It’s raining agate slices again…


I didn’t look at the page until it was time to add colour. Today is a day of head hurtiness and scribbles.

P.s. I do wish a happy holidaisies upon everybody ( if you do indeed get a holidaisy), and a merry new near and things. To be honest, this is not my favourite time of year..not just because of the financial stress and pressure associated with being expected to be chri$tmassy, but because for us poor southern hemispherians, it’s combined with summer- my least favourite season. Ugh. But it ends eventually, as does everything. So that’s good.

Anyhoo, thanks to the teeny handful of people who have taken even the slightest interest in the things I have written, drawn, and said over this year- my first year as a WordPressington. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to take for more than 3 people to give a shit about stuff you do on the on The Internet ( or in general) , but I’ll give it a wee bit longer before I give up entirely.

Having said that, I do vow to focus less on internet matters next year, and more on getting over my phobia of 3-dimensional people. There is both a theatre and an Arts Society a stone’s throw away from my new place, so I really have no excuse not to get involved. (Maybe I could just go in a disguise? ).

Anyhoo. Avvagoodun. ♥


47 thoughts on “It’s raining agate slices again…

  1. Splendid sketch! We all have days when we either look, or feel, like this…sometimes both.

    Please don’t disappear from the blogosphere, I really enjoy hearing from you (selfish, I know). It’s so good to imagine the electrical signals winging their way over the thousands of miles and back again, when they bring a smile with them. And don’t worry about the followers; the more people you follow, the more will get to know about you – few people can resist having a quick look at someone who follows them I reckon. And so, natural charm will win the day! And as for real life, go for it! (says she, who daren’t do it for herself but is super keen to egg others on). You’ve got the talent, get it out there girl. 🙂 ❤ 🙂

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    • Aww, thankyou so much for the encouraging wordsies. I do tend to get a bit ‘blah’ at this time of year; i’m sure it will all be fine. The whole follower thing doesn’t usually bother me *too* much… I guess it’d be nice to have more genuine interest rather than the courtesy follows people do in return for me following them. No big deal though- after all, the people who DO notice and comment and stuff are all delightful ( ie, you guys!), so i’m super grateful for that 🙂
      Yep…trying to share the creativity in the 3D physical world is rather anxiety-making isn’t it? I’m VERY introverted, and do tend to feel like a massive purple alien child around most people. I’ve had people tell me that i come across as very confident, but this is probably just because I’m babbling like a crazed terrier in an effort to compensate for my shyness and awkwardness/ hide my real self so nobody can see and judge it. Ugh. But , if i want to collaborate with other creative people on exciting creative projects ( and i really do want to), then i must work through the discomfort. And if i can feel relevant in the 3D physical creative community, then i daresay i’ll start relaxing in regards to blawg followers ( fawllowers?) 😉
      Thankyou so much for the cheer-on! I shall return the favour and cheer YOU on, as you clearly have plenty of talent, and a whole lot of knowledge of painting techniques and the like. Unlike myself, you’d be able to actually hold a conversation about art, or art history!

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      • Ohh, it’s very hard to be self-promoting. I can’t even begin yet, so I take my hat off to you and anyone else who takes that step. I think that many of the people who seem most confident are wearing a persona which masks their scared reality; nothing to be ashamed of there, it’s a brilliant coping strategy. Long may you employ it to good effect.
        Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, always happy to chat about art (though I definitely can’t converse on art history). And I will be watching as you fly with your creative plans. 2017 should be good! 🙂

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      • Yeah, the self promo thing is awkward for us less extroverted souls, isn’t it?
        Well, my problem is that i can only keep up that sort of thing for short bursts. Some days, i just don’t have the energy, so rather than give away my massive awkwardness and shyness, i just avoid all interaction and don’t talk to anybody at all, which makes people think i’m snobby, or that i suddenly hate them etc. We humans are so complicated! Anyway. I’ll figure it out, i’m sure!
        Aww, i bet you know more about the history than i do, anyway. You’re definitely more knowledgable on styles and techniques- and even equipment- than i am! I’d actually assumed at first that you were an art teacher or something, or were studying art.
        Yeah, i’m looking forward to 2017. New beginnings! Wishing you a good one! 🙂

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  2. Oh, I can so relate to this image right now! Vivid stuff, as always – I need to have a go at this not looking business. When I was at college we did lots of drawings like that; non-dominant hand, time limits, blindfolded, continuous line, and so on… certainly, they produced some interesting results/I insulted a lot of people.

