Paperclip Down

rabbits- acrylic on wood

“But why we gotta go NOW?” asked Ripkin, who was- somehow- clutching a beer; his blue paper bum making no impression whatsoever on the stained old faux-suede couch, but feeling oh-so-comfortable nonetheless.

A5er shot Ripkin one of his “Don’t crumple with me” looks.

Ripkin sighed. The cricket was on in 10 minutes and all.

A5er was small, but feisty. And sharp. Oh yes.  He could give the stiffest of bunnies a papercut with a narrowing of his eyes alone.

Marbiggles resented the authority A5er seemed to have gradually siphoned away from him over the past months. A5er had the enthusiasm, alright, but he was a cocky young buck; lacked humility; grace; class. Still, Marbiggles knew the kid was right. They had to go. And sooner rather than later.

“Bottom line is: we need some-”  A5er stopped and pointed his paper paw around the room.  “Look around; what do ya see?”

Ripkin’s eyes dutifully followed A5er’s paw around; the rest of his face blank as a fresh sketchbook. His blue paper bottom fluttered gently as a pocket of air escaped its careless valley folds.

“The three of us!” Spat A5er in frustration. “And that’s it. Strength in numbers, boys. And what’s our number?  Three. How the hell are we supposed to rule this place with an army of three? I’ve heard word from the chatterboxes up north that the Cranes are verging on one thousand now. To say that we’re  vulnerable to attack would be an understatement!  We gotta get our numbers up. Pronto. I’m talking kits. Baby bunnies, gentlemen. And without being crude, I think you know where baby  bunnies come from….and it’s not Ripkin’s arse, thank Christmas card.”

Marbiggles snorted in spite of himself. Ripkin continued blanking.

“So, ” continued A5er. ” We gotta Get Busy, if ya catch my drift. Find ourselves some fresh ream; get us some folds ‘n’ creases, yeah? Some mountains and valleys, ya get me? Some lady-makin’ for some baby-makin’. Some origaminion populatin’” He winked at the lads, leeringly.

Marbiggles winced at A5er’s crassness. He took a deep breath. When he exhaled, though, it was not without some staccato about it. Against his will, images of semi-transparent vellum paper and delicately patterned Washi bending and folding seductively flashed through his mind. He wiped his forehead before any lasting damage could be done.

Ripkin swigged a sip from his tinny. Beer dribbled down his front, making his chest soggy. His big, dumb eyes stared nowhere in particular.

A journey to The Stationary Cupboard sounded good in theory, sure. But…it was SO far away…..and none of them had even seen it. For all they knew, it  didn’t even exist. Reams themselves were probably nothing but a mythical fantasy. And if this were the case, Ripkin was perfectly happy to leave it that way. He had origami manuals and a right paw. Why mess with an efficient system?

“Can’t I just stay here?” He implored.

With a rustle, A5er  swiftly leapt over to the old couch and leant in until his nose was level with Ripkin’s. He lowered his voice to a whisper- oh, how menacing A5er was when he whispered- and, looking directly into Ripkin’s eyes said simply:

No. You can’t. You’ll do as the rest of us do, Rippikins. Or I’ll feed you to the shredder. And by ‘shredder’, I don’t mean Jimi Hendrix…… because he doesn’t eat paper, and is no longer alive. Just like you’ll be, if you continue. To waste. My time.

Ripkin still didn’t understand why he had to come along, but he wasn’t about to argue with a whispering A5er, especially when shredders were mentioned, no sirree. He clutched his tinny with an increasingly damp paw, and shifted the nonexistent weight of his increasingly damp, blue buttocks, wishing he could just flatten himself like a greeting card and go find an envelope to slide into for a while.

“Moving on…” came A5er’s voice- abruptly restored to its regular volume. “As luck would have it, a certain Napkin Swan (who shall remain nameless)  has most generously provided us with a map of The Biglands….” He produced a rolled up document from his left ear and held it victoriously aloft.

Marbiggle’s eyes widened. A cooperative Napkin Swan… that sounded too good to be true. Was this map the Real Deal?  He glanced over at Ripkin, but Ripkin was nonplussed, noticing only the rolled up map’s  resemblance to a joint.  Now that was something for a day like today…

A5er unrolled the map and stepped toward Ripkin.  “Give us a paw, Rips,”, he ordered, motioning toward the bowl of peanuts and the empty packets of kale chips littering the coffee table. Ripkin promptly obliged; sweeping the chip packets onto the floor, and moving the peanut bowl into his lap.

“Give us that,” commanded A5er- referring to the bowl. “And that,” he added, this time referring to Ripkin’s half empty beer can. Ripkin obeyed, and A5er carefully positioned the bowl on one edge of the map, and the beer can on the other, to prevent it from rolling in on itself.

“Now. The Stationary Cupboard lies beyond Mount Desk; east of Laptop. It’s accessible by foot….. but there are obstacles. Dangerous ones. Mount Desk is littered with dead pens, and other heavy junk which sometimes tumbles down the mountainside faster than a souped-up paper fighter jet . If you’re not quick on your pads, it’s wastepaper basketville for you. Now it’s also rumoured that a giant, whiskered beast with claws as sharp as thumbtacks roams the entire breadth of The Biglands, preying on anything that moves. So we gotta have our wits about us…”

Ripkin wasn’t really listening. He gazed wistfully at his beer, which was no doubt getting warm. He figured he could at least maybe grab a handful of peanuts without causing any undue drama. It’d make A5er’s talk less boring, at any rate. He reached for the peanut bowl, but as he did so, his generous, soggy girth dragged across the coffee table- knocking over the beer can and sending its warm, lightly foaming amber contents spilling across the map’s landscape like a golden tsunami, reducing  roads, rivers, and mountain ranges alike to a meaningless, smudgy blur. Utter annihilation. Total bevvystation.

The stunned silence was guillotined clumsily by Ripkin’s blunt voice.


A5er snapped, letting out a roar that almost tore his own body to shreds.


Ripkin figured that by “get ripped” A5er hadn’t meant he was gonna get killer cardboard abs and guns of foil. Especially as A5er was now hurtling straight over the coffee-table map-ocalypse towards him. This was it. He was actually going to get ripped into pieces and die. And he’d never even get to find out who won the Test Match.

“WAAAIIIT!!!!!”  Roared another voice. Thunder to A5er’s lightning.

Marbiggles raised his voice so rarely that both Ripkin and A5er had forgotten how formidable he was when he did.

Marbiggles prised A5er off Ripkin, and planted himself  between the two of them, his eyes wide as paper plates.

