ten ways to describe one thing ( 2 simple riddles)


Dream receptacle (with holes) .

The difference between forgery and restoration.

A lace teapot.

Versions of versions of versions of things.

A test to see how well you were listening.

Light moving over the many facets of a crystal.

The beach at sunrise versus the beach at sunset.

A shadow twice as tall as the tree that casts it.

A relocated street.

Your best side to the camera.



Places you at the center of an infinite literal palindrome.

Keep intact to preserve good fortune.

Daily reminder.

Trusted consultant.

Friend and foe.

Between the two of you you’re ambidextrous.

Unease as you walk past the office block.

Trained for flattery in the fitting room.

Melts mountains and sky with a stone.

Tells where you’ve been but not where you’re going.





9 thoughts on “ten ways to describe one thing ( 2 simple riddles)

  1. Thankyou so much; i don’t often veer away from my comfort zone of silliness/ the absurd, as i feel out of my depth elsewhere, so i’m glad you enjoyed! I’m hoping someone somewhere will guess the two subjects. I wasn’t sure if that would happen though, so it makes me happy if they read like poems 🙂


    • Yes, that one is a little more abstract..more an action than an object. I’d be quite surprised ( but pleased!) if anybody were to guess that one, to be honest. It’s pretty vague!


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