Cut-up poem: Sometimes Human


More cut-ups. This time I lassoed the randomness and rounded the words up into paddocks, based upon how many syllables they contained. This allowed me to give the poem an organised structure. Mefinx I will do more of these.


6 thoughts on “Cut-up poem: Sometimes Human

    • Why thankyou, Rebecca! They were initially done as a way of *trying* to alleviate writer’s block ( and just a creative block in general), but now i’m having quite a bit of fun with them. Glad ya like ^_^

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  1. Ooh I like this one! Always look forward to more. I particularly enjoy how the cut-out with its variety of font styles influences the voice, emphasis and caps throwing more delicious randomness into the mix.

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    • Fanx heaps,Jacob! Yeah, i was going to just type it out, but i think the higgledy-piggledy nature of the initial glued on words adds something to it. There will be more; i’ve the day to myself, so i’m furiously procrastinating on packing/organising for some well needed creative outlet time!

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