been listening to some music which makes me feel reflective, so it felt the right time to post foters of reflective surfaces.


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. So much texture! The mixing of upright and spreading shapes in the second one is very soothing makes for a beautiful picture. The first picture is like an optical illusion, almost seems to flip upside down and the right way up as my brain tries to make sense of what I’m seeing – brilliant stuff. 🙂

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  2. Mefinx you put more thought into this comment than i put into the photatoes! Fanx; you’re too kind. I just posted them because i’ve an enduring fascination with light ( even though i have NO idea how to do it justice) , and….i just miss the countryside in which these pix were taken 😦 Sigh.
    Yep, the first one is indeed upside down 😉 I just thought it looked much better that way.
    I’ve noticed that the quality of the pix are reduced somewhat in the process of making the files small enough to post on the webbyweb. It’s a bit of a bottomer. But also i just don’t know much about computers or photography. 😉


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