    Yes, December and Chri$tmas is a hard time for me too, with all these perceptions as to how one should behave at this time of year. And, with it being chilly outside, everyone forgets they have jumpers and just put their heating up to ‘inferno’. Nightmare, it is. Once it’s arrived I’m usually okay, but the insanity of the run-up can be tough. Nevertheless, I hope you can take a cricket bat to those stresses, knock them out of the park and have a peaceful time.

    Rebecca takes the words right out of my mouth (or fingers, I suppose) regarding blogging, and this real-world stuff – right down to the ‘daren’t do it myself but happy to push others’ bit. Go go go for it! We’re right behind you, even if in the other hemisphere! 🙂

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    • “Produced interesting results/insulted a lot of people”. Haha. Yep, i remember doing stuff like that too. You should definitely try it again ( well y’know, maybe not the insulting people part 😉 ).
      Oh, i can imagine the heating situation. Freezing outside; inferno inside. What a choice! I don’t dig overdone heating, either. It was cold here a few weeks ago ( about 13 degrees celcius- which is cold for here, seeing as it’s summer, too), so i put on the heating. But when it got to 19, i just had to turn it off- i couldn’t stand it! Now, considering that christmas day is set to be about 38 degrees ( pretty much the usual for summer here), you can see why i find this season intolerable!
      Yeah, it’s definitely the lead-up, that’s the awful bit, isn’t it. Once the actual day arrives, it’s ok. I’m very lucky in that it’s just me and my daughter in the house, so it’s nice and quiet. Then she goes off to her dad’s place for the second half of the day, and i get to enjoy a cider and general peaceful, lazy, bliss for the rest of the day!

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      • Well this is the thing – I don’t mind the cold. I don’t fare at all well with heat, so I wouldn’t fancy my chances in those 38’s you’re rocking there. 😮 I said earlier that this winter has been mild – I’m sure it was hitting 15-16 C in places, a week or two ago, so we were beating some of your summer days! Crazy crazy.

        Yes indeedy, once everyone calms down, it gets a lot easier! Aw, that’ll be nice then, just the two of you – you and the cider! 😉

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      • Yeah, totally feel ya there. Give me cold over heat any day! Hot weather melts my brain, evaporates my energy, and takes the fizz out of my creativity. I hate it! Autumn is always such a relief….although, as we’ve been discussing on your blog ( the theme of the comments are kinda lining up and synchronising, aren’t they?), there isn’t as noticeable a transition from one season to the other as there used to be. It’s a bit worrying :/ So weird that you guys should be experience winter days qith a higher temperature than a few of our summer days O.o
        Oh, i’m looking forward to a cider! 😉 Kinda looking forward to toning down the alcohol in the new year and going on a bit of a health kick, too, to be honest!

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      • I’m the same! It’s just impossible to work in those conditions. At least when it’s chilly, you can just slip another layer on and get cosy!

        Haha! I don’t go near alcohol at all, because I’m not the best at handling the stuff. I get hyper on soft drinks, never mind booze. Ah yes, the ritual health kick! Every year I say to myself that I’ll join a gym and get a WWF-esque body, or at least put some meat on these pathetic matchstick limbs of mine. It never happens, though 😛 the gym environment scares me a little, to be honest. I’m sure you’ve more conviction than I, though – the best of luck! Oh, and once more: A very Merry Christmas! 🙂 ❤