“Control yourself, damnit! Or I’ll do it for you. You’ll not touch a single corner on this lad’s head. THIS boy,” he continued,  gesturing towards poor, already half crumpled Ripkin,  “may be thick as 2 pieces of 600 gsm watercolour paper;  as idle as a ten tonne paperweight;  as useful as braille on the inside of a paper straw…. BUT! He has been loyal; like a brother to you- and a son to me-  all these years. I’ll not stand by and watch you scrunch him up like some worthless supermarket receipt over some dubious bloody Napkin map! ”

Marbiggles glared at A5er- nostrils flaring. All the resentment that had built up inside him of late was rising to the surface now like the waters of a blocked toilet.

A5er – almost frozen in shock- searched for words. The ones he eventually found were:

“You- you faded, dog-eared, pamphlet! You don’t call the shots around here anymore, old boy. A5er does!  I’m A5er. YOUR LEADER! STAND DOWN AND OBEY YOUR LEADER!”

“You’re no leader, ” continued Marbiggles. “No leader of mine! For all your posturing and prancing, you’re but a standard tyrant! Selfish; cowardly; without substance. Like a crumbling, overused tissue, bringing nothing but grazes to the nose that blows! You sir, are nothing but a common piece of one-ply generic brand CRAPWRAP!…….” 

(And here he paused dramatically)

“…And my finger’s just gone straight through……

Of course, Marbiggles didn’t have fingers per se, but the point was made- and now sharpened, as he drew a pair of scissors from god-knows-where and pointed them at the space between A5er’s eyes.

YOU will stand down, A5er….NOW.”

A5er quickly weighed up his options. He was expressionless for a moment…..then the evil crease of a grin stretched across his face.

“…Or what?

The grin widened.”…Grandmabiggles.”

It was a mistake. Marbiggles was getting older, sure, but not weaker. He was made of high quality parchment; stiff shit. A5er stood two chances: none, and jack. The scissor blades sliced him in twain before he could even process what was happening. His neatly bisected self fell, in slow-mo silence, either side of the map-mush, onto a rustling bed of empty Kale Chip packets.

Marbiggles stood motionless for some minutes as it sunk in. He’d wiped A5er like a serviette across the mouth of death. He was a murderer. Oh god! And Ripkin- the poor kid….he’d been close to death himself- then witnessed it. In cricket season no less. He’d be traumatised for life.

Ripkin- where was Ripkin? Marbiggles scanned the room. He must find Ripkin!


There’s wisdom in the old proverb: “Don’t run with scissors”.  Alas, old Marbiggles- noble, disgraced, Marbiggles- in his frenzy, had completely forgotten that he was still clutching the binary blades of doom as he dashed toward the kitchen door in search of poor, dumb, Ripkin. So instead of heroically rescuing the beer-swilling bunbun,  he’d tripped and fallen- impaling himself on the deathblades.

It seemed Marbiggles and A5er would have to work things out in The Great Stationary Cupboard in the Sky.


Ripkin, who’d managed to wriggle free whilst A5er  was distracted by Marbiggle’s monologue, was now safely in the kitchen, cracking open a new beer and a fresh bag of kale chips, oblivious to the gore beyond the door.

A half minute later, the oblivion vanished, as Ripkin exited the kitchen with his tinny and chips, only to be confronted by the dismembered forms of his ex-bunny-brethren.

Ohhhhh, man, this was not good. Not good!

Panic set in.

It was a mess. Oh, what a mess! And oh how Ripkin hated cleaning!

But…. hey…wait a minute. Now that there was nobody around to boss him about, he didn’t have to clean…

Panic subsided; realisation dawned.

He didn’t have to clean…. and he meant not to. Ever again!  He rearranged the empty Kale Chip packets so that they covered the two bodies. A shallow grave, yeah, but as A5er had always said: “paper don’t rot, bud”. They’d flatten down nice after a few kitchen/ lounge round-trips. Sweet as! What’s more- the map on the table had soaked up most of the previously spilt beer- so win win on the not-having-to-clean gig.

Ripkin settled his soggy blue bum onto the stained old faux-suede couch and took a gulp of beer. A little rivulet of it ran down his chin and onto his already soggy belly. It’d spring a leak soon, for sure.

Ripkin didn’t care. The cricket was starting. As for Cranes, they were probably just all off to a wedding or something. He munched down on some crunchy green salty kale goodness, and lovingly wrapped his soggy paw around his tinny. His damp nether regions  melded lovingly  with the couch- becoming one with the stained old faux-suede. It was oh-so -comfortable. Oh-so- stationary. Yeah, stationary. As if he’d ever want to be anything else.



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  1. OMG! I’m sitting here killing myself with laughter! This is brilliant – dead brilliant! The lines, the way you’ve played with words …. the whole idea – I’m SOOOO loving all of this – it’s spectacular! And wow – do you have a gift at making the absurd so completely real – and it rings true – honest – doesn’t sound forced or put upon – which means you’re in great form and league with some most excellent talent!

    Totally loved this!

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  2. Reblogged this on Black Cat Alley and commented:
    This is a great read – something just comically absurd enough to have you laughing at the clever word play and turns of phrase and engaging enough to be real – no fluffy bunnies here!

    Take a few moments and stop in at Siddie Bowtie’s space and say hello 🙂

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    • Awww! Thanks so much for making my day. I feel a little arrogant “liking” this, but, hopefully you’ll get that it’s not my own story i’m digging, it’s the fact that someone should like my humble tale enough to reblog it. ‘Tis an honour! Thankies muchly; it means a lot. And thanks for the shout-out too! 😀 (I’ll have to get onto this W.O.W. thang too, before i run out of time! )

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      • there’s always time for the WOW – if there is one past the week’s play time, you can always still write to it and just make sure you put a pingback in it – so I’ll be sure to find it 🙂

        As for the reblog? My pleasure. Hopefully some of my regular readers will have a chance to check out your story – it’s really great!
        And it’s okay, you’re allowed to like your own work – when you know you’ve somehow “nailed it” – why not? 🙂

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  3. I was going to say “Thwack! Home run!”, but I don’t think that’s cricket, so I shall only echo what has been said above; another absolute joyous read, with lots of chuckles throughout! So so cool. Oh, and a wicked painting, too 🙂

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    • Haha, yeah, i kicked myself a bit for using cricket as the chosen sport, as i know nothing about it. Then again, i know nothing about any other sport either ( other than the fact that not knowing about sport couldn’t bother me less ) . So. *shrug*
      Thanks a bunch ( or should i say a scrunch?) – i’m so glad a few chuckles were had 🙂
      Why fanx! ‘Tis from a few years ago. I hadn’t painted for some years, and haven’t much since. Would like to revisit the tubes and brushes again someday.

