T.I.P.P.P. (Things I Phind Phunny on Phriday)

Laughter. Is it better than sex?

I’ve always hated that question.

You can have a good laugh, and bad sex. Or a fake laugh, and real sex. Or a fake sex life that makes your friends laugh. Or a real laugh that makes your fake friends horny. Or electric sex. Or sexy electricity. Or drunken sex. Or sexy, funny, alcohol that’s powered by electricity. Or excessive amounts of chocolate, because they say chocolate’s a substitute for such things. Or a chocolate rabbit which, upon removal of its foil wrapper, has an amusingly phallic shape, which makes you laugh, because you’re drunk, but also leaves you oddly disturbed; causing you to ponder the Freudian meaning behind your laughter. Suddenly the lights go out. Somebody’s high-powered sex toy has shorted out the whole neighbourhood. Would would Jung make of this synchronicity?

I sort of forget where I was going with this, but surely these relatable situations serve to demonstrate that some questions just don’t have objective or definite answers.

One question I can with all confidence ask AND answer, however, is: Are funny things funny? The answer is, of course, YES.

So, in lieu of my own creative blog ideas, let me today begin a perhaps-regular-but-possibly-not-regular friday theme, in which I just talk about something somebody else did which makes me laugh and brings me joy.

Today, the laughter and joy inducing thing that I am reminded of is ‘The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)’. It aired in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, starring, as the name may suggest, the wonderful, exceptionally attractive, Shaun Micallef.

(Incidentally, Shaun Micallef has done- and still does- a bunch of great things, which I feel I should talk about…but I can’t as I need to stick with dis ting oim wroitin, roight? Roight.)

My favourite parts of this p(r)ogram(me) as a teenling were the brilliant physical comedy sketches in which Shaun’s characters seemed to be governed by bizarre, irregular laws of gravity. These still make me do one of those accidental snorty things that happen sometimes when you laugh really hard.

See below for an example of the thing I mentioned above this sentence. ( the comedy- not the snort. P.s. unfortunately, the title is a bit of a spoiler, so don’t read it) :

Or, if regular gravity and cats are more your thing, this clip from an earlier show  ( not the one I’ve been talking about, but a different one featuring Mr Micallef)  may appeal:

Note: I do feel a bit naughty linking a EweChewb video of this here, but my justification is that almost  EVERY comedy DVD I’ve bought over the last few years is actually due to me stumbling upon clips of it on The Internet first.  I neither watch nor own a TV ( those two facts being somewhat related), and rely entirely upon word-of-mouth and the interwebs to direct me to new laughs. But  lack of idiotbox or not, I am surely not the only one who utilises the internettles in such a way. Surely the worst thing that could happen here is that my linkage results in one or two new Micallef fans.  Either that, or your computer explodes and kills you the moment you click on the link, making me indirectly responsible for your death. Either way, it’s just nice to think that I may have made some sort of difference.



32 thoughts on “T.I.P.P.P. (Things I Phind Phunny on Phriday)

    • Haha, well, i guess you wrote what you wrote….or did you? Admittedly, i actually had to go have a quick check of the calendar just in case i really was going mad… ! ( or, madder).
      Monday probably WOULD have been a better time to post such things. But then, as per usual i posted it for purely selfish reasons; i just felt in need of a nostalgic giggle, and to share the Shaun around 🙂

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  1. Is laughter better than sex? Response 1). If it was my teenage years would have been more fun. Every time I raised the idea of sex, I would get the reply “Are you having a laugh?”

    Is laughter better than sex? Response 2). Well, I suppose it’s a lot more socially acceptable to pay someone to make you laugh.

    You may have noticed I’ve not actually got past the word ‘Sex’ in your post. This worries me slightly.

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    • Good to hear!
      Oh it’s been going through my head all day, too. I’ve been singing it to my cat this evening. There’s one of these about zebras, too ( very silly and funny) , with a song about them which uses the same tune. So every time i see anything now, my brain automatically starts a song about it: “cuup,cuup,cup-cup-cup-cup- cuuup” etc. Sigh!

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  2. It is a bit of a duff question, isn’t it. (strokes beard) I think I read once in some rag that laughing for a certain amount of time burns off more calories than sex of the same duration. I guess it depends on how you’re feeling!

    I certainly don’t mind any time you fancy sharing Shaun around. Such love for him already. ❤ Exhibit A especially, I did chortle at the tea going airborne, and him 'correcting' the picture. Thanks for the (follow-up) tippp!

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    • Haha! Indeed.
      Oh goody, because i have such affection for this national treasure of a man, and do enjoy sharing him around!
      Check out this time he “ruined” this segment of an awful breakfast tv show a few years ago. The boring, straightlaced, commercial tv twats are SO weirded out by his behaviour…it’s a beautiful thing to witness. ( it’s supposed to be about technology and generation Y against the older generations…yawn..) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_p37bHdCM4 He really is a massively gorgeous human being ❤

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      • My love for him just went up! Straight away I thought, why on earth is he so far away from everyone…? I’m glad he began the same way.

