And now for something completely different:

One misty morn i did find an alien egge upon mine doorsteppe. I did picke up ye olde ( yunge?) alien egge and declare ” O emme gee!” For i knew not what it were. For mine own jolly delites i did beat it harshly to see if ‘twould asplode into smithereenthsths. Alas, ‘tdid not. Instead this unhouly egge begun a songe in his own unhouly tongue. My very real and not imagined friende from yonder future was presente this morn, and captured images and sound on his devil’s device  ( Reely- t’was not just me filleming my own self).  Alas, ’tis a boringe compendium of movinge imagesth, but if ye behold simultaneously thine view on screen above of pastoral landscape, P’raps the alien crie could be interpreted by thine earsocketeth.


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