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      • Hear hear! I feel sport is at its strongest when you barely know the rules, or even the name of what you’re supposedly playing.

        Haha- thanks a scrunch to you for providing the chuckles! You’re on a roll!

        I keep saying to myself I’m going to do the same regarding the paint, but my money goes to other stuff. Groceries, haircuts – who needs ’em? I haven’t painted manually for ages. Hopefully before long, though, and hopefully you will too! 🙂

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      • True! Although if i’m honest…i’d rather not be involved in any aspect of sport whatsoever!…unless it was like…quidditch, or something. Yeah. Imaginary sports; they’re the best ones 😛
        I getcha. Art supplies are so bloody expensive. And most artists are poor. (probably because of the supplies). I try to save money by never ever going to the hairdresser 🙂 ( True story! I’ve never been. Well, actually once. But as soon as i was seated, the hairdresser started talking about all these ideas she had for my head- ideas that were the total opposite of what i wanted…so..i couldn’t go through with it. I apologised to her; told her i’d made a dreadful mistake, and left. I’ve never been back since.) But yeah, other expenses get in the way still. And it’s time consuming, too. You need a biiiiig solid block of time in which you know you won’t be interrupted. These can be hard to come by…
        But. I do hope you get chance to do the hands-on messy paint thing at some stage. I’d love to see some of that impressionistic landscapey stuff you were doing done in oils or something.

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      • Oh, me too! Sport schmort.

        Ha, I have to go see the barber once a month. Ooh, I can understand the bail; some of their bright ideas are pretty radical, aren’t they, and in a pretty hairrific way. Fortunately, mine has done my hair since I was a kid, and doesn’t even ask if I want anything different done anymore. I don’t know if I’ve enough hair to even contemplate any wacky new look, to be honest (well, I suppose apart from total skinhead… which is quite a scary thought!)

        Ooh, yes, I am tempted by the idea of oil paint landscapes, but indeed, so expensive, and time-consuming. Watercolour could be fun to break back in, though, as challenging as it reputedly is (haven’t tried that in donkey’s years!). I’m not sure if it’d be liberating or terrifying to just roll with the immediacy of the paint rather than counting on all the undos and ‘cheats’ available in the digital arena or even sketching. Probably a touch of both! Maybe we should challenge – double dare? 😉 – each other to paint some stuff; that could be fun, relaxed and at least we wouldn’t be doing it on our own!

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      • Well you’re lucky indeed! I actually don’t mind *radical*, in fact the problem with this hairdresser is that she wasn’t radical enough! I wanted something really punk, but she had all these really boring ideas that were SO far away from what i wanted. I just wasn’t prepared to fork out $80 for something i didn’t actually want. I ended up teaching myself how to do the things i wanted, so now i just D.I.Y. Seemples! ( and cheaper!)
        Ooh, yes! Watercolour would be great for your style, i think. You know what a good compromise is? Watercolour pencils and an aqua-pen ( or aqua brush..? Those things that have a brush at one end, but the part you hold can be filled up with water) . Honestly, they’re so user friendly and fuss-free. The pencils are still expensive (as is watercolour paper) ,but still probably cheaper than the paints. Plus they’re a lot more convenient. There’s no special setting up required, and no laborious cleaning afterwards. Just pop the pencils back in the box and give the brush pen a rinse under the tap. I highly recommend them!
        Yeah, ye olde world hands-on stuff would no doubt offer a few challenges if you’re used to working in a digital medium. However, i think you’d go okay 😉 You can always do your basic outline lightly in pencil first ( that’s what i always do!). Then when you ‘re happy with that, you can go for it.
        That’s actually a great idea. I keep feeling vaguely inspired to paint ( or even just dig into the watercolour pencils) lately, but haven’t been following up on it. Perhaps a challenge set by someone else could be motivating! Hey- you know what? You have plenty of followers; maybe you could start issuing arting prompts ( like the writing prompts i see about the place) or something like that?

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      • Oh right! Jeez – yeah, if you’re handing over that kind of money, you need to be sure you’re getting what you want. It’s cool that you can do it yourself and save all that cash!

        Ooh, thanks for all these tips. 🙂 I’m really liking the look of the aqua pen dealies – I’d completely forgotten about those! I’ll have to have a look when I’m out and about next. I believe I have some watercolour pencils – just to remember where there are!

        I’ve been having that vague inspiration too, as it happens – not necessarily to paint, but just a shift to more manual stuff. Perhaps we ought to. It’d be lots of fun, I’m sure!

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      • Yep; why pay someone else to ruin my hair when i can just ruin it myself for free, i say! ( well, free apart from the supplies. Free compared to going to a hairdresser! )
        Yeah, aqua pens are awesome! Definitely get one! I never even knew about them until a few years ago. From memory, i’m sure the one i’ve got was really cheap. I’ve filled mine up with food dye before, too, and mixed that up with the pencils. You can get some interesting effects! ( damnit, i really feel liike doing that now!). I send you luck and success vibes re: finding your watercolour pencils!
        I reckon! Go on, do it. I’ll do the Mrs Doyle thing: Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!

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      • Ooh, I like the idea of food dye. This could be heaps of interesting!

        Ah, you should totally have another go, to show us all how it’s done! Don’t make me Doyle you back 😉

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      • Yeah, food dye is interesting medium to work with, You can get really vivid colours…but it behaves in ways that can be frustrating! For example, don’t paint over it with, say, white acrylic paint, because the paint won’t stay white, it will absorb the colour of the food dye underneath ( even when the dye is dry) …from memory, even white posca on top of THAT just soaked up the colour. So, point is: don’t use the food dye on any area that you might want to work over with lighter colours later…..because food dye says “NO”.
        Haha, “No thanks, Mrs Doyle, i’m fine” 😉 (but maybe i’ll think about it 😉 )

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      • Haha – oh my, this is the sort of stuff that, without a handy undo command, will likely trip me up! Still, I suppose that’s part of the fun – hey-ho, jolly hockey sticks and all that!