        Oh, isn’t it great when people go on live TV and mix things up? Good to see that breakfast television down-under is just as formulaic and unpalatable as it is here, and with similarly terrible presenters!

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      • It’s good, innit. Classic Micallef. I love seeing people get a bit cheeky like that 🙂
        Yeah, i think it must be a rule that those sorts of morning/daytime commercial tv shows must be as unimaginative and depressing as possible. Someone i know just has the tv ( commercial tv, too) on ALL the time in the background, and honestly, i don’t know how they’re not insane. It drives my stress levels through the roof just with 2 minutes worth of exposure to it..ugh. Anyway….each to their own, i suppose. But i’d like to see more Shaun-like antics happening on shows such as those 😉 They need some stirring up.

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      • There was a great show here in the nineties called The Big Breakfast, which I remember being edgy, energetic and fun – basically, totally against the norms. I wish they’d bring that back!

        Micallef’s antics reminded me of this clip of Russel Brand on American TV:

        I’m not normally a fan of his, but this was sweet. They so deserve it. Listen to the host at the start. The interviewer, basically addressing her guest with what amounts to, “I don’t know nor care who you are.” Unbelievable!

        And! Look who I just found! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjC3ycS_2js

        “Don’t thank me – I’ve done nothing for you.” ❤

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      • That sounds familiar, actually…although i don’t recall ever watching such a show. Nice to know it existed, however. A good antidote to the usual crud.
        Ooh, i’ve seen both of these! And they’re wonderful 😀 Agreed; i’m not generally a RB fan either- he comes across as kinda sleazy sometimes….and he seems ok with the casual trivialisation of mental illness here, which is a shame, as he’s clearly a very intelligent, astute, eloquent straight shooter. I do love seeing him take down the uptighty wing-righties, though. This interview i remember seeing on facebook , back when i still used it. Those interviewers are SO incredibly rude and ignorant! Not to mention superficial. ( basically, everything you’d expect from a commercial tv “news” programme..). ugh. It’s delicious how comfortable and relaxed he is, whilst the awful hosts become more and more nervous.
        And, of course, the lovely Richard Ayoade never disappoints 🙂 I’m not sure how or where i’ve seen that interview before…but, i am rather fond of the man, (as you may have been able to pick up ;)) , so probably saw it on one of my “let’s watch a bunch of Ayoade things on youtube” sessions. Style for miles, that guy. Incidentally, i purchased a copy of that book last year, JUST before i moved. It sat in boxes ( well- it was confined to one box. Other books filled other boxes…) in storage for months, but i finally got around to reading it last saturday. It’s very funny; very original and imaginative. Very Ayoade , in other words. I highly recommend it!

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      • It was fun. My memories are vague, as I was very young, but I recall it being shot in an actual house, and interviews conducted on a bed.

        Yeah, I really couldn’t believe the RB interview. And then there’s an ‘apology’ on another edition, wherein they manage to insult him even more. Well, it at least made me instantly so much more appreciative of our own broadcasters, for all their faults!

        Haha, that’s funny, because I went on one of those Ayoade trips the other day. There was another interview I saw about the book, and it did look really clever and amusing. I was gonna ask if you owned it, but thought it a bit of a silly question! I am quite tempted, and will definitely look out for it!

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      • That does sound a little more interesting than your usual morning telly show, for sure.
        Oh dear….as if that first one wasn’t bad enough :/ It it a general rule that mainstream tv news presenters must be as shallow and vacuous as possible? Maybe. Especially…over in the good ol’ U.S. Although, i’m pretty sure our Aus presenters are just as bad, tbh…I’m very glad to hear that there may be some better ones where you are!
        Yes, you should get your hands on a copy; i think you’d appreciate the humour. I’m not sure if i’m imagining it, but i thought i heard rumour of him writing another one?? I hope it was true * fingers crossed*.

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  3. wheehee! some actual conversation going on here. do youse know what I usually miss most when engaged in using social media?
    seems odd but for once statistics are on my side.

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    • There actually seems to be quite a bit of chit chat going on here! I think i use this place as a bit of replacement for friendface, in all honesty. I don’t miss that, although i do think it was easier to keep up with different events, such as exhibitions, etc. when using it…


    • Haha. yeah, nah, probably wouldn’t. I think proper belly laughing while rowing a boat could be a contender, though. Instead of a cox ( teehee), have a really good comedian up there just cracking everyone up. Sore sides but toned, muscular ones, plus guns of steel, plus that achey face thing that happens after extensive bouts of laughter. Just like with le sexy times.


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