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      • Exactly! When it’s cold, you just wrap more layers about you! In hot weather….there’s nothing you can do :/
        You’re a very sensible human for not boozing. I go through stages. I can happily go through most of the year without any drink, but in the holiday season, i feel the craving coming on…and i just go with it 🙂 I get over it pretty quick 😉
        Meh- gym schmym! Nobody really needs those. There was a time when i spent 2 hours per day in one ( it’s true!). I looked great great, but i didn’t have much of a life. It was: gym, work, dinner, bed, repeat. BooooRING! But…it does feel good to be mildly fit. Since i moved, i’ve fallen off the exercise wagon somewhat. But i’ll get there. Just go for some nice long walks; you’ll feel so good that you won’t care what you look like at all. That’s hard to believe when we have mainstream media ( and mainstream society) telling us every day that the way we are isn’t good enough….it’s silly isn’t it? Men are made to feel bad for having “matchstick limbs” but women are made to feel bad for NOT having them! I just try to remind myself that the most attractive people i’ve met are attractive because they’re comfy in their own skin. Confidence is what we should aim for 🙂 ( that’s cheaper than a gym membership, too! )
        Fanx, mate; i hope your Chrissy was awesome 🙂


      • Indeed, it is a woe for us heat averse folk!

        Ah, well, nothing wrong with indulging cravings over the holidays, I’d say! Well, I suppose it depends what said cravings are! 😉 A drop or two of alcyhol seems fine 😛

        There was a time when I’d go on daily, relatively long walks around the vicinity. It started off fun but quickly became a bit sad, really, ’cause Great Yarmouth isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing town to plod around, to put it politely. Not having a car to go Broads-side, I felt rather locked into a few boring routes, with not many illuminating places to go beside the beach. Maybe I’ll have to dream up some new, more adventurous destinations and start that again when the weather gets a bit nicer.

        Mad gym skills! I’m not sure I’d last two minutes with my current fitness levels, never mind two hours. I don’t think it’s societal pressure regarding the body – it’s just a vague aspiration, firmly grounded by my characteristic inability to get motivated. I think I’d probably feel better in myself, knowing I looked a bit sturdier and presumably felt fitter, but even that doesn’t seem to inspire me any greater. I’ll ponder on it for a little while, then forget it completely and we’ll go round in the circle again in a few months 😛

        But you’re right, some of the ways we judge people, and present certain images as more ‘perfect’ than others, are so wrong and so damaging. Is it any wonder so many schoolkids are struggling these days? It’s crazy. One positive thing my depression has given me is the appreciation that everyone is special but so very fragile, and who knows what any one person could be dealing with under the surface. It has certainly changed – enhanced – how I see and treat people, and what light and beauty of a person actually means. Confidence, indeed, is what it’s all about, and what we should always try and nurture!

        Bit of an essay, here, sorry about that. Chrissy was bonzer here – I hope yours was too!

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      • I’m so sorry- i just noticed this comment!

        Yes, that old ‘boring walking route’ gets to me too. The only thing i could suggest is an mp3 player with some motivating toons on it! I find exercise a little dull since my ipod packed up last year :/ I’m not sure how much those things cost these days, (can’t even remember how much they cost years ago) but probably too much for me to justify right now . Le sigh.

        Haha, yeah, i REALLY got into the gym at one stage. That amount of workout time is hard to maintain, though. I started on my New Year fitness routine last week, and i’m aiming for 30 minutes per day . I think that’s more realistic for me 😉

        Well, i’m very glad to hear that you’re not feeling the societal pressure to conform to the unrealistic standards we’re constantly bombarded with. It is indeed a worry when you see even school kids being affected 😦 My own parents had ( and still do, really) some pretty shocking attitudes towards body image. If anything positive came out of it though, it’s that i now know what NOT to do in regards to cultivating my daughter’s self esteem.

        You’re right there re: the things people deal with under the surface. What’s that saying? Something like, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. It’s true. Even the ones who seem so happy and confident. If i had a dollar for every time someone made the innocently daft “observation” about how “confident” i am, i’d have enough money to buy an iphone. External appearances can be so very deceiving….

        Aww, no worries about essays! I love them! Feel free to write more anytime 🙂 And thankyou, it was pretty nice and laidback. (Glad it’s over for a while, though 😉 )
        Anyhoo, have a luvverly day!

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      • Haha, no worries!

        I did actually have my trusty tunes with me on these walks, which helped make it a little more bearable. Podcasts seem like a good thing to stock up for fitness activities, too – maybe you could hunt some of those out! (I found a wrestling retrospective podcast recently, and am totally hooked. 😛 ) Perhaps you could look on eBay, Amazon or similar for a player? I reckon you could snap up an older generation iPod (or indeed any other make) for a fairly low price. Fortunately I’ve had my first generation iPod Touch since my sixteenth birthday – nearly nine years on, it’s still going strong! I mean, Apple ceased support for it years ago, and I can’t update my apps or anything, but it’s still perfectly functional for music, which is all I use it for.

