Darling$ ( to be read in a piratey voice)


The above group of wordsicles came about thanks to this fun little thing Black Cat Alley has going. It’s called Whiteout Wednesdays ( or W.O.W.) and is basically the same dealy as a blackout poem, but instead of taking a black marker to the block of text to leave behind a previously hidden poem, you copy and paste that week’s assigned block o’text into your wordpress draft, and white-out the unneeded words using the ‘text colour’ feature. You can then reformat the words so that they’re more readable (but NOT rearrange/add words or punctation) , OR leave them all spaced out and strung out ( like I did.). This week’s text up for your literary obliteration/ creation is here. I do hope that you DOOOO EEEEET! ‘Cause it’s lotsa fun.


15 thoughts on “Darling$ ( to be read in a piratey voice)

  1. OH WOW! This is absolutely smashing – and I love the added drawing (I take it yours?) This is AWESOME!

    (yes yes I’m really over the top excited) hahahahahhhhhaaaaa and you created a pirate tale??? How totally cool is this! I’m like over the moon here!

    This is the coolest thing about these prompts – there is so much possibility – and each time it offers something new and cool – and interesting, just by changing how we read things and erasing phrases, words etc.

    Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa – You ARE brilliant and I’m so glad you decided to play along šŸ™‚

    Thank you so much. Great fun and hopefully not too taxing!

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    • Why thankyou! Yes, ’tis an old sketchlin’ o’ moin…Oim shirley glad it shivered yer timbers, Aaaarrrgggh!

      Actually, the pirate thang wasn’t intended to be piratey in the literal, swashbuckling sense, but is more a reference to ( and i’m going to sound a bit of a wanker here probably) the greed, ruthlessness, superficiality and exploitation inherent in the arena of The Arts when the Art becomes a consumer product. And i don’t just mean the bigwigs doing the hunting for fresh meat- it extends to the consumers, too. How many people do you know who think someone like Bjork is cool and eccentric ( and that’s not a dis on her- i adore her), yet if some unknown on the street behaved/dressed/created things that were just as “out there”, they’d just be a “weirdo”? I think of JK Rowling, who was on welfare, just writing her stories, because she just knew she had to. I’d bet most of the people who admire her now would be the very same people that would’ve criticised her as a lazy layabout, or told her to find “a real job” back before she made her mark. Now that she’s worth millions, it’s suddenly ok to recognise her talent, drive, and persistence. Ugh. It’s this sort of ignorance of the HUMAN behind the product, and the PROCESS that made it possible to begin with that annoys me. And it’s sort of what i hoped to convey ( probably badly) by “them foul smelling men…./ from the edge, from the outer..”. Like, these artists/musicians etc are people whom these opportunistic business brains (and oftentimes the consumers themselves) wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with in everyday life, (or treating as human), but if they can make a buck off them? Or be entertained by them? Suddenly there’s some value in them. ie material value.

      Long story short: we seem to only value a person if we think we can get something out of them. Hence the piratey thing, because they’re just after the loot. (And also i just think talking like a pirate is fun ;))

      Or something.

      Anyway, that was more ranty than i’d intended!. I certainly wasn’t all fired up about The System and shaking my fist at the sky when i partook of this fun writing game! So i’m glad a lighthearted tone is coming across ;). I think i say more when i say less…best just leave it to individual interpretation, i guess. That’s the nice thing about these activities. They’re whatever you want them to be šŸ™‚

      Not taxing at all- word games and writing games are a passion of mine, so i was really excited to come across this W.O.W. challenge. I do ‘ope that this ‘ere comment o’ moin don’t make yer wanna walk the plank! šŸ˜‰

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      • LOL@the whole pirate’s rant! Loved it. šŸ˜€

        Seriously ….

        Right, but sorry to say, when I read the WOW, my head was in “wow” frame of mind, so couldn’t have made any leaps to any connections about what you were thinking about – the whole exploitation and ignorance of the “stories” of the people who create, the artists as they are, before they “strike it” – if they do, and for the millions who work on without the fame etc. etc. But reading through again, I can see some of that creeping in.
        But it’s okay – when you create and play with WOW stuff, your process is whatever works in that moment – so all is good šŸ™‚

        Yeah, I hear ya on the way, well generally, people are run-away mad on just treating others, regardless of the circumstances, like crap. We’re a consumerism society and so logically, eating up and spitting out people too makes sense in the progression of things. Sad really. And pathetic.
        Anyhow, I could rant on too, but I’m too tired … so I’ll just add, I agree with what you’re saying.

        And glad you like WOW šŸ™‚

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      • All good; i didn’t expect anyone to be able to read my mind- i needn’t have explained it, really; kinda takes the mystery out of it…i think i just needed a bit of a rant! šŸ˜‰
        Yep, we consume and consume..in more ways than one….sigh. But yes, ranting is a tiring business, so i’ll just say again how grateful i am to have discovered the W.O.W. I hadn’t done anything like that for a while, and i really needed to! Cheers šŸ™‚

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  2. Y’arr, anythin’ that encourages pirate talk be shipshape ter me. Y’arr, she climbed aboard ‘n’ set sail, ‘n’ she found the treasure of some grand wordsicles… y’arr. She be grand!

    (Sorry.) Awesome stuff, as always!

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    • Oi wholeheAAARRRRGHtedly agrees!

      Yes, it’s hard to avoid catching similar themes when all fishing from the same pool, innit. I actually did a different version of this particlar challenge , but didn’t post it, as when i read wordwitch’s one, i felt mine sounded too similar. So i started again. It’s a fun challenge šŸ™‚

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      • I use the like button to often show I’ve been if I’ve naught else to say. But say I will, I enjoy the WOW prompts so much that sometimes me double dips!

        The longer the piece that is started with the less chance of similarity. But tis true that the same words spark and set similar tones. šŸ™‚

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      • Yeah, they’re a lot of fun. I’m *trying* not to get too stuck in bloggyland, as i’m trying to work on a big project offline….however, i really like the idea of participating in regular prompts such as this; it’s a good mental/ creative exercise šŸ™‚
        They do. I had too much silver going on in my first attempt, and it just sounded to similar to what’d already been done.


      • I attempt to write to prompts before reading others responses. I don’t always get to everyone’s. But I do try very hard to get back to those who have visited me.

        Good luck with your off line project!

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      • Yeah, me too; i’d written it before reading others, but did have squizz at some of the other contributions before posting it…then changed my mind about posing it!… All good though ; i wasn’t fretting too much šŸ˜‰ I do prefer my second attempt, anyway.
        Thankyou! šŸ™‚

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      • Only ever post what you want.
        I say the same to hosts…it’s your blog space and yours to play with.
        I follow the rule that if you say nice things…nice will be returned. šŸ˜‰

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