        Ah go on! Maybe you could use tea? And paint Mrs. Doyle? 😉

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      • Nah, you’ll be grand! Plus, you can use that sort of thing i just described to your advantage once you know about it 🙂
        Ah, using tea? Never thought of that. I’ve seen people use coffee to good effect. Bring on the beverage art! Oh, i could never draw Mrs. Doyle after your awesome drawing of her. I was, however, seriously thinking about drawing one of the Yonderland characters. (I’m totally nicking that idea from my daughter, btw. She drew Kendall the Jeweller as a My Little Pony, and it’s the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. She’s even drawn the machine, which Pony Kendall is stroking lovingly with his hoof….this is the character i speak of, in case you haven’t seen: ) Anyway, he’s such a great character ( and i covet his jacket/ outfit in general) , so thought he might be fun to draw…if i ever get around to it….

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      • Haha, it could be tea-riffic!

        “Tea-riffic, bloody hell Dougal.” – cracks me up every time!

        Aw, I like the idea of a My Little Pony crossover 🙂 that is cool! From the (admittedly little) I’ve seen, Yonderland seems a rich/crazy enough show to jump on for a series of character sketches, really!

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      • Haha, yeah, me too 😀
        Oh god, my squidly is OBSESSED with the ponies. It is a really cute drawing; Pony Kendall even has the ring that Yonderland Kendall wears, except it’s worn around his unicorn horn, for obvious ‘ponies-have-no-fingers’ reasons.
        Oh there are SO many colourful characters. Amazing costumes. When i watch it i spend half my time going “Ooh! Nice jacket! ” and “oh my god, i’d wear the shit out of that outfit” ( ex wannabe fashion/costume designer here). But the characters… I bloody love Phillip and Ellis of Woolworth ( “nobody closes down the Woolworths” ) . They are HILARIOUS. ( and Ben Willbond is just hot) .My favourite characters ( like Kendall and Woolworth brothers- well, one of the bros) all seem to get bumped off, though! You’ll have to watch it- i reckon you’d dig it 😉

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      • Aww (and I love ‘squidly’ – another for me to steal, methinks). She’s got everything’s covered! Perhaps she should get onto WordPress and start showing off her pony work! 😉

        Well, yay for sartorial wonders! I always quite liked the wardrobe on Horrible Histories, so it’s no surprise that Yonderland follows suit (and other garments – aha ha). I always used to/still do think “I want that” when watching The Crystal Maze, actually – not the hideous contestants’ jumpsuits 😛 but Richard O Brien, who was rocking a range of animal print coats (entirely his own garb, I believe, which makes it even cooler!)

        Hmm, I think I’d most like the black and white cow-y one – funky, even if it had perhaps best come with a migraine warning!

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      • Yeah, she’s a clever little squidly 🙂 She has this real eye for detail; picking up on the tiniest little things…which is great for her drawings and at drama class..but also means she’s correcting me constantly! ( “No, Mum, he didn’t say ‘LOOKS LIKE somebody’s getting new shoes’, he just said ‘somebody’s getting new shoes’ etc..). Oh, i reckon she’d LOVE her own pony blog. There actually was a kid on here posting her own amazing drawings, and when i showed le squid, she was impressed! Kid’s drawings are the BEST. (At the same time, i’m a bit scared of kids being on the internet…you’d have to be really vigilant as a parent and strictly moniter everything.)

        Ooh, yes, i’d love to rummage through the Horrible Histories costume department! Whenever i watch Blackadder 3 ( i think it’s 3- the one with lovely Hugh Laurie as George), i have the same problem; always drooling over Edmund’s black coat…it’s divine! I have a real *thing* for jackets and coats.. even have some dressmaking patterns for Victorian and Georgian jackets which i plan on using to make myself some fancy garb at some stage ( just add it to the list of “things i want to do but keep not doing”..sigh).

        When i look at clothing styles throughout history, i can’t help but feel a little sad about how boring and conservative things have become fashionwise. Really *dressing up* only seems acceptable if you’re a rock star. If you do it as an everyday peasant, you’re automatically a “hipster”. Especially if you’re a dude. I feel sorry for all the guys out there who want to really go for it, but can’t because only women’s sizes/physiques are being catered to most of the time. For every fashion outlet catering to men, there are like, 80 for women. And half the time the ones for men are SO boring. It’s like ” Hey, i see you have balls. How about you only dress like you’re either off to a board meeting or going hiking. For the rest of your life. Because that’s what manly men do!”. One time in a cafe i saw this amazing looking guy in a scarlet red velvet suit , and i couldn’t help but compliment him on it ( he rocked it SO well) and he said he found the outfit in an op shop, in the ‘women’s’ section. He always went there first, he said, because all the mens stuff was so DULL. It really does seem unfair that dressing up is STILL largely seen as a strictly feminine domain. And even the fact there are still clothes that exist ONLY for women, or ONLY for men seems a rather outdated notion. It’s just fabric that we drape about ourselves in order to not be naked, ffs! So why not have fun with it? There’s too much conservative going around for my liking! Anyway..not everybody has an imagination, i suppose ( sadly). But i do cheer when i see beautiful freaky looking costumed-up humans!

        Yeah! Rockin’ the animal prints! (Those are some great boots he’s got going on, too. How i love boots…). Well, i do hope you find an amazing animal-print jacket somewhere! There are heaps of vintage and retro outlets online…but the only problem there is that you can’t try things on :/

        *Edit to say: Woah. I got a rather excited about clothes there. Having the hypertimes! Sorry ’bout the essay….

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      • Like mother like daughter, I reckon 🙂 Haha, oh man, that’s hilarious. They’re the most entertaining children, I feel – the smarty pants/one step ahead ones. Probably a little exhausting too, mind you! As it happens, my niece did a similar thing to my sister to the other day. “Hello, you!” “No mummy – hello, Caitlyn!” Oof, corrected by a two-year old!

        Oh, children are definitely the best artists. They just draw what’s in their head, with little or no inhibition. Likewise, I think the best artists are those who keep that childlike playfulness and enquiry about their work. It’s why I always roll my eyes when people write art off with, “ugh, a three-year old could have done that.” That’s no bad thing!

        Oh, definitely :/ Instagram has a load of great kiddy artists on, as I found out in my recent foray. It just seemed kinda wrong for old me to be on their profile (well, actually it all felt wrong. I didn’t post for a couple of days and my follower count plummeted! I can’t be doing with that stress.) I’d say WP would be the best of an awkward bunch, ’cause it seems like a really friendly and focused community here. Perhaps if she wanted she could do a guest post on your own blog one day, or something!

        Haha – if I can bang on about Maze some more (any opportunity!) the second host Ed Tudor-Pole rocked a Georgian-esque period outfit, and some impressive riding boots. It’s not quite cow print, but cool nevertheless!

