all things to all men – trouble is, the world moves so fast we all play catch-up … what we need is a referee to blow a whistle and all take some time out. Ha, dream on …

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      • Totally. I wish i’d come to that conclusion much earlier in life….sigh. It’s hard to know where to concentrate all one’s efforts, though. Especially if you’re interested in many things! Some are lucky enough to know exactly what they want from an early age. I could never be sure. I wanted to try everything, so now i specialise in nothing in particular ….a jill of all trades, master of none. I ‘ve found a direction at last, but the fear is that there’s not enough time now to make up for all the time lost…… yeah, where are those referees when we need them? Sigh. Whaddya do. Just gotta plod along, i suppose!

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