Insomnia sketch: Crow Knows


*watercolour pencil on black paper*

Crows are fascinating creatures. They are intelligent, fearless, and hilarious. I rather adore them.

This wasn’t always the case, though. I used to find them… disconcerting. I remember one night, having a dream that a Crow was rushing towards me; trying to get into my house through my open door. I tried to close the door in time, but Crow got in, right at the last minute. I woke in terror.

My superstitious side worried about the implications of it getting in. It bothered me for weeks. What was it now doing- down in the dark recesses of my subconscious? What did it mean?

Over the years I’ve drawn my own conclusions  (and I won’t bore anybody with that here) , but the Crow dreams continued. Curiously, as the Crows became increasingly amusing and sweet in my dreams, I began warming to them In Real Life.  Now I’m at the point  where my Crow dreams put me at ease. I can’t help but smile when I see them in the waking world. They’re like old friends.

I’ll leave you with some footage of some crows playing in the snow. So bloody cute. Also, here’s a lovely little vid of a Crow snowboarding, just to illustrate one of the many reasons why I just can’t get enough of them.

P.s. For those of you interested in learning about how Crows think and behave, I highly recommend reading Gifts of the Crow by John Marzluff. I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it, but so far it gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

P.p.s. For anyone who clicks that link to the book description, notice how before you click on “more”, the line “They mate for life and associate with relatives and neighbours for years.” has been shortened, so it initially reads: ” They mate for life and ass” .  I wonder if that was intentional……. Anyway, sorry. Immature giggly times. Carry on..


28 thoughts on “Insomnia sketch: Crow Knows

  1. I share your love of crows – my son and I have a dream that one day I will be a crow trainer in a spangly leotard… Your crow is very appealing indeed, and I adore the twinkle in his eye. Once again, black paper’s a winner. 🙂

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    • Awww, Yay! Crow Trainer In Spangly Leotard seems the perfect occupation! I love to know of other Crow lovers out there. Aren’t they fascinating? They’re so damn cheeky. I love that they seem to have a sense of playfulness and humour.
      And thank you; yes, i felt it necessary to go back to the black paper for this one. For starters, it meant i wouldn’t have to use my black pencil, which is running out..:/ Must try to squeeze in a trip to the Art Supplies shop soon. ( and *try* to close my eyes to all the other fun stuff in there O.o )

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    • haha, Oh Em Gee- SO adorable! >.< We get plenty of those around here. They make a lovely sound. Did you see the one of the magpie playing with the dog? It's great; it rolls around on its back just like a dog. I'm pretty sure it thinks it actually *is* a dog. It's so cute with its little legsies kicking out everywhere ❤ have a lookie when/ if you have the time ( and if it plays for you over there!) :


      • yes, it worked, only had to omit the “youtube=”
        that friendship is amazing, you’d think the magpie had been raised by humans/in the company of dogs, but even so I find this playful behaviour across species as astonishing as I find it funny and heartwarming
        thanks for sending!
        here, this is gonna make your day (setting this clip to that piece of music is a stroke of genius in itself)

        – youtube has got to be a treasure trove for behaviourologists – in terms of corvid intelligence, possibly- but mainly to research the (im)possibility of human intelligence: lower down in the comments section unfortunately someone out of a wrong sense of pride and a victim to his own provocation is just stopping short of getting ready for a hate crime and – just as statistics would have it – mention of Nazis is being made. According to scientific research this is pure textbook behaviour in chats/comments.
        would be funny if it wasn’t quite sad on the other hand.
        noone is talking about the crow, the implications of the experiment – or what piece of music this is – Rodrigo??
        well, enjoy!

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      • It’s cute, huh?
        Ah, yes- i’ve seen this experiment- it’s amazing! There’s another one where the crow has to complete 8 separate steps to get to the food- including a way of getting to the longer stick which can reach the food. They’re fascinating to watch. And yes, this music is gorgeous. I likes me a bit of classical guitar 🙂
        Too true about the comments! I try to avoid reading them so as not to get too angry/ depressed, but sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me! ( only to remind me why it’s better to ignore them…)
        Thanks for the lovely vid!


      • PS: I need to improve my digital inking skills, but your work makes me want to scrape away the layers of dust on my coloured pencils and tubes of water colour, I have never really started to venture into the realm of colour…
        love your art! when you got prisms for eyes, life must be a different experience, not only does infalling light split into different wave lengths and probably touches all different sides inside of you evoking responses;
        but the light coming out of what you see is likely to fan out and unfold things to others they might not notice unless looking with your help.
        Thank you for that thought!
        radiant smiles!

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      • Aww, what a nice comment; thanks so much!
        ‘Prisms for eyes’…i like that! Would make a cool drawing in itself, i think.
        You should absolutely dig into the pencils and watercolours! You’ve got a cool style happening. I’d love to see what you’d come up with 🙂


      • aah, sorry me again
        you probably know this, as you refer to his book but this is quite mindboggling

        I’d so love to be friends with a crow, magpie or other corvid

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      • That’s ok- never be sorry for linking me up with more adorable crow videos!
        I read an article a little while back about a girl who’d been receiving gifts from her crow friends- i wonder if this is the same girl? How sweet they are >.<
        I know, right? How wonderful it'd be to have a crow friend….maybe we need to start feeding our local crows 😉


  2. That is certainly a very knowing glare he’s shooting us. Most charming, though! And it’s always fascinating when something starts to make frequent cameos in your dreams, and what that might mean. I love the video of them rolling about in the snow – I like crows even more now! They look as if they’re having so much fun!

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    • Fankoo! Yeah, there have been some spooky crow related synchronicities over the years….it’s cool 🙂
      I know- how ridiculously cute are they?! I’ve seen photos of them standing on Eagles for fun…while the eagles are in flight….just casually hitching a ride on a massive eagle that could totally feck them up! Bold as all shit! It’s bloody hilarious. ^_^

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      • Haha, standing on eagles!? That’s absurdly bold. And absolutely hilarious.

        There was a video in the related of a crow that was thirsty, and came up to some people and started going after their bottle of water to tell them as much. Again, bold and cool! Go crows!

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      • Yeah, they’re sassy little feckers! Gotta love the attitude on ’em 🙂
        Aww, i think i’ve seen that! ( i tend to watch crow vids as therapy, much in the way people watch cat vids, so have seen many of them:) I watch cat vids too, mind you!). They are very clever little beings ^_^

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  3. Awesome painting of my absolute favoritest burds (along with ravens)! Crows are at the same time creepy and funny. And they’re really smart birds, too. “The Crow” is also one of my fave films!

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