        I was thinking something similar the other day: how are the 2010s going to be remembered fashion-wise, compared to, say, the 70s or 80s, which seem to conjure up such strong images? I guess it’ll make a stronger mark in thirty years or so, but I came to thinking it could be remembered as the time people started doing their own thing – which is quite nice a thought. I think we’re heading in the right direction; there does seem to be a greater understanding of things like cross-dressing, and the divide is being bridged. It really is crazy as you say, that certain garments are/ever were gender-specific, and the power such superficial things have over your image. You’re also right in that progress is slow, and there’s still a way to go before such societal fears are totally overcome. One day we’ll get there, though. 🙂

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      • Hehe. Yep; your niece sounds a lot like my kid! They are bloddy ( that was a typo, but i think it works, so i’m leaving it in) hilarious, though. I remember my girl drawing a picture of a worm once- i think she was about 3- and , y’know, little kids being little kids, she’d drawn the worm with legs. I didn’t correct her, of course, but asked what its name was etc, and she gave me all the info. Then i suggested, “maybe he should have a hat?” And le kidly just looked at me with this “are you kidding?” expression on her face, and said “worms not wear hats!”. Ok. Double standards or what?! Sigh.

        Oh, i know, right? I felt…weird…following this kid’s blog…and i’m a mum! It’s sad that we *should* feel this way….but we know what The Internet can be like :/ But you’re right; wordpress seems like one of the more supportive and positive places, for sure.
        The guest post idea is a goodun! I’d really like to do that! I reckon Kid would be into the idea 🙂

        Phwoar! What excellent fabrics in that outfit!!! I’m all about the embroidery… and the collar..! The riding boots sound amazing.

        That’s a really positive way of looking at it. The time people started doing THEIR OWN THING. I love it. I mean, everything’s kinda been done before now, so all we can do is find combinations of things we personally like and rock it! As much as everyone hates on hipsters, i like that they’ve brought a kind of “anything goes” vibe. And you’re right; there does seem to be more acceptance in general of people’s individual right to express themselves as they so choose. I mean, we’ll probably always have unimaginative gits who’ll never get it, but hopefully they’ll be in the minority in the future. Because honestly, by now, any sort of ignorance in that regard is purely willful. Either that, or they’ve been living under a rock their whole lives.
        A positive case in point: when i was my kid’s age ( 9) i got my ears pierced , and back then, it was a strictly girly thing to do. Grown up men could do it ( IF they were rock stars), but NOT little boys! But the other day when i picked my girl up from school, she was asking me if she could get her ears pierced, “because there’s a boy in my class who just got his ears pierced, and it looks really cool, so can i get mine done for my birthday please?” . It’s very small thing, but still a positive indication that things may be s-l-o-w-l-y changing for the better 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • They are! Hey, have you ever seen the BBC’s Outnumbered? It was all about enthusiastic/smart-arse kids; much of their stuff improvised, too, I understand, so it was quite real (and funny!) Karen was my favourite. Gold.

        I laughed so much at the hat being shot down! Tsk, whatever were you thinking? 😛 Yeah, the blog takeover would be fun, I’m sure!

        Yep, absolutely. It could just be that in my old age I’ve become out of touch – not that I could ever have been accused of being in touch! – but it certainly feels as if, even over the past few years, there’s been a shift toward that ‘anything goes’ mentality. Maybe, indeed, the hipsters deserve more credit than I’d normally given them! With so many crazy decisions being made all around, it’s nice when you get the feeling common sense has actually prevailed in something.

        That’s great, and especially promising when you see it in the youngsters. I wonder, will she be granted the piercing wish? I can actually remember boys with piercings when I was really quite young – probably in the 90s. Maybe we were the start of the revolution? 😉 But then, and for some time afterward, it was only one ear to be cool; if you went so far as to have both ears pierced, you lost your cred, ’cause it was girly. (I’d say ?????, but I suppose at least we’re dealing with schoolkids here, not rock-lurking adults who ought to know better) and ‘gay’. I’ll just drop in another positive note: I can’t remember the last time I heard or read gay as a synonym for rubbish… another small, big step.
        Not quite the same thing as the earrings, but I happened across a campaign recently trying to get men recognised/featured more prominently in make-up production and advertising. I thought that was cool – lots of chaps obviously enjoy using the stuff, so why not!

        Liked by 1 person

      • “what about a hexagon?” I lost it . I’d never heard of that show before, and it looks like a crack-up, so thanks for introducing me!
        Exactly; with all the idiocy going on in politics, it’s reassuring to see some actual common sense somewhere.
        Hehe. Hipsters are EVERYWHERE in Melbourne 🙂 Whilst i don’t like the “i’m so much cooler and better than you” attitude some of them exhibit ( generally just the unoriginal ones who hop on the hipster wagon in order to be “cool” behave like that though) , i DO love seeing the often VERY creative/kooky ensembles some people come up with.
        Yeah, there were a few boys around with pierced ears when i was a kiddler, but it was still kinda radical ( where we were, anyway; out in the country) and , as you say, strictly the one ear! Two ears was too effeminate! ( for some reason..). I remember as a teenling going through a stage of only wearing one earring, and my mum cautioning me that people might think i’m a lesbian ( *gasp!*) if i did that. Umm….ok? Lol. ( i’m not sure where i got my imagination from….not the folks, that’s for sure!) . But yeah…country people…It may have been a different matter in the cities?
        Yeah, totally! I always hated that use for the word “gay”. I can’t remember the last time i heard it used that way. Which is a positive sign!
        Shit yeah! I’ve known SO many dudes who wear make-up of some sort. Eyeliner seems pretty big, actually. I once had a gothy boyfriend who wore eyeliner ( amongst other things- makeup is a bit of a must for a goth look!) , and later, a different one who also wore it, but in a different way; he liked to dress all 1920’s-ish, with nice suits and hats, etc, but with the black eyeliner for a modern edge. Admittedly, the eye makeup started from his being on stage in a band, but he started bringing it into his daytime dress-ups too. Anyway, point is, these guys looked amazing. It’d be great to see more ads featuring guys rocking the makeup. I mean, ads generally suck, but it sure would be refreshing to see some that were a bit more up-to-date!
        Another positive: parents actually beginning to reject the whole ‘blue for boys/ pink for girls’ idea at last. It’s still a bit scary how narrowminded some are, but i hold on to hope, as it does seem that there are some actual thinkers in the ranks.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, yeah! When I think Outnumbered, I think that glorious line. It was a great little show, much recommended!

        There aren’t so many around here, but there were plenty of hipsters at art college – I felt most out of place in my jumper and jeans. Saying this, a good percentage probably were genuinely kooky (tutors included!) and so they were sights to behold. I had a tutor who’d go around in some smart suit with these really big boots. He was so cool.

