So often, I lose contact with people. For no particular reason. We all have shit going on. But just because we’ve stopped talking doesn’t mean these people don’t enter my thoughts at all.

Here is one such person. His name is Andy, aka re/search/er. I did a pic for him a while back, which I was reminded of whilst looking through my folders for something else this evening. He’d liked my drawings, and wanted something re/search/er-ish.ย  I don’t think he meant a pic of his cranium, but that’s what I did anyway. So instead of the very me-centric thing I was going to post, here ( above) is a very simplified version of the thing I sent him.

Please do listen to his musix – especially if you’re into Atoms For Peace-ish , Radiohead-ish, even Jeff Buckley-ish style sounds/ vocals. Or just really nice electronica. I feel his tracks have a certain cinematic quality. You can still hear him on triple J if you listen carefully ( and if you’re in Aus). If you’re in the UK , I believe he’s been played here, too. Hopefully there are more places I don’t yet know about.

Andy won’t see this post, but I wanted to pimp out his musical talents anyway. All my blogging thus far has really been about me. I know that’s just what tends to happen when a person blogs. But sometimes it’s nice to add some variety. Not sure why I should choose tonight, or this, but it seems as good a time and subject as any.

So listen below for an example of why I think Andy deserves to not only make a living off his music, but to be massively rich and famous for it too. I hope he’s doing ok.





4 thoughts on “Researching

  1. So many curious and enchanting sounds, it makes me want to take some acid so that I can understand it properly – the kind of music I used to get lost in, just wander through the jungle of notes, feeling the sounds brush against me like leaves. Great picture too ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I like the idea of “a jungle of notes” ๐Ÿ™‚ It is nice to get lost in music….after posting this, i was actually compelled to do just that; going on a musical nostalgia tour of a whole bunch of stuff i used to listen to. It was a good idea!
      I’m glad you liked the music ๐Ÿ™‚ And cheers for the complimentaries on the piccy; it’s one of the progress shots i took. Often, the raw, half finished stuff tends to be better than the end product!

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  2. What a talent – you and him, that is! – and such a thought-provoking sound. I liked the ‘wolvesweep’ demo on his Soundcloud too; such sobering, dark beauty and totally gripping. I absolutely agree that he deserves to flourish. Thanks for sharing some new sounds!

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    • He’s definitely the one with the talent! But thankyou for including me in the lovely compliment ๐Ÿ™‚ What a nice description of the sounds! I hope that those sentiments somehow travel through the atmosphere and make their way into his psyche . Yeah, i like the darkness of that too.
      No worries! I hadn’t actually listened to any music at all for a while for some reason….this luckily reminded me to do so.

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