More Insomnia Art

My circadian rhythm is syncopated. It’s hard to live in time.



*biro & watercolour pencils*

Process: draw initial biro sketch without looking at the page. Fill in colour whilst looking at page.

I’m not sure if this was the wisest use of my very last piece of watercolour paper, but I’m going a bit mad, and don’t have any better ideas.


15 thoughts on “More Insomnia Art

    • Yes, do it! I find it to be a therapeutic activity. It’s totally a no-pressure process in that there’s no *set* way the drawing/painting *has* to look. It’s fun to see how they turn out. I highly recommend it 🙂

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  1. That’s wonderfully fun! I’m loving the neon greens – really exciting and frantic, and with the latter, really quite suitable for an insomnia sketch… those moments where you seem to have hit your emergency generator and get a hit of energy.

    I can relate: I’m sure my own body clock has got its wires crossed and thinks I’m in the US or something, as I can’t seem to go to sleep before 3am! Grr! (shakes fist at body clock) I often use those early hours for art myself. It’s a nice way of turning the nightmare into something constructive.

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    • Thank you!
      Ugh, it’s awful, huh. Sorry to hear the insomnia faery visits you too. That’s definitely what it feels like; as though your body clock is actually living in a different timezone somewhere across the world.
      But yes, it’s at least good to be able to use that time for creating. I don’t know about you, but the dead of night is generally when i feel more creative anyway.

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      • Yes, I tend to feel most creative then too, by quite some way actually. I discovered this while at college, when I often had to work into the tiny hours. It’s quite exciting to be up and working while everyone else sleeps!


  2. So many eyes! 🙂 I like how disorientating it is, like catching your reflection in a broken mirror. I’m impressed you drew this without looking, I might need to try it, but I suspect I’ll get an unholy mess 😀

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    • It’s almost a spider person, eh! For some reason i do tend to give my Not Looking At Page people excessive amounts of peepers.
      Well, the initial sketch was without looking, but i looked once it came time to apply the colour 😉
      No, but that’s the thing; unholy mess is totally acceptable! Encouraged, even! You’ve got a really interesting and unique drawing style, so i think such an experiment would yield exciting results. I’m imagining some amazing plants being drawn using the method….! It’s just an enjoyable activity too. I say go for it 🙂

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      • Thank you. Inspired by you, I did give it a go, the result was awful! You’re very clever to be able to get that kind of detail in it, while still making it clear what you are drawing. I haven’t given up yet, but clearly it will take at least practice (and possibly a miracle 🙂 )

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      • Ahh, * liking* ’cause you gave it a go, but betting that it wasn’t as bad as all that! Don’t be too discouraged; i’ve done plenty i couldn’t stand. It’s only the ones that i’m half happy with that i post 😉 And it’s true; the more you do them, the more you kinda get a feel for it. It’s mostly a bit of a lottery, so some you’ll love, and some you’ll not-so-love. You’ll come up with something you’re happier with soon 🙂

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