        Ohhh, yeah, I remember that. Any trait remotely tomboyish = definite, scientifically proven lesbian. The eyes roll. A girl wearing her hair short was the worst for such guff.

        Ooh, yeah, I know of the ‘guy liner’ being quite widely applied these days. It’s probably not for me, but I’ve seen plenty of chaps use it and they look really good. Go the meterosexuals!

        Yes! My nieces aren’t subjected to any of that colour lark, thank goodness. Caitlyn’s favourite colour is yellow, anyway. 😛 And besides, wasn’t it originally the other way around? Wasn’t it girls who were associated with pale blues, and boys the regal pinks and scarlets? (Guys do look great in pink, I have to say.) I wonder when/why it shifted. Still, just a ‘fashionable’ thing that evidently blew out of all proportion – glad it’s on the way oot!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m definitely going to have to watch some more! I read some of the comments ( against my better judgement…they were mainly positive though) and one person was saying that particular “hexagon” quip was improvised??? If so, that little girl is comedy genius! Definitely going places.
        Your old tutor sounds like a stylish dude! University certainly was full of stylish people…i remember having a crush on this guy in one of my classes who dressed like an olden day detective- complete with pipe and deerstalker hat. The modern twist was that he rode a skateboard everywhere 🙂 Oh, and then there was the punk nurse. This dude was studying to become a registered nurse, but looked like that Krazy Keith guy from The Prodigy. Complete with green tri-hawk and piercings. I admired his style. I’d always try the sneaky “how YOU doin’?” smile at him whenever he walked past me at the cafeteria. Ah, fun memories.
        Oh my lord, tell me about it! I once got my friend to cut off my hair at school- in the Art room, at lunch time. Grunge was the big thing back then, and i wanted in. Short short hair felt pretty grunge. I liked it! So i came home from school, and my dad wouldn’t talk to me for a week. Very open minded lot, my olds! My attitude was “he’ll get over it”.And he did…eventually. But jeez, louise! It’s a bloody hairstyle!! Perspective, ‘n’ all that, yeah?! Ell- Oh-ell, as the kids say. Or not really say at all.
        Yeah, i’m a big fan of the eyeliner on the menfolk. You know who rocks it really well? Laurence Rickard on Yonderland. He plays this crappy detective at one stage, but he’s clearly wearing eyeliner, and all the time i’m watching, i’m distracted by how seriously gorgeous his eyes are. It works.
        Aww, yellow is such a happy colour, too! I look terrible in yellow. I envy all who can rock it! And yes- i do believe it WAS the other way around originally. Blue was considered soft and peaceful, and therefore “feminine”, whilst pink was seen as more masculine due to it being a derivative of red, which is energetic and strong, and therefore more suitable for boys ! I’m not sure if i’m imagining this, but i *think* i heard or read that the reason it got flipped around was because of a department store ad ( can’t remember which one, but one of the big ones), which was trying to do something new and *edgy* by subverting the traditional idea. As i say, not sure if true, but, if it IS true…..yikes. The media sure does have a hold of people :/ I do feel it has more influence on people than their actual reality sometimes….so i wouldn’t be surprised at all…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Indeedy! I’m not sure exactly how much of it was improv, but any amount is pretty impressive, and makes it seem really real. I’m glad I mentioned the show to you actually, ’cause it’s got me revisiting and reminding me just how good it was. Here’s another cute clip! “Can’t you read, mummy?” Glorious.

        These guys actually sound way more fun that anybody I can remember. I’d have loved a detective skateboarding about the place! That’s so cool, and charming. Perhaps a fun story could come of such an enigmatic character? 😉 I remember a girl with incredible rainbow dreads, and clothing to match, but she only sticks out ’cause she thought I was laughing at her, WHEN I WASN’T. Deja vu? She didn’t say anything, but the daggers as she passed us on the bus were quite enough. It didn’t help that my friend said, “Jacob, making enemies already! Don’t be so rude!” or something to that effect, just after she’d gone past. Deary me! Future encounters were so awkward. I can’t seem to laugh out and about without causing some sort of ruckus – just terrible in public. 😉

        Oh lordy! I don’t know why people get so het up about such things. It’s your hair! Schools are terrible for it. I remember in Year 10, my friend had a mohawk done (a modest one, but it looked awesome!). Apparently, he wasn’t cautious enough with it; he got ejected by the headmaster and was thrown in the isolation/detention unit as though he’d done something dreadful. I’ve heard stories of others being sent home for similar infractions – because, of course, having a haircut means you can’t possibly learn or function as a proper schoolkid! I can totally understand upholding rules where, say, uniform is concerned, but hair? I just don’t get it.

        Incidentally, I actually tried a (very modest) mohawk after completion of my GCSEs – mainly ’cause I’d had no end of stick for the fact that I never did anything with it, and it looked ‘like a mushroom’, so I thought the end of school a good time to experiment. The change turned quite a few heads, but didn’t last very long. I messed around with gel and spiking it up for a few years, but got so fed up with the effort/not being able to do it, so, bar extra special occasions where I might throw some on, I’m pretty much back to mushroom now!

        Ahh – that business about the media causing the shift does sound familiar, now that you mention it. Crazy influence, indeed, and on such a trivial thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, she’s so adorable! “Can’t you read, mummy?” -sounds like something my kidly would say!

        They were pretty interesting guys! I ended up being in several classes with The Skateboarding Detective, but, although he seemed very friendly and totally approachable, i was just too shy to talk to him , as he was just too attractive for my dorky 19 yr olf self to talk to without getting nervous ( and consequently MORE dorky). I managed to get acquainted wih the Punk Nurse, however, as he struck up a convo with me at the train station one afternoon. Lucky, as again, i would’ve been too shy. I wonder how many potential friendships or relationships we miss out on because we’re too chickenshit to make the first move and go say hi?

        Yeah, i’m really uncomfortable about schools intervening with the way a student wears their hair ( unless it’s for safety reasons, eg. wear long hair up for woodwork, etc.) If there’s a uniform, then, yeah i get it, but hair is personal, and i don’t think anybody has the right to tell another human being what they can and can’t do with it. I feel bad for your friend. The highschool i was attending when i did my choppy experiment was really relaxed about that sort of thing. ( the only teacher who got upset was my art teacher, and only then because she lamented that i hadn’t done the hair cutting as “a happening”. haha.) It was a very non-fancy public school. Even the uniform thing was pretty flexible. So long as we wore the colours, we were pretty much ok. I often got in trouble for wearing my Sonic Youth and Soundgarden shirts to school though. (Not enough trouble to deter me from doing it often, however 😛 )

        Aww, a mushroom. I shouldn’t laugh, but all i can picture is your hair dyed red, with little white spots like an Amanita Muscaria 🙂 But yeah, go the mo’! I bet it looked radsicles. Even though, yes, high maintenance i can imagine.