        On the other hand though, I think a big part of walking and its benefit is taking in the ambient sound. There’s not much of that to be had wandering around a town in the dark, but if I can get out to some more tranquil areas this year, hopefully I’ll be able to get some more of that good stuff!

        Thirty minutes sounds a good place to resume. I was generally aiming for about 45-60min a day, on a sort of flexi-time basis, depending on how inspired I felt; if I cut one trip short, I’d go longer the next. Sundays I limited to just a fifteen minute stroll round the block, ’cause it’s the day of rest and all that! 😉

        That is the saying, and a very pertinent one. Good to always keep that in mind. Oh yes, it was a similar deal with me. “But you always seem happy, you can’t be depressed!!” Seemed happy, yes. Just validates the saying and sentiment further, really.

        Yes, my parents are sometimes like that with body image, too, though I must say never to us personally. I suppose it’s (generally) a generational thing, but indeed, there are many lessons we can learn from it. That’s great. I’m sure your daughter knows how ludicrously unique and special her own image is, and I hope she is able to fully embrace and enjoy it! 🙂

        Christmas always goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? All that strenuous build up, and then BAM… there it went. Bye bye Santa! Still, it’ll be here again before we know it. Yay! 😉

        Well, I think this is even more voluminous an essay than the last one! Aye, though, it’s good to talk! 🙂 Happy hump day!

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      • I was going to say “Wow, your ipod lasted for ages”, but I realise i had mine for 8 years before it died. Yeah, i’m def feeling the need for some mobile music again. Will look around for cheapies! The sounds of nature are good, though ( although in my case, i’ve been firing up the treadmill so i can walk/run without the general public seeing how unco i am). And yes, podcasts are a good idea. Wrestling retrospective? Well that was made just for you, wasn’t it!

        Yeah, people are too quick to make assessments, aren’t they?. I’m sure THEY are multifacted beings, so why do they assume others aren’t?

        Re: the body image attitudes, maybe it is a bit of an old fashioned thing. All we can do is try to do better , i guess.

        Incidentally- and this isn’t *quite* related, but still *kind of* is…i’ve noticed that over there in the UK there are more “normal” ( for want of a better word) looking people on TV. People don’t have to look as they they model underwear in their spare time. They just have to be good at acting. It’s probably part of the reason i’m such an anglophile telly wise. All the characters look like actual people. It makes them believable and relatable. It seems to be getting more and more americanish over here :/ Anyway. Luckily my kid IS quite self assured and comfortable in her skin thus far ( we have the teens to go yet…but fingers crossed!). It’s definitely reassuring.
        Anyhoo, happy humpings to you too! ;P

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      • There are some great ambient tracks on YouTube, though I’m not sure if they’d have the same effect… rainfall and thunderstorm tracks are I find good for relaxation, though.

        I think comments and responses like that just highlight how little is known of mental illness, and the dire need for greater education and discussion. We do seem to be waking up to that here, which is good, but it’s a shame it’s had to reach such a point for that to happen.

        Ah, yes, that’s one thing I’ve heard a few Brits say when they go abroad, especially the US – that they really took our telly for granted. I can see it myself now too, having seen a fair few overseas shows. It did used to strike me in the days of watching Neighbours, for example, how it was always sunny, and everyone was flaunting a muscular physique and perfect smile, but their performances left lots to be desired. Sigh. An element of escapism in the visual, perhaps, but not reality. I’m glad we’re doing something right, and thank goodness options are so much broader these days!

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      • Ooh, i love the sound of rain. Perhaps not to exercise to, but it IS the most effective cure for insomnia that i know of. Soooo relaxing….

