Surrealist Cookery Class

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17 thoughts on “Surrealist Cookery Class

  1. Ah, so much curious wisdom here. It is of course essential to fill a large green crispy two way subculture first, that is where I have gone wrong many times. And soda in a hat should become a new cliche, because the recipe is never finished until you have soda in a hat. These are fab, and I need to go and cut up some magazines now 😀

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    • Why cheersles! You absolutely should go cut up some magazines and see what happens. It’s a lot of fun. Addictive though, too, so be warned!
      Yes, this is where people so often go wrong; they forget the large green crispy two-way subculture! An easy oversight, i suppose.
      Quick tip: when it comes to fizzy liquids in hats, you’ll get best results if you use a top hat. Or any sort of very wide brimmed sun hat. So long as it’s not a straw one 😉

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      • Ha, well that makes it all the better! What also makes me smile with this is the idea of Mary Berry earnestly reading out the recipe. (Haha. What a darl she is.)

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      • I had to google Mary Berry, admittedly ( awesome, apt name for a person with a food related job!) ,will have to check out her cooking shenanigans. But yes, i’d love to watch a surrealist cooking show, with someone enthusiastically reading out the ingredients and guiding the audience through all the impossible stages. (More things to do when i’m rich: film a surrealist cookery segment!)

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      • Oh my, that would be amazing. I’d watch anything with Richard Ayoade in it ( le sigh..) , but would ESPECIALLY watch the shit out of him hosting a surrealist cookery class while impersonating Mary Berry. My life would be complete!

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      • Ha! Indeed, it’s surely only a matter of time! Imagine if he actually did. Or if he left a comment here, asking what the family we’re going on about. How amazing that would be.

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      • haha, amazing indeed! I’d fall off my chair. If it happens, i will eat my chair 😛
        I’d totally do that sort of thing if i were famous, though. I’d drop in on unsuspecting fans and leave them cryptic messages that left them wondering : “was that…*her*? It couldn’t be!” But it so is. Honestly, i might just start doing that now, so by the time i’m a famous author, people will be like, ” Oh Em Gee- she commented on my blog 5 years ago! So cool!” etc. Of course, i’ll be using a nom de plume, but they’ll get the general vibe.

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