        Yep, pretty scary, huh.O.o

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I hear that – I wonder exactly the same. So many interesting and attractive people I’ve wanted to speak to, but just couldn’t muster up the courage. When propelled into these situations, I just freeze, never knowing what on earth to say, so I invariably crack awful jokes (then immediately cringe). They just give me the “what the…?” face, and I’m regretting the whole thing, becoming more bashful. It’s a woe, this interaction business. Still, I suppose it does make it all the sweeter when you happen across a person – or, more likely, they happen across you! – you can chat with at ease.

        It was absolutely ridiculous! It made me so angry. Your school sounds better! I think it was the new headteacher at ours; he was generally a decent head, but quite obsessive in peddling that kind of thing – top button had to be done up, no rolled-up sleeves, walk only on the right-hand side of the corridor, and goodness knows what else – so it’s no surprise it bled into personal appearance too.

        Haha! That’s what I always imagined when they said it 😛 along with indeed wondering if my hair was redder than I thought (it was actually very ginger as a toddler!) I just had it cut earlier, so it’s current ‘shroominess is, hopefully, minimal. 😉 Incidentally, I also went excitedly about town looking for those aqua pens, but was unable to find a single shop selling the dealies. What a load of bulldust!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ugh, that sounds just like me. I think i need to be drunk when i meet people; this way i don’t sound any stupider than usual, but there is at least a distinct lack of social anxiety, and i can behave more naturally. Of course, alcohol on the breath probably wouldn’t do me any favours…..maybe drugs are the answer? 😉 But seriously, yes, when you meet a person whom you instinctively know you don’t have to hide your truth from it feels like a miracle has occured!

        Woah, that certainly sounds a much stricter school than ours! I really hated school, but when i hear of how uptight some places were, i do feel lucky!

        You should draw yourslf as a mushroom 😛 . I had an idea to form an acoustic progressive stoner metal band and name it “Amanita”. In my head, i had an animated filmclip of a lady who was very mushroom like, playing music with instruments made of plants and stuff. I think i can safely say it will all remain a fantasy, so in this case, i’d love to see an Amanita Muscaria person drawn/ painted by someone who knows how! ( maybe Weirdly Warped Triangle’s singer is secretly part mushroom? 😉 )

        Aww, no fair! You’d think somewhere would have ’em. Maybe it’s time for some online shopping? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am constantly being told to drink/get drunk, ’cause it’ll ‘loosen me up’, in other words, bring an end to my reign as uptight and grumpy bar-steward. I should probably drop in at this moment that I’ve never actually been drunk, or even tipsy. I just don’t like the taste of any booze, at all, so have never got to that point. Maybe I should do it, though, for the funzies; life experience and whatnot 😉 Soft drinks used to have a great impact on my energy and sociability – if I’d had a glass or two of coke (cola!) I’d be first on the dancefloor at the college parties (ha, genuinely was first on once – it’s probably my proudest achievement to date). But that doesn’t seem to work anymore. We need those confidence pills, stat!

        There was some silliness regarding rules. Nobody followed them, and the teachers barely enforced them, so it was an exercise in futility all round. 😛

        Ha! Oh I do love that name, and the concept. Like a musical Poison Ivy. You should give that a go! I remember we used to dream up ship and metal band names a lot by just pairing up random adjectives and nouns. The one which sticks in my memory for bands is ‘Anaemic Spud’. Delightful. I’m sure it’d be bedlam in the charts between them, Amanita and Weirdly Warped Triangle!

        At least if WWT’s singer is part-shroom, it means they’re a fun-gi… 😉

        Yep, though I’m tempted to try the city first. If blinkin Norwich and its countless art shops don’t have any, I may just go on a rampage… or head calmly toward the online channels, as you suggest. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • I must say, there is a lot of alcohol that tastes like crap, and when you’re not really used to the taste, i can see why you’d prefer to steer clear of it. You’re probably much healthier than most for it! I don’t drink anywhere near as often- or as much- as i used to. I remember going to a concert once with a friend, and we snuk vodka in in a plastic water bottle. I was pretty stupid not to bring actual water, as we got SO thirsty! So there we were, swilling straight vodka as if it were water….(it doesn’t really help hydrate a person :/ )…we did had a really good time, but there’s NO way i could do that now! But yes, a little bit sure does give a dose of dutch courage.
        Yep, the confidence pills are needed. During my hyper times i can feel pleasantly ‘don’t-give-a-fuck’-ish. But in my calmer moments, i often just don’t know what to say. In those moments, the confidence pills would come on handy.

        Haha, wow, i never knew soft drink could do that! Lucky! I wonder why it doesn’t work now? Being the first person on the dancefloor IS a genuine achievement- especially if you’re not drunk! Kudos! 😉

        Oh, i would’ve liked to…sigh. Nobody to jam with here 😦 All good; it’d only take up time i need to devote to me writery shizz, probably. Although i AM drumming a bit lately….that’s more a meditative thing though, i think. Meh. Anyhoo. Maybe someday 😉

        Ah yes, that’s a great game 🙂 There’s even a name for it: “Exquisite corpse”. I do that with fridge words ( you know that fridge poetry stuff, with the little magnetic words that you can rearrange?). At present my favourite ones are “Cardboard Tulips” and “Glass Peppermint”. I like “Anaemic Spud”! I’d go see them. Maybe they’re WWT’s support act? 😉
        Haha, omigod, i can’t believe i missed the opportunity to slip a “fun-gi” joke in! *applauds* Very nice.

        If Norwich has several art supplies shops i’m SURE they’d have to have them somewhere.Otherwise they’ve no business calling themselves art supplies shops! Best of luck, anyway!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh, that sounds a bit of a fiasco re the vodka. I shudder to think what I’d have done in such a frightful situation. Still, at least you had a fun time!

        Ha – it was probably the work of a dangerously high sugar intake! It’s quite scary how much is in a ‘regular’ serving of cola, especially when considering the gallons I used to guzzle down, and with sweets and stuff alongside too. Truly, it is a miracle I’m ectomorph and managed to stay so thin, ’cause, for my diet, I really should’ve been the size of a blimp! I try to exercise restraint with it these days, so perhaps I’m not allowing myself to reach those heights. But yeah, I had that same ‘who cares’ attitude too in these spurts. I mean, when I wasn’t pumped up sufficiently, I wouldn’t go near the party altogether, let alone be there and first on the floor!