        True that. There’s still so much ignorance. It’s quite frustrating.It’s hard to talk about. Sometimes i want to reach out and communicate just how difficult i find coping with mental illness is…but then i feel like i’m whingeing. Because that’s sort of how most people react. So then i don’t say anything, and keep out of everybody’s way for fear of being a burden, and then i’m being “antisocial”. So then i’ll try to joke about it; make light of it….and then you feel like you’re trivialising it. Ugh. We’ve a long way to go, that’s for sure. I’m glad it’s s-l-o-w-l-y improving, though. better slow progress than none at all!

        Oh god, yes, bloody Neighbours! Perfect example. I’ve never watched it intentionally; only when within the abodes of people who DO watch it. It’s pretty awful. Thank gawd for people who aren’t involved Neighbours – or neighbours like shows- in any way!

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      • Yes indeedy – one of my biggest pleasures is lying in bed, listening to the rain. Or even being out and getting caught in the rain. Bliss, at least when you’ve nowhere particular to go! The beats certainly takes you to a relaxed place. Good for drawing accompaniment, too!

        Oh yes, this all sounds very familiar. It’s a vicious circle isn’t it, especially that sense that you’re just coming off as whingeing all the time and getting others down. :/ I suppose that’s why we do better clubbing together, for now at least!

        Haha! I think we quite wrongly assume everyone there loves Neighbours, when in actuality it’s probably more popular here. It is poor, but if nothing else it at least acquainted me with the Aussie accent, and some great words and phrases – fair dinkum, bulldust, bonzer… rack off, maaa! 😛

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      • Yes, i had to walk in the rain today, actually! On my way there are these big ancient trees….it was all misty and lovely, and i could pretend i was in Lord Of the Rings 😀
        Yep- so good- and necessary- to support one another. The internet facilitates this nicely, too, as i’m sure we’ve discussed before. Very grateful for that!
        Ha! I’ve heard it’s massively popular over there! I dare say it IS more popular there than here. Then there’s bloody Home and Away, which is even worse.. not even worth mentioning, really!
        Hehe, y’know i’ve never actually heard anyone say “bulldust”. I think that must be the Family-TV-friendly version of “bullshit” ( which is VERY common 😉 ), and “rack off” the clean version of ..well, you know what.. ( i’ve already said enough of that in my latest blog offering, haha). My parent’s generation still say “fair dinkum”. And “mate” is pretty common. The most popular aussie-isms are probably too crass for commercial telly, though!

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      • Ooh, that sounds a perfect setting! You could turn that into quite the eyesnack, I reckon. Old trees are wonderfully evocative, aren’t they. If they could only speak of all that they’ve seen! Just imagine.

        Neighbours was seriously huge here in the 80s and 90s, especially! There was a wedding episode, with Kylie Minogue’s character in, that famously got an audience of twenty million. That’s more than a third of the country, watching Neighbours! Blimey mate. Astonishingly, my mother was still watching both Neighbours and Home and Away until about a year ago. I don’t actually know why she stopped; perhaps the guys she tuned in to ogle at had left, or something. 😉

        I don’t think I saw it at the time he was in it, but Home and Away did at least give exposure to the beautiful Heath Ledger. An exception to the general standard, most definitely.

        ‘G’day, mate!’ Of course! ‘Bulldust’ just made me laugh out loud, because it was so clearly bullshit, and I was that kind of age. I love ‘rack off!’ – it’s a euphemism, but to me still sounds satisfyingly colourful and energetic. Focusing on such things did make these teatime slogs a tad more bearable!

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      • Yeah, it was. It’s a very pretty area that i’ve moved to, and it’s so lovely when it rains…sigh.., and yes, i do think of that too- that could be a nice story idea actually ( if it hasn’t been done already?) .
        Ah, the Kylie days! Here’s a lame claim to fame: my uncle’s girlfriend at the time worked on the set of neighbours as a makeup artist, and she did Kylie’s makeup for that episode. So there ya go. You’re speaking to someone who knows someone who went out with someone who knew a star here!
        Haha, well if your Mum was watching it just to ogle, i doubt she’s alone. I think it’s pretty much the ONLY reason anyone would watch it! ;P But y’know. That’s ok. We all need that sometimes; just to be able to chill and not have to think about anything in particular.
        Oh wow, this is a bit embarrassing, but i had no idea that Heath Ledger had been in Home and Away ( as i say, i’ve never been a watcher). He was indeed a bloody good actor (and yes, a rather not-bad-to-look-at one). Definitely a departure from the general standard!
        They ARE funny words! Especially ‘bulldust’ and ‘rack off’. They sound like something that belongs in a family sitcom rather than a soap, don’t they? If there’s a laugh to be had in there, then that makes it worth it 🙂

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      • Hmm, that’s a good question actually. I recall lots of talking trees, but none as primary narrator/storyteller itself. That could have some potential. We know who the writer is here, you should give it a shot! 😉 I’m sure I could nail an impression of a tree for the inevitable West End adaptation.

        Wow wow wow wow, as Kylie might say! That’s pretty cool, and an accolade I just cannot match. As for Heath, yeah, what a star. :/ Likewise I didn’t know about his Summer Bay roots until fairly recently.

        Haha, well to be honest it could probably be argued that it was so ridiculous/hilariously bad that it was more rickety sitcom than soap! Incidentally, are there any decent Australian sitcoms? I’m kinda tempted to see now. 😛

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      • Yes, plenty of Ents and such. But true; no tree narrators to my knowledge! Could be a good little piece of flash fiction ? I’m absolutely positive that you could create amazing tree images.
        Haha. How does it feel to be SO close to stardom, eh? 😉
        You know, this is really embarrasing, but i’m hard pressed to think of any really great aussie sitcoms.There was a kid’s series when i was younger called “Round the Twist”, written by Paul Jennings which was funny and quirky.. and very creative; unique. But adult ones? Hmmm. Well, Summer Heights High was quite funny. The character Mr G cracks me up most. He’s a drama teacher, and a total narcissist. Here’s a li’l example: . ” Kath and Kim” was quite popular a few years back. It was all about bogans. It was funny, but nothing i’d buy on disc to watch over and over.Other than that, because i haven’t had a TV for years, i haven’t kept up. I know there’s one called “upper middle bogan’, but the trailers i’ve seen don’t tickle me. That theme is so old. Get some new ideas, Australia! It’s kinda sad, as there ARE some VERY funny people over here! Shaun Micallef is probably my favourite aussie funny person. He’s HILARIOUS, and a complete babe. Observe: and maybe ( sorry, i realise you may have other things to do) this: He had his own show a while back, and has hosted others, but, y’know, with the whole ‘no TV’ thing, i’m not sure what he’s up to now. Incidentally, as those links may hint, i did used to love Thank God You’re Here 🙂

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      • Could be worth a try! I like the idea of going all arboretum. Let’s hope we don’t end up stumped. Ahaha. A branching pun for yew… 😉

        Oh my, Round the Twist! It’s been a while since I’ve thought of that – it used to be shown here in the mornings, before school. I really enjoyed it. That theme tune. The memories!

        Haha, these are great, thanks! Mr. G is especially awesome! Hmm, Shaun is quite the charmer too isn’t he. That accent, too – blush! Very funny. We had a version of Thank God You’re Here about ten years ago, but I think it was only a one series deal – shame really, it was a lot of fun. Bring it back!

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      • hehe, very nice. Double the pun! That’s good value 🙂
        I didn’t realise RTT was shown over there! Aww, that makes me happy. Wasn’t it great? I love that the father is an artist, and that they live in a lighthouse. I watched some of the old episodes with my daughter the other week, and she loved it too.
        Yep, Mr G is hilarious. He’s SO awful! ” Sometimes i just perform for the kids..for a whole lesson..”. I love that you can tell some of the kids are trying really hard not to crack up.
        Oh yes, i loves me a bit o’ Shaun. He’s so hawt. A silly silver fox . TGYH was always good when he was on it. It was a lot of fun, that show. I do miss it. Sometimes i think about getting a TV again, so as to keep up with what might be happening now. But i always stumble upon the good stuff sooner or later. Internet’s good for that 😉

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      • Can’t believe I didn’t say oak-y dokie. 😉

        It was good, and, just for it’s Aussie-ness (and not being Neighbours), felt fresh and different in approach to nearly all kids shows I knew of. I loved the lighthouse abode, too – ah, what fun that would be. “I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper and keep him company…” Ah, great that it holds up as far as your daughter is concerned! I do hope it’s still being shown here.

