Tetrachromat sees (or hallucinates) a Mantis-shrimp strawberry

It wasn’t there before, and now it’s here- languishing in the fruitbowl, listening to Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath on repeat. Where did it come from?  Maybe it was there all along…:


*watercolour pencils ( with water and brush, obviously)*

I’m not as happy with this as I could be, but it took me all evening, so I’m posting it.


13 thoughts on “Tetrachromat sees (or hallucinates) a Mantis-shrimp strawberry

    • Or would you?
      Well, no, probably not. 🙂
      Why fanx so much!
      Ooh, you should definitely take them for a test run! Lots of fun. Strangely enough, i had mine for ages before i gave them a try, too. A nice lady i knew years ago gave me a few tins of really nice ones, and it took forever to work up the courage to use them, as i’ve always felt more comfortable drawing with pens. But honestly, they’re great to work with. Versatile, too. You can be a bit experimental with them. I reckon you’d have a blast. Dooo eeeet!!

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  1. I love this too! A blue alien strawberry, a mutant snuck into the fruit bowl by a green visitor. The colours are gorgeous and it leaps out of the screen, as any alien strawberry should. 🙂

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    • Aww, thanks so much- glad you enjoyed 🙂 I’m not sure if it’s edible though…those silly aliens. As if i wouldn’t notice this amongst the apples and banananaaaas!*
      * you have to sing that to the tune of Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5 ( Totally had to look up what that was called, hehe. Always singing banana related songs to the tune, though) …OR…. to the “batman” theme song.

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      • 😀
        * tries to think of a good tune to throw in here involving strawberries but fails..but also is determined now to come up with one, so, hang on a bit while i think of one…………………………………………………………………………………………….ok, well, i guess i’ll let you know when i find one. Don’t go too far away though- totally stay right there and suspend your everyday activities for a few weeks just for this- i promise it will be worth it! Don’t move- i’ll know!*

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      • I am hovering in stasis until that moment 😉 (although to nudge you along, could it be that Simon and Garfunkel song? “Are you going to Strawberry Fair? Raspberry, sage, strawberry and thyme.” I think that’s how it goes. 🙂


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