        I had no idea! Great name, and I remember the drawing variants well. Glass Peppermint is sublime! I’m imagining actual peppermint glass, which would indeed be special, in a most Willy Wonka kind of way.

        Hmm! Though, Anaemic Spud would probably be a bit low-energy for a support act. This being said, I imagine they could go on to be a sleeper hit. 😉

        Haha. That’s surely the only time ‘fun-gi’ has garnered any applause! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, we were seasoned drunks, unfortunately, so we were fine ( fortunately!) , but there’s no way i could handle it now!

        Oh man, it must be SO bad for the health. Probably not quite as bad as excess alcohol consumption, mind you, but for it to have that sort of effect there must be an absolute shitload of sugar in it. Funny what we’re able to handle as younguns though! ( i mean, you’re still 10 years my junior, so still a youngun in my book 😉 ) Does make me cringe when i see parents letting really young kidlies drink soft drink, though :/ Can’t be good for their little systems…

        Ooh, yes, i’m seeing some sort of swirly peppermint glass sculpture…nice.

        Haha, yeah, maybe a little slow? On the other hand, it IS always a good idea for the support act to be a bit on the sleepy side so that they don’t show you up 😉
        It was so well placed!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ha – honestly, one of the reasons I stay away is the fear of becoming a seasoned drunk myself. Best steer clear altogether!

        Yup, I think it’s twelve sugar cubes worth in a can of Coca Cola? Or somewhere in that region. Nasty nasty. On top of that, I’d have Skittles a lot too, which are apparently loaded to high heaven (I’ve not been able to fully wean myself off these, though – they’re a rare treat!) It does hit home when dealing with my niece, and how she’s not allowed near anything like that, really. I get in so much trouble for offering her a sweet! But ’tis for the best, of course.

        Hm, very good point! Let’s hope they’re mashed when they go on 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Pardon this horribly late reply! (p.s. i replied to your comment on another one of my posts, too, but i’ve made that post private, as i feel i’ve been blurting out too many of my personal thoughts on here! However, i’m hoping that the reply will still come up on yr sidebar?)

        Very sensible. If you’re going ok without it, then it’s win-win.

        Yikes! Doesn’t surprise me, though…the scariest thing about sugar is how addictive it is, too. I knew someone who would drink an entire 2 litre bottle of coke EVERY day O.o What the hell must that have been doing to her insides…(not to mention the outside: awful for the skin). Then changed to diet cola, which is probably even worse, given what we know about sugar substitutes now. *shudder*. Glad i never drink the stuff.
        Hehe, yep- too mashed to hold their instruments 😀 ( how mean of me!)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I can read your reply but my response isn’t going through. Basically, Richard Ayoade is great and do give audiobooks and podcasts a whirl!

        Oh gawd yeah, Diet Coke is perhaps the only drink worse. Our science teacher used to plead with us never to go near that stuff, because of all the horrible chemicals in it. It must be bad when they tell you to ‘just drink regular Coke instead’!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dang. Sorry about that! There’s a lady who left a really thought out and detailed comment too, but now she’s gone and deleted her blog, so she’ll never know i tried to reply :/ She’s probably not losing sleep over it, but i still feel kinda guilty…i always aim to be polite, and it bothers me that i’ve been inadvertently rude! Sigh. Nuffin’ i can do about it, i guess.

        Richard Ayoade 4 evva ❤ ( should i write that on my pencil case? 😉 ). Yep, some great podcasts out there- i used to like The Infinite Monkey Cage. That was good. Will def try an audio book sometime!

        Yeah, i think most diet drinks contain aspartame, which is all sorts of bad news :/ Ha- totally; when regular coke is the healthier option you know something's sus.. O.o

        Liked by 1 person

      • No worries! Oh, that’s a shame. I’m not sure, but if she perhaps still browses WordPress or uses the Reader under that account, she might catch it.

        Haha, you so should have that written on your pencil case. I’m surprised it isn’t there already! 😉 Me too, let’s be honest; you’ve totally made a superfan of me.

        I like the sound of Infinite Monkey Cage, and just the idea of listening to some more fun-but-educational ones; nearly all of the podcasts I currently listen to are historical wrestling ones, so it’d be nice to diversify a bit!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hopefully!
        I should do it. My daughter would get a good laugh, i think 😉 Yay for turning you into an Ayoade superfan! 😀 I feel powerful now, and am envisioning the huge army of Ayoadians that i could build. The world will become a wittier, funnier, more handsome place because of it!
        Haha, why am i not surprised that you’d be into historical and wresting podcasts? All good; if you enjoy a certain subject a lot, then it’s awesome if there are actually plenty of podcasts at your disposal on the subject. Enjoy! But yeah, IMC was always intreesting and fun. Haven’t listened to any podcasts for a while though, admittedly. There is just SO much information at our fingertips now, which is both great and overwhelming at once! I tend to get confused by the huge amounts of info and can’t make a choice. Then i end up just reading a book instead. Calms me down!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ha, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the Ayoadians take over anyway. Indeed, that would only be a good thing!

        And how! So many times I’m hunting for tutorials or podcasts or whatever, and end up with something completely different, never actually reaching what I initially set out for. It can be a bit of a bind!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow. I hopped on over from the link from WordWitch – fantasmic fantastic!!! I remember reading Watership Down a few years back. OK a whole lotta years back. But I’m a fan of bunnies. And this was just brilliantly done.

    Where’d the bunnies come from. I can make a simple frog, and well some birds. But the bunnies are beautiful.
    I haven’t touched this weeks WOW yet… But I’d love to see what you come up with there…

    Off to check out your ‘about’s’ ~ Cheers, Jules
    (Oh, I’ve got three sites – an attempt to keep organized. If you go to my icon – linked here/or email – ‘gems’, the ‘fiction’ site is linked on bottom)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thanks ever so much for dropping by! And for leaving such a lovely comment 🙂
      Bunnies are aesthetically pleasing, aren’t they? I used to be quite obsessed with drawing them/ making little figurines of them/ making them out of origami….just bunny everything! Mefinx the instructions for the bunny can be found on the internet…although i can’t remember the name of the site….pretty sure i do have a printout of the instructions floating about somewhere though, so if i find it i’ll scan it in and send it your way.
      Cheers for having a squizz o’ me site 🙂 I will come over and check yours out properly too when i return to The Internet this evening 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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