        Oh, yeah! And when he just hisses “bitch” in that girl’s face! Such venom! I can imagine it’d be hard not to corpse in such a situation.

        Yeah, much as I love certain shows I’m actually pretty indifferent to television, these days it rarely goes on. YouTube is a blessing – all these clips and programmes from all over the world, we’re truly spoilt for choice!

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      • haha; i say that all the time. I even shorten it to “okies”. ( which is also probably pretty common). 🙂
        Aww, inorite?! I could definitely deal with a lovely lighthouse overlooking the ocean…with a sweet, kooky arty hubby thrown in for sure. It was indeed a great show. The guy who wrote it- Paul Jennings- had a bunch of very interesting and quirky kid’s books, too ( i’m not sure if they are as well known over there as here?).
        I know; he’s just awful! I used to cringe sometimes while watching it… the show, he writes this musical, which is supposed to honour a troubled student from the school who died of a drug overdose…but he makes it all about himself, and what an amazing influence he is on the kids, etc etc. It’s truly hard to watch! But in a good way .
        Absolutely. My last few DVD purchases are due to the EweChewb. The telly really is just too saturated with crap.Why sift through all of that awfulness when you can just get straight to the good stuff on the ‘net?

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      • “Okie dokie” was actually another of the fun ‘Neighbours terms’ for me, though I’ve a feeling it was really just as popular here as down-under. I feel it’s perhaps a tad ‘uncool’ – pah! – here these days, and you do hear “okies” taking its place amongst the whippersnappers/trendies.

        Yes… lighthouse, or windmill… hmm. I wouldn’t be too fussed either way, especially if you threw in the hubby!

        Hmm, author Paul Jennings doesn’t leap out, but the covers of his books on Google certainly ring a bell. Perhaps they were in the library, or my classmates read them. I know all that about judging books by their covers and whatnot, but they look great!

        My thoughts exactly! How nice not to have to abide by a schedule.

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      • Ha! See? I’m cool and with it, as i suspected. *cough cough*
        Oh, of course- OR a windmill. How did i neglect to mention windmills? Maybe i need more sleep. Well, i do wish with all my heart that a handsome, windmill dwelling man finds you sometime in that time we call the future. You’re younger than me, so you have more future to work with. The windmill gods smile down upon thee!
        It wouldn’t surprise me if PJ’s booksies were sold over there. They were REALLY cool. I’m a bit ashamed that i don’t seem to have any on my bookshelf currently? Not sure why. Must rectify this!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Too cool for school! Gee, is there a less cool saying than that? Perhaps ‘it’s hip to be square’… though, at least that one’s true. 😉

        Haha, aw – well, for what it’s worth, I think there was every possibility I’d have been a lighthouse boy, had I grown up elsewhere! They certainly are similar, not just in their structure but also in their romance, spectacle and splendid isolation – often, at least – which rather makes the lighthouse keeper/prospective husband inherently intriguing. I only really know of one or two in this county, so windymills outnumber them by quite some margin, thus I was swung that way. But you didn’t need to hear any of that. As for all these wishes, though, let’s hope it works out! It usually does, eventually. 🙂 And for now, I hope you sleep well! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, yep the hipsters have certainly hipped the square for us. It’s good, because if i ever feel as though any of my outfits are a bit daggy, i can just put on a pair of fake reading glasses. That way, people in the street know that i’m a hipster, not a dag; my ‘Dangermouse’ pyjamas a statement, not laziness.
        No, no- i’m interested in windmills! We don’t really have too many here, you see. Well, little ones, but not the lovely old imposing structures that you speak of and illustrate. We tend to have more lighthouses.
        Our respective fairy godmothers must hear us someday, surely!
        Thankies! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha, fake glasses. You will surely convince the trendies that way. And I’m LOVING some Dangermouse PJs, just as I’m sure all they will also. I’m sporting some superb Marvel garb at the moment, to combat this week or so where it’s actually pretty cold at night (we even got a dusting of snow last week, but I missed it ’cause I was in bed. Haha. Typical!)

        Haha, oh, it’s okay! I didn’t think you were dissing or indifferent toward my beloved windmills – sorry if I worded it that way! I was just musing to some length on their similarities, and how fab it’d be to bag either. Dreamy!

        They have to, right? (impatient watch check) Sometimes I wonder if mine is a closet Neighbours fan and understandably too enthralled to hear my pleas. But she’ll run out of distractions eventually! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hooray for snow at last! 😀 Here’s hoping there’s more on the way ( when you’re not alseep so that you may get a chance to witness it). And in your current garb, you’ll be MARVELlously warm as you enjoy that snow. ( gawwwsh, sorry; that was terrible!)
        Y’know, I wonder why lighthouses and windmills haven’t been combined? A lighthouse with windmill blades ( or whatever they’re called…?? The thingies that go ’round ‘n’ ’round and caused me to overdose on apostrophes there). There’s be plenty of wind up where lighthouses are generally placed. They could call then ” lightmills”, or “windhouses” ( which actually sounds a little unsavoury).
        Haha, maybe that is indeed the case. I’ll get MY fairy godmother to arrange a power outtage so that she has to leave the telly. Although I’m starting to think that mine may have accidentally flown into a huge wind turbine when she was drunk or something :/ But who knows. Mefinx a way of summoning them is needed!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, what can I say, other than I Marvel at your sparkling wordplay! 😉

        There was a mill around here in the 1800s that was intended to double up as a lighthouse because it was so enormous, but it was never actually used as it was ruled to be a bit dangerous. I’m sure it could work today, though.

        Just to drop in fruits of some cursory research: here’s Australia’s only traditional windmill, according to Wikipedia. That’s a bit of a surprise.,_Stirling_Range A Lovely photo there, too. It’s quite strange seeing a mill like that before such a spectacular landscape! Dutch design mills are pretty stunning in their own right, eh. Is this beaut too far away for you to visit? 😉

        Hahaha, oh my, ‘windhouse’ is just fantastic! I’m sure you could put together an entire dictionary if you wanted. It sounds like a stablemate of bulldust, really… “rack offff, wind’ouse!”

        Please do arrange that outage. Aw, I’m sure that hasn’t happened! Maybe I’ve made a gross misjudgment and, in actuality, they are busy sculpting perfect beaus and/or lighthouses for us. I expect perfection must take time to achieve! 😉


      • Ha! Well there you go- they did think of such a thing.
        Wow- i wasn’t aware of this windmill before. Cheers for the info! It’s a bit far away for me to visit ( 2 states away, unfortunately), however there is a non-working one up in Coffs Harbour in NSW….well, it’s a motel in the shape of a windmill, anyway. Kinda tacky, really! But i used to love when we drove past it when i was a kidly. I visited the area last year, and admittedly, still got a nostalgic buzz from seeing it 🙂 I’m sure there was a giant shoe up around there somewhere, too. I’m not sure what it is about Aus and its giant things. We have a Big Sheep, a Big Bull, a Big Banana ( up in Coffs, too), a Big Pineapple…even a Big Oyster. Ridunkulous.
        Hehe. I’m definitely going to start using ‘windhouse’ as an insult !
        Perhaps that is the case. I’ll go with that. It’s a lot more positive and hopeful! Perhaps i just need to be more patient 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • That motel mill looks like something I would have been totally enchanted by as a child. I’d have wanted to go there every day out, I think!

        Hahaha, brilliant. I can’t get over the Big Pineapple. There’s a big Penguin, too! This is glorious. What fun. They do their job, evidently, ’cause I so wish I could visit all of these!

        It kinda reminds me of the giant toilet in The Simpsons:

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha- i remember that Simpsons toilet! Aww, i used to love watching that show. Haven’t watched it for aaaages.
        Yes, well, it certainly seems that the Big Things do draw people in! ( I hadn’t actually heard of the Big Penguin, tbh!)
        Yes, i used to get excited by the windmill hotel. I still kinda wonder what it’s like inside and everything……i’ll probably never find out; i’m a long way away from it now. But that’s ok; keeps the mystique intact 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    • Fanx muchly. Oh, i’d never give up any of my creative pursuits…it’s more the hope that they’ll ever get me anywhere… that’s the main thing i become tempted to give up! Sigh. But whaddya do, huh. Just gotta keep on keeping on!

      Liked by 1 person

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