Drink & blog #1 Things and stuff and crap


So. I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow, and my kidly is having a pre- chri$tmas fun minibreak with her Dad.  Conditions are ripe for a drinksies. I was going to watch a DVD, but for some reason I thought it a better idea to blog. So here we go:

Firstly, let me say that getting shitfaced isn’t my aim. That wouldn’t be amazing for my health. Or yours. ( espesh if you read this).  But if i do happen to get shitfaced, then I won’t be stopping me.  Anyway, I’m only on my 8th 3rd brandy .  What better time to do a “not-looking-at-page” drawing than now!

P.s. I just ate a piece of smoked cheddar off the carpet. (Five minute rule!)

You have to guess who this picture is. Of. Here:



( I coloured it with looking  ie my eyes, but only the coloured bits)

I bet you’ll think it’s The Mad Hatter.

Anyway. A few brandies have elapsed. How fucking cool are top hats??? Please, someone cooler than me please make them fashionable again.  I have one. I had a bigger head at the time I got it, due to my massive hair .  Without sounding too vain, I looked fucking great in mine. But now that I wear my hair short, my head is less voluminous, so my top hat falls over my eyes. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I could cut eyeholes in it. That’d be sexy.


6 thoughts on “Drink & blog #1 Things and stuff and crap

  1. If I walk up to traffic lights and they change just as I get there, I assume everyone thinks I’m magic – glad to know it’s not just me.
    Can you start wearing wigs to make the top hat fit? Or a turban? There must be a way.

    Love the picture, is it Sherlock Holmes? He has the sneer.

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    • hehe. I’m glad other people share this magical traffic light power- i mean- this *feeling* of having this magical traffic light power. Ahem.
      Actually, yes; this will work, and i have a HUUUGE wig that i made several years ago for a masquerade ball thingy. It’s very hot and uncomfortable, but it would indeed allow me to wear my beloved top hat again. Or, i could just acquire a smaller one, i guess. ( i saw a lovely pattern for one on Etsy! Awww yiss.)
      Fanx very muchly! Yep, it’s Sherlock again! He does look a tad sneery, doesn’t he? Perhaps he has just encountered Inspector Lestrade, or has been asked to tidy up after himself. ( i sneer when asked to do that too. Well..i sulk. Close enough..)

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      • One day our magical powers will save the world, probably by stopping the supervillain at the traffic lights while we cross – they might not make a film out of it, but we’ll know.
        Good to know Sherlock is sniffy about housework, it makes me like him more.
        Good luck with the wig and top hat – can you draw us a picture of it? (if like me you hide from cameras)

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      • Oh they’d be mad to pass up making a film about this! 😛
        Yes, it always strikes me as odd that Sherlock would be so anally retentive about details, yet such a messy shit at home. I guess if it’s not relevant to a case, then he doesn’t care? Maybe? It certainly makes him more relatable, though. And more likeable. Honestly, i’ve never been a HUGE Sherlockian myself…it’s really only the late Jeremy Brett that converted me. I both admire and envy his talent.
        Thankyou- i do think i will make some sort of awesome hat! The big one i’ll just decorate and display in the house. I probably WILL end up drawing a pic! I do actually have several photos of myself wearing the wig while being an ice demon at this thing i went to. Here is a secret also * lowers voice* : there is a terribly unflattering photato of me and I in half melted off theatrical makeup on my “about” page. It’s quite awful, but i’m wearing the wig. You can’t see much of it in the photo, but still. And yes, i too hide from cameras. UNLESS i’m in some sort of disguise, in which case, i’m suddenly not scared anymore! I highly recommend it!

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      • I haven’t made enough use of disguises, I hide behind silly face instead. I should starts carrying a disguise around with me, great idea. I need to go find the picture of you now but I won’t tell a soul